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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 45.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 44.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 44.1

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 43.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 42

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 41.1

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 40.1

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 39.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 38.3

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 38.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 38.1

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 37.3

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 37.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 37.1

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 36

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 35.3

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 35.1

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 34.3

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 34.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 33.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 33.1

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 32

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 31.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 31.1

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 30.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 29.1

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Author Note

I thought you guys might want to have a visual of Bonz and Aisha. Follow the links below to see how they would look if they were real people:



They make a cute couple, don't they?

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 28.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 28.1

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 27.2

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 26.4

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 26.3

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 26.2

Aisha knew she wouldn’t leave the moment her eyes traveled to Bonz’s bed. The black and green comforter beckoned her. The intense desire in her body propelled her to see this night through to the end. She had to have this man. At least once.

Just once.

Needing to do something with her hands, Aisha put her garment bag in the closet and got undressed, removing everything but her lingerie. She figured Bonz might want to remove the black lacy babydoll with matching silk panties.

Going over to the bed, Aisha positioned her body so that she faced the doorway. She wanted to see the expression on Bonz’s face when he saw her lounging on his bed. Would he get as hot as she felt right now? Even the coolness of the comforter wasn’t enough to reduce Aisha’s current temperature.

Allowing her eyes to travel around Bonz’s bedroom as she lay in wait, Aisha noticed how neatly he kept everything. There wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere on the mahogany dressers, entertainment set, or even the bed posts.

The fact that Bonz hadn’t known Aisha would be in his bedroom tonight confirmed that cleanliness was a priority for him. That he hadn’t been trying to impress her or anyone else by keeping his room in order. Aisha liked cleanliness and organization in her men.

Looking upwards, her eyes widened in surprise. There were mirrors on the ceiling. Six of them, three on each side with little space in between.

This brother doesn’t play when it comes to sex, Aisha mused, suddenly feeling her confidence rise. She would have to show Bonz that she didn’t play in this area, either.

Just then, Aisha heard a sharp inhalation coming from the doorway. Turning to the right, she saw Bonz.

“I knew that’s how you would look on my bed,” he said huskily, entering the room more fully with candles, CDs and a long feather in his hands.

“How do I look?” Aisha asked, leisurely and sensually rubbing one of her legs against the other.

“Beautiful. Like you belong there,” Bonz replied, moving to place candles on every available surface. He lit them as he went along, keeping his gaze on everything but Aisha.

Why is he suddenly avoiding eye contact? Aisha mused with a frown. She also noticed how much of a chatterbox he’d suddenly become.

“I’ve waited a long time for this night, baby,” Bonz continued, still keeping his eyes off her frame. “In fact, I’ve been practicing celibacy for the first time in my life in anticipation of this moment.”

Aisha’s eyes bucked. “You haven’t had sex in a month?”

Over a month based on my calculations.”

“But what about all those nights at the strip club?”

“I was there for business purposes only. Just trying to get a good feel of the place to help E-Blade out. None of the women there interested me. You’re the only woman I want, Aisha,” Bonz replied, chancing the briefest of looks at her before turning away again to place the feather on top of the mirrored dresser.

Aisha grew hotter at his words. Her confusion also grew. The man still wouldn’t allow his eyes to tarry upon her no longer than a few seconds. What was he afraid of?

“That’s nice to know,” Aisha finally said, choosing not to address the elephant that had suddenly charged into the room. It wasn’t the time yet. “That was also nice of you to do, Greg, considering the fact that we aren’t officially in a committed relationship.”

“Celibacy wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. As long as I stayed busy and kept my eye on the prize, I was okay,” Bonz said, lighting the last candle before moving to put one of the CDs in the stereo. The others he placed on top of the stereo.

“If I’m the prize, why aren’t you keeping your eyes on me now?” Aisha asked, deeming that the right time to eradicate the proverbial elephant.

Bonz leaned against the sturdy entertainment set. “Because I know that if I look at you too long, I’m going to explode,” he replied, still keeping his gaze averted.

“Oh,” Aisha said, feeling desire pool in her nether regions. When…when would he come swim in her depths?

“Yes, oh.” Bonz chuckled, pressing play on the stereo. Soon an old school tune from the Isley Brothers began to permeate the airwaves.

“I like your choice of music, baby,” Aisha said, moving off the bed. “I grew up listening to the Isley Brothers with my parents. Music was always playing in our house.” She came up behind him and wrapped her arms about his waist.

Bonz moaned at her nearness. “I enjoy constant music around me, too. All kinds.” His voice sounded extremely husky right now and deeper than Aisha had ever heard it before.

“Right now I’m enjoying touching you more than I am listening to that song,” Aisha said, sending her hands underneath his shirt. Oh, the hardness of his torso. “By the way, I haven’t had sex in a while either. Matter of fact, I haven’t had sex this year. I’ve been too busy to get to know anybody.”

Bonz’s eyes bucked now. “What?!” he exclaimed, finally turning around to face her. “Then you probably need this night more than I do, huh?”

Aisha chuckled. “You don’t know the half of it,” she replied, practically ripping his shirt apart as things suddenly got very serious between them.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 26.1

At Bonz’s house, Aisha retrieved a black garment bag of changing clothes from the trunk of her car before following him inside. Her hands still shook. Her legs were wobbly. She had to take several deep breaths just to make it to the front door.

Where was her courage now? Her bravado?

Both had been consumed in the fire of their passionate kisses. It was hard for Aisha to be brave when just thinking about making love to Bonz in the next few minutes sent all of her senses into overload. She could literally smell the potent desire between them.

Bonz, on the other hand, seemed very composed. As if tonight wasn’t going to be up there with the Seven Wonders of the World.

“Go on upstairs and make yourself comfortable, baby. You know where my bedroom is,” Bonz told Aisha once they were safely inside his home. “I’ll be up in a little while after I find some candles and a few other things to set the mood just right.”

“Okay,” Aisha replied, taking another deep breath to collect herself. Draping the garment bag over her right arm, she forced her legs towards the stairs.

As Aisha ascended the staircase alone, Bonz took a much needed deep breath in the foyer behind her. The tight rein he’d kept on his emotions on the ride over was starting to unravel. He needed these few moments of candle-collecting to do a bit of collecting of himself.

I didn’t know it was going to be like this, Bonz mused, moving more deep breaths in and out of his body as he entered the den. He hadn’t been this nervous about sex since his first time.

What was it about Aisha that affected him so deeply? Why was she so different from all the other women he’d had?

Bonz didn’t know the answers to those questions right now, but he most definitely would in a few short minutes.

* * *

In Bonz’s black and green decorated bedroom, Aisha found herself fighting more nerves. She didn’t understand it. She wasn’t a virgin. Hadn’t been one since college. As a matter of fact, Aisha had had the same number of lovers as she had fingers. So why was she so nervous about this man?

Maybe it was the fact that she hadn’t been intimate with a man since last year. No. Making love was just like riding a bike. One never forgot how to do it.

Perhaps it was the revenge thing. No, that wasn’t it either. Dominic was nowhere on Aisha’s mind right now. The only man that consumed her thoughts right now was Bonz.

All Bonz.

The thought of touching him. Being filled by him. Lying beneath him. Riding above him. It was those things that ravished Aisha’s nerves.

It wasn’t too late to back out. She could easily turn around and leave. Tell him she changed her mind. Would she?

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 25.3

“How are you enjoying your cranberries?” Felix asked Laquetta as they sat on their screened-in front porch in matching rocking chairs, looking up at the night sky and listening to a chorus of crickets. They often had peaceful times like this in the evenings.

Laquetta frowned. “To be honest, they don’t taste very good,” she replied, ceasing to rock. “I’ve been suffering in silence over here, because I felt guilty about having you run all over town looking for them.”

Felix chuckled. “I tried to tell you that cranberries aren’t fully in season until around October.”

“I wish I’d listened to you now. I’m sorry, Felix,” Laquetta openly repented, looking apologetic. Earlier she’d been very adamant about satisfying her craving for cranberries. Had been quite snappy with her husband in the process. She felt sorry about that now, too.

“You’re forgiven.” Felix smiled with the patience that God had given him during these months of pregnancy mood swings. He didn’t mind his wife’s aggression so much these days. Was actually starting to like it. It had certainly added a lot more fire to their marital bed.

“Thank you.” Laquetta sighed in relief and returned to her soothing rocking motion. “Now I don’t have to eat any more,” she said, closing the plastic produce bag of pale, tasteless fruit in her lap.

“Actually, I probably should be thanking you for helping me write next Sunday’s sermon. I learned a great lesson behind this cranberry experience.”

“What lesson?”

“Well, I learned how important timing was. How getting or doing anything out of season is a risk. How that if you do engage in out-of-season ventures, you probably won’t get the quality you’re looking for and you will likely end up having to pay more for less.”

“Were my cranberries very expensive?” Laquetta asked, starting to look guilty again. She also stopped rocking again.

“Yes, but don’t let that eat away at you either. Had I not made that purchase, I wouldn’t have this sermon,” Felix replied, assuaging her of all guilt.

Laquetta smiled. “You’re a good husband.”

“And you’re a good wife,” Felix replied, stopping his rocker now. “Even if you are a lot bossier these days,” he added, leaning over to plant a kiss on her forehead.

Laquetta chuckled and returned to her rocking. Inside she prayed that her stepsister would find a man as wonderful as Felix. A man that was willing to love her unconditionally, through her ups and her downs. A man Aisha was willing to love in the same way.

Suddenly Laquetta had the most incredible peace come over her. The ears of her spirit opened wider. Beyond the chorus of crickets, beyond the creaks of the rocking chairs, she heard a most encouraging message from on high:

“Aisha has already found that man you prayed about. The same man that I destined her to have. But just like those cranberries you ate tonight, she is getting him out of season. As a result, your sister is going to go through some things. Some bitter, some tasteless, and it’s going to cost her a lot. It’s going to cost them 'both' a lot. But don’t fret. Aisha will eventually come into her due season. And that man that she so craved will be right there, ripe and ready to be harvested.”

Laquetta smiled wide after hearing that. She couldn’t wait to find out who her stepsister’s mystery man was. Whoever he was, he was obviously already approved by God, even if he didn’t have it altogether yet.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 25.2

After dinner, Aisha and Bonz walked hand in hand back to her car. She still hadn’t told him she was leaving the country yet. Or about her sensual plans for them tonight.

Aisha was still trying to build up the nerve to do both. She knew that once she took that first step, she would have to proceed with the rest of her plan. Could she? Could Aisha really sleep with Bonz tonight?

“I had a great time tonight, baby. But I really wish you would’ve let me pay for dinner though,” Bonz said. “You drove tonight, paid for the gas and everything in between. No woman has consistently spent money on me like this since I was sixteen and living in my mother’s house. It feels strange for one to do so now. Even so, I’m grateful. Thanks, baby.”

Oh, yes, I can definitely do this, Aisha mused as Bonz brought her hand up to his mouth for a kiss. Tingles assaulted her spine from the moment his lips touched the back of her hand.

Aisha chuckled. “You’re welcome, Greg. Besides, I like treating you. Plus, I really wanted tonight to be my treat…in every way.” She wondered if he’d get her hint.

Bonz abruptly stopped walking and just stared at Aisha. His mouth opened, but no words came out. The shock was too great. Her words were too unexpected.

Aisha stopped walking, too, and met his gaze. She waited patiently for him to get over his shock.

“What exactly are you saying here, baby? Be clear,” Bonz prompted, having found his voice again. Hunger raged in his eyes like a bull.

“I’m saying that I want us to be together tonight, Greg. As one,” Aisha spoke as plainly and as discreetly as she could, considering the fact that there were people coming and going all around them in the restaurant parking lot.

“Do you still want the same?” she added, asking that question just to make sure they were still on the same page. After all, it had been a full month since they broached the subject. And with Bonz so preoccupied with his friends lately, he and Aisha had spent more time on the phone than actually seeing each other. Plus, there was still the issue of Bonz possibly getting all he could stand from those strippers at the club.

“Of course I do, baby,” Bonz whispered huskily. He put his arm about her waist and drew her to him. He looked ready to start the ball rolling right there in the parking lot. Yet he restrained himself in so public a place. He didn’t even try to kiss her, lest that cause him to lose control completely.

“That’s good to know.” Aisha smiled. She knew exactly why he hadn’t kissed her yet. She wouldn’t have been responsible for her actions either, if he had. The passion that had been building between them for months was too great in this moment.

“Let’s go, baby,” Aisha continued, tugging on his hand. The sooner they got to her car, the sooner they could get to her intended destination.

Once they were settled inside the vehicle, Bonz turned to her with a lopsided grin. “I know this sounds cliché, but are we going to your place or mine?”

Aisha chuckled, putting the car key in the ignition. “Neither.” Taking her hands from the steering wheel, she reached back into her purse, retrieved the hotel key, and held it up. “I’ve reserved a room for us at a nice hotel.”

Bonz grinned wider, before suddenly becoming very somber. “Aisha, you do know that I’m still not the marrying kind, don’t you? That tonight might not lead down the aisle.”

“I understand completely. I don’t expect you to change for me at all, Greg,” Aisha replied. “Plus, with this new role I just got, I won’t have time for a serious relationship anyway. Matter of fact, in a couple of days I’m going to be leaving the states indefinitely for filming purposes. I don’t know when I’ll be back stateside,” she continued, finally telling him the other thing she’d been building up courage for all evening.

“Indefinitely?!” Bonz looked shocked and grief-stricken at the same time. “Are you saying this is…the end of us?” he forced out, gripping the dashboard in front of him with both hands.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Aisha replied, suddenly overcome with emotion as his sadness seeped deep into her pores. It was a good thing she hadn’t started the car yet, because there was no way she could drive right now.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Bonz demanded in a strained voice. “If I’d known you were leaving so soon and for an indefinite period of time, I would have spent more time with you these past few weeks instead of helping E-Blade so much with his club.”

“I didn’t tell you before now because I wasn’t sure if I’d even get the part,” Aisha replied. “My agent called just last night with the news. He says they need me over there right away.”

Bonz snatched his gaze away from her. He took several deep breaths in, as if he was trying to get himself under control. His body was stiff, like every nerve in it was at full attention and on edge.

Aisha bit down on her bottom lip at the realization that she’d been more successful than she thought. Bonz truly was sad right now. And yet she could get no pleasure out of that victory.

Finally Bonz turned back around to face her. “If one more night is all I can have with you, then I want it at my house, in my bed. Not in some impersonal hotel room,” he said resolutely.

Aisha’s eyes bucked in surprise. “But I really went all out for us tonight. There’s a penthouse in reserve, red satin sheets, a trail of rose petals, lighted candles, music, fruit, whipped cream, chocolate and a host of other erotic edibles waiting for us at the hotel.”

Bonz gently cupped both sides of her face. “None of that matters to me, baby girl. I want to make love to you in the same bed that I’ve dreamed of you for months. Can you give me that as a parting gift?” he whispered fervently, in an almost pleading voice.

Aisha suppressed a moan at the intensity at which he’d spoken, at the delicious huskiness of his voice. “Yes,” she whispered back as his lips slowly descended upon hers.

That one kiss rocked Aisha on her foundation. Her hands shook terribly, making it impossible for her to drive. Bonz had to take the wheel.

Determined to make the most of every second they had left together, they kissed at every stoplight on the long ride over. By the time they reached Bonz’s house, Aisha was a trembling mess. Yet her mind was sharper than ever. For Aisha now knew that tonight was less about revenge and more about her desire to finally give her body what it wanted, what it needed – Bonz.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 25.1

Most days it was fairly easy for Aisha to pretend to adore Bonz, considering the blazing attraction between them. Plus, she admired the things he did for the community and the fact that he was a very intelligent self-taught man. Yet those days were rapidly coming to an end.

Aisha’s acting career was starting to take off and she would soon have to spend more time overseas, in the UK and in South America. She planned to tell Bonz the news over dinner tonight. Yet before Aisha did all that she first had a hair appointment to keep with Faith, who was rapidly becoming her only stateside hairstylist.

Afterwards Aisha had to run a few errands around town. One of those errands included reserving a hotel room.

Yes, a hotel room.

Aisha planned to make one last attempt at Bonz’s heart before she left the country. She intended to do it by going through his libido.

After a month of keeping Bonz sexually at bay, Aisha saw his interest weaning instead of growing stronger. At least that’s the way it had been over the last two weeks. Bonz was starting to go out more with his friends; particularly to that new strip club E-Blade was buying. No doubt they all were sleeping with the women there.

That last thing really burned Aisha up. For one, it meant that she hadn’t been as successful as she thought. Two, it exposed her to a huge dose of unexpected jealousy. Just the thought of Bonz with another woman filled her with ire hotter than the sweltering heat they'd had on that August day.

If Aisha was going to leave her own mark on this man, it was now or never. The question was, would she be able to do the unthinkable with her enemy? An enemy who hadn’t felt like an enemy in a long time.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

Author Note

I know I said I was going to take a rest, but I had to come back and share with the group what one of our fellow readers (Carrie) recently emailed me.

At first I thought Carrie was trying to act all shy and not post on the blog like everybody else. But after I noticed the lengths of her emails, I realized that she had so much to say that it probably wouldn’t fit on the comment board anyway.

I asked Carrie for permission to post the contents of her email here, because she made some really valid points about Aisha. Points that I think we all need to consider as we proceed with the story.

Here’s what she wrote below (feel free to comment on it):

Carrie Jacobs wrote:

A few things that I noticed was that the seed of Godlessness, unforgiveness and vengefulness has taken root in her heart, which is not a good thing. Simply because no matter how rich, intelligent, beautiful, fine or whatever other attribute that we have, those sins will send us on a jet streaming to the pit of hell. Especially if we don't check ourselves. There is never a time past or in the future that we should feel that God has done such a terrible thing to us that we should hate him or say we don't need him or we're mad at him because life has dealt us a bad hand, or loved ones are taken away.

That which does not kill us only makes us stronger, consider them as ministry tools because as surely as you are created by God to worship him you will come upon someone who is going through the same thing and you will have what it takes to help them make it through. She is upset with her source of life which he can take any given time. The game she is playing now is dangerous and the grace and mercy of God is the only thing that can save her from God knows what.

On the other hand, she exudes confidence, she has a fearless determination, much sex appeal and is very strategic when it comes to what she wants and how to go about getting it. I like that. She would make a great best friend, one who would always have your back and keep your confidence. I sense that as a strong attribute. There is no helpless mousiness in her at all. She has mad love for family values almost motherly in a sense (LaQuetta & Dominic) she is so nurturing to her sister and I can see why she would want to get to the bottom of her brothers death and deal with the one responsible.

I feel that she is going about it all wrong and God is going to have his way and get the glory because this thing is quickly becoming a matter of the heart which is deceitful from the get go and messing with a mans mind like Bonz, she is going to need God in a major way. Either to help her get out of a deep mess or keep Bonz from killing her.

As far as pointers are concerned although I love her character she has more or less shown me what not to do.

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 24.2

When Aisha saw Bonz coming towards her a few minutes later, she gave him a big smile. She’d won that battle. Cami was a defeated foe.

Pretending to ignore what just happened, Aisha resolved herself to talk about other things when Bonz approached her. She’d address the Cami situation when she was ready.

“You know, my mother used to always say that everything in nature had ears,” Aisha said, turning to fondle a large green leaf from a nearby potted plant. “I remember her talking to her plants all the time in the flower shop. Sometimes she sang and played music for them, too.”

“I bet they grew like crazy,” Bonz said, moving to stand behind her on the lower patio area.

“They sure did,” Aisha replied. “I was thinking I could help you grow a garden at your place. Not in the lawn area, but on that virtually unused back porch you have,” she added, remembering the enclosed area from when he gave her a thorough tour of his place.

“Where would a garden grow back there?” Bonz asked, wrapping his arms about her waist. “There’s nothing but bricks and wood on my back porch.” He moved her long hair to the side and kissed the back of her neck.

Aisha shuddered. She felt as if she was being peeled like a grape. The tenderness of Bonz’s touch had a way of stripping her mind of all rational thought. If he kissed her lips in this moment, she wouldn’t be able to think at all.

“We could put in two long planters on both sides of the porch, a couple of long cushioned benches, some chairs and about four round tables for each corner,” Aisha said, talking in an excited rush as the desire in her body rose tenfold.

“Sounds good to me, baby. We can start working on that as soon as your schedule allows,” Bonz replied, bending to kiss her neck again. This time on the other side.

Aisha moaned. “I’m free tomorrow,” she said, turning around in his arms, lest she melt completely from his hot kisses. Who knew her neck was so sensitive. “By the way, you didn’t have to stop your meal for me,” Aisha added, changing the subject to what she really wanted to talk about.

“Yeah, right.” Bonz smiled knowingly. “So did I pass that test or what?”

Aisha laughed. “You passed with flying colors, baby.” She draped her arms about his thick football player’s neck.

“Good. Now what’s my prize?” Bonz grinned.

“Will a kiss do?” Aisha grinned as well, causing her dimples to deepen.

“You better believe it,” Bonz replied, looking mesmerized by her dimples.

“Well, if you want one, you’re going to have to catch me to get it,” Aisha said, before taking off for the pool at a sprint.

Bonz laughed and started after her. He’d get that kiss and hopefully a little bit more.

* * *

Two loud splashes were heard on the other side of the fence. The picnickers didn’t miss a beat until they heard loud moans filtering over soon thereafter.

Racker immediately started grinning. E-Blade did, too, despite his dislike of Aisha. As a man, he was always happy about another man getting his freak on. Anytime. Anywhere.

Delia and Cami frowned with disdain. Alexis simply sighed in exasperation, threw her hands up in the air, and rose to turn the portable stereo behind them up louder, lest the children get too curious. This pool party had not gone as planned at all.

Alexis’ party had been crashed by an unwanted woman, she had two people too many for the dessert she prepared, and now a hot and heavy couple was making out in her pool. What else could go wrong? The only bright side was the fact that the fence was reasonably tall and made out of wood. If it was a little bit shorter and chain linked, they’d all be able to see what Bonz and Aisha were up to over there.

“Don’t worry about it, baby. I’m sure Bonz will help me drain the pool later,” Racker said, unaware that Bonz and Aisha still weren’t sleeping together yet. “Then we’ll have a go in it ourselves,” he whispered for Alexis’ ears only, pulling her into his lap before she could return to her seat beside him.

“That’s what’s up,” Alexis agreed with a giggle. Love was definitely in the air today.

E-Blade was also feeling a bit romantic right now, but he was in no mood to try to start something with Delia. Although he ravished her body as often as possible, the fact that it wasn’t good for her, too, did wicked things to his self-esteem. Therefore, instead of looking at Delia, E-Blade turned to stare pointedly at Cami.

To her shame, Cami didn’t turn away from that stare. No, as Delia turned to tend to one of the children, Cami melted into E-Blade’s heated gaze like butter in a hot skillet.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 24.1

Bonz felt watchful eyes on him as Aisha walked away from the table. His male friends were waiting to see if he would openly trail behind some woman. The females at the table were waiting to see if Aisha really had that much influence over the infamous playa. Even the kids had grown quieter, as if they knew something important was about to go down.

Bonz took a moment to weigh his options. He thought about how Aisha made him feel when he was with her. About how he had yet to sleep with her and how much he still wanted to. About how if he didn’t make the right decision today, he might not ever get a chance to sleep with Aisha.

Suddenly Bonz knew exactly what his answer would be. What it had to be.

“I think I’ll make the rest of this a take-home meal, too,” Bonz finally said, closing the lid to his container before rising to his feet.

Cami gasped in shock. “Bonz, I know you not just gonna follow behind her like some punk,” she protested, placing a restraining hand on his arm.

Bonz looked down at Cami’s hand before moving his eyes upwards to hers. “Do I look like a punk to you?” he asked in a low, menacing tone.

“N…no,” Cami stuttered out. She looked like she didn’t know whether to be afraid of him or extremely turned on by his hard tone. Eventually it became clear that she was both. “It’s just that a man like you needs a different kind of woman in his life,” Cami added, a bit on the breathless side.

“Let me be the judge of that,” Bonz replied. Then he leaned in close to Cami’s ear and added, “Now let go of my arm before I really embarrass you in front of your son and everybody else.”

Cami promptly released his arm as if she’d just been burned. She silently watched Bonz walk away, breathing raggedy as if she was a dog in heat.

Once he was out of hearing distance, Cami turned to the others with a fake smile. “He still wants me.”

“Mmm-humph,” Alexis said in disbelief, rolling her eyes upwards.

One look in Delia’s direction and it was obvious that she didn’t believe her cousin’s statement, either. Cami would just have to find another hustler to go after, because Bonz was clearly taken. Delia would start hyping up the captains and lieutenants again starting tonight.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 23

“Of course I haven’t had you investigated.” Aisha spoke in a calm tone, despite her racing pulse. “But I have watched you closely in the short time we’ve been dating. You are a very loyal man, Greg, to your friends and to the businesses you patronize. When you mentioned owning a daycare center, I figured it had to somehow be connected to your friends. Otherwise why else would a man like you own such a business?”

“And the clothing store?” Bonz prodded, seemingly satisfied with her explanations so far.

“The clothing store was the easiest one to figure out. After all, most of the clothes you own come from Tops & Bottoms. Not to forget the outfits you bought me after my overnight stay.” Aisha put her drink down on the ground and stood to her feet. “Now if I’ve passed this particular trust test, I’d like to go have some fun in the pool.”

Bonz stared after Aisha in silence. He wasn’t sure if he’d hurt her feelings or not with his pointed questions. But he was sure of one thing – Aisha Norwood was the smartest, sexiest woman he’d ever known.

Putting his drink down as well, Bonz rose to follow Aisha to the pool. He couldn’t allow her to have fun without him.

* * *

An hour later, while everyone was enjoying a leisure meal on the grassy east side of the backyard, Alexis and Racker had two unexpected visitors. It was none other than Cami and her son.

It seems that Delia had made a discreet phone call to her cousin after getting fed up with watching Bonz and Aisha frolic in the pool. Seeing such happiness had reminded her of what she’d lost with E-Blade. Since Delia didn’t know what to do to fix her own romantic situation, she decided to help Cami with hers.

Incidentally, it would have been easier to fix Cami up before now if she would only settle for one of the captains or even a lieutenant in the game. But no, Cami had to have a general. In Enfield, there were only three men powerful enough to be generals, E-Blade, Racker, and Bonz. Two of them were already taken.

Good. She remembered to wear that new swimsuit I bought her, Delia thought as Cami and Little Man came walking into the backyard area behind Alexis. At least she can do ‘something’ right, she mused, noting her cousin’s voluptuous figure in the red halter top and short sarong that barely hid Cami’s skimpy bikini bottom.

“Well, it looks like we have two more,” Alexis cheerfully announced to everyone as she escorted the latecomers to the table. Yet the way she kept nervously tugging on the bottom of her pink terrycloth pullover belied the calmness and joy of her words.

“Yeah, Delia forgot something at home and asked me to bring it over,” Cami casually replied. Then she promptly changed the subject altogether. “Oh, look, Little Man. Crab cakes!” She pointed to a round ceramic bowl on the table that housed the delicious appetizers.

The little boy’s eyes widened eagerly at the sight of his favorite food. “Me and Little Man love crab cakes,” Cami continued, addressing the adults again. If that wasn’t a blatant hint to get herself invited to the meal, then two plus two weren’t four.

“Both of you are welcome to have some,” Racker interjected hospitably. He rose to his feet to gather an extra chair. The long picnic table only had enough seating room for ten. With Cami and her son, the nine-member group jumped to eleven.

As Racker passed by Alexis, he gave her a knowing look. Both of them suspected that Delia’s little private phone call at the top of today’s meal had been to Cami. Now they had proof. The fact that Cami still hadn’t given Delia that forgotten something at home yet proved another thing - the two cousins were still scheming to break up Bonz and Aisha.

“Have a seat, Cami. I’ll fix you both plates of everything,” Alexis said, revealing her capacity to be flexible. Inside she was seething that Delia would pull something like this. She would have never done this kind of thing to her. Yet because they’d been homegirls for such a long time, Alexis would not end their friendship over it. However, it would definitely change the nature of that friendship now that a certain level of trust was gone.

Cami took the extra chair that Racker placed at the table and moved it all the way by Bonz. She didn’t seem to care that her son was sitting all the way on the opposite end of the table by Delia. Or that all the other mothers were sitting by their own offspring in order to be of assistance to the youngsters if needed. No, all Cami seemed to care about was gaining Bonz’s attention.

Bonz frowned when Cami inched her chair closer to him. On his other side, Aisha smiled at his reaction, receiving great pleasure from his open rejection of the other woman.

“Please pass me the salt, Bonz,” Cami said, once she had a plate of food in front of her. As she waited for him to do so, she made a show of adjusting her bosom in the halter top, clearly trying to get his attention to go there.

“Here you go,” Bonz said, passing the salt as requested, deliberately keeping his eyes above Cami’s neck. Though he might have a blind spot where Aisha was concerned, he could see clearly when it came to other women.

“Thanks, baby,” Cami purred, being deliberately disrespectful to Aisha. The fact that she touched Bonz’s hand longer than she should have when receiving the red salt shaker was a direct offense.

Bonz’s frown deepened. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Aisha’s eyes narrow. She obviously didn’t like this situation one bit. He didn’t, either.

“Perhaps you should let me pass you whatever you need from now on, Cami,” Aisha suggested, pasting a small smile on her face.

“No, only Bonz can give me what I need.” Cami smirked at the other woman.

“You think so, huh?” Challenge danced in Aisha’s eyes.

“I know so,” Cami countered with a saucy snap of her head and neck.

Aisha looked like she wanted to go off right then and there. Yet she paused for a moment, as if weighing the costs of blackening one of Cami’s eyes. After all, a fist swung forward was liable to get one swung backward.

Aisha couldn’t afford to get into fistfights. She couldn’t afford to allow anything to mar her body these days, especially her face. As jealous-hearted as Cami was, that’s exactly where she would strike Aisha first.

“I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m full,” Aisha finally said, closing the lid to her half-eaten container of food. “Racker and Alexis, you all really outdid yourselves with those side dishes. I can’t wait to eat the rest for leftovers.” She turned to Bonz and added, “Greg, I’ll be out by the pool, if you need me.” Then without another word to anyone, Aisha stood to her feet and made her way towards the opening in the tall wooden fence that separated the pool and patio area from the rest of the backyard.

All eyes turned to Bonz. Would he stay by Cami’s side? Or would he follow Aisha and risk losing cool points with his friends?

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 22.2

“Greg, don’t you think that is enough lotion?” Aisha asked after the third rub down.

Yes, she’d enjoyed every second of his hands on her body, but there were still little kids around to consider. The fact that Bonz was concentrating his efforts mainly on her bottom and leg areas was rapidly turning this innocent task into an erotic experience.

“Nah, I think you need one more application,” Bonz replied, getting ready to do just that.

Just then, Alexis approached them with a tray of cold nonalcoholic beverages. Racker didn’t allow strong drinks around when there were children about. Especially after one of his brothers became a secret alcoholic from all the drinks their mother used to leave unattended around the house. Thankfully Racker’s brother was sober now and gainfully employed in the mayor’s office.

“I’m with Aisha,” Alexis said, letting them know that she’d overheard their conversation. “That is way too much lotion, Bonz. What are you trying to do? Have her slipping and sliding all over the patio or something?”

Bonz chuckled huskily. “Slipping and sliding all over the patio? No. Slipping and sliding all over somewhere else…”

“Man, take one of these drinks and cool your behind off,” Alexis interrupted, pushing the tray towards him. “Not only are my ears too tender to hear the rest, I need you clear-headed enough to talk about the center.”

“My head is clear enough.” Bonz laughed, reluctantly removing his large hands from Aisha’s body. He wiped them free of lotion with a nearby towel before retrieving two glasses from the tray. “Now what about the center? Does the budget need to be expanded again?” Bonz continued, passing a glass over to Aisha.

“Not necessarily.” Alexis shook her head. She put the tray down on the nearby patio table and sat down in one of the chairs. “If we can find more volunteers, we won’t need to add more paid staff to handle the increase in participants.”

Center? Paid staff? Aisha mused, sitting up to drink her beverage. Her eyes listened very attentively to Bonz and Alexis’ conversation. Up until now she thought the only legitimate venture he had was the club.

Aisha would later learn that Bonz, Racker, Alexis, and Delia were all involved with legitimate businesses. Sometimes more than one. Racker owned a chain of fish markets, an auto repair shop, and half of a nightclub. Alexis headed up the recreation center that Bonz built in order to give inner-city youths a peaceful place to play, receive tutoring, and have at least one nutritious meal a day. Delia managed a daycare center.

E-Blade was the only one still one hundred percent absorbed in street commerce. Half was by choice. The other half was by circumstance since he’d unwisely only chosen get-rich-quick schemes before. That was all about to change very soon and not necessarily in Aisha’s favor.

Aisha found herself marveling at Bonz as she continued to listen to him and Alexis talk. Knowing that Bonz was giving back to the community in this way caused the bitterness in her heart to lessen considerably. Now she wanted to learn even more about the man whose first and last names meant Watchful (Gregory) and Man of Peace (Forsyth).

Bonz was watchful all right, but was he also a man of peace? Aisha looked forward to finding out.

Thinking back on the last drug dealer she dated, Aisha recalled how Parker hadn’t given back to the community in any way. He’d mainly heaped all of his cash upon those he loved - himself, his family, and his woman. In fact, Parker left specific instructions with his mother to give Aisha one million dollars out of money that he’d secretly stashed away for his loved ones should anything ever happen to him.

That money had funded a whole new life for Aisha. It gave her seed money to make several profitable investments, which caused her to live far above the position of struggling model/actress in Hollywood. Aisha also used some of those funds to help her brother from time to time and to set up a scholarship for underprivileged college students. She had to put Parker’s ill-gotten gains to good use somehow.

I guess that’s what Greg is trying to do with his money, too, Aisha mused, continuing to sip her drink and listen to the conversation in her midst.

Aisha waited until she and Bonz were alone again before trying to satisfy her curiosity about a few things of interest. “Do you have any other legal businesses?”

Bonz nodded. “A few others, a club, a daycare center, and a clothing store,” he replied, without being too specific. It didn’t pay for a man in his position to be too forthcoming with personal information. And yet he consistently found himself doing so around Aisha.

“Do you own The Urban Revue?” Aisha asked, deliberately trying to look surprised. She’d known the answer to that question a long time ago.

Bonz cocked his head to the side in wonder. Was Aisha so intelligent as to make that connection from what little he’d just shared with her?

“Yes, but I only own half of it,” Bonz finally replied, failing to tell her that Racker owned the other half of The Urban Revue. “How did you figure that out?”

“It was simple really. Although you go out to several clubs, The Urban Revue is the only one you actually go to the most.” As Aisha spoke, she casually circled the top of her lemonade glass with her right index finger.

“Brilliant. Any other theories?”

“Yes, I would put money on the fact that that daycare center you own is the same one that Delia and Alexis’ kids attend. And that clothing store is probably the same one that you get most of your nice gear from,” Aisha replied, sprouting her theories.

Bonz’s eyes widened with amazement this time. Suddenly they narrowed with suspicion. Had he walked blindly into an undercover trap? If so, this wouldn’t be the first time a powerful man was brought low by a beautiful woman. Yet it would be the first time for Bonz, who’d always been very careful about such things.

“Have you had me investigated or something?” Bonz asked, speaking lower and in a strained voice.

Aisha’s pulse quickened at his implication. Her heart thumped hard against her ribcage. Was her cover blown?

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 22.1

E-Blade fought not to scowl at the sight of Bonz and Aisha together. He’d hoped against hope that she would be just another one-night-stand for his friend. Shoot, E-Blade would have settled for Aisha being a two-night-stand. Yet here it was almost three weeks later and she was still hanging around Bonz.

I don’t like her, E-Blade thought, not even sure why at this point. It wasn’t like Aisha had done anything wrong to him or anyone else in their group.

That was it! The fact that Aisha hadn’t done anything wrong is what peeved E-Blade the most. Up until now, everything she’d done or said was right and on point.

From experience, E-Blade knew that anything that was too good to be true usually was. Plus, Aisha just didn’t seem street enough to date a man like Bonz, though she sometimes acted like it.

Now that Cami…she’s straight gutter, E-Blade mused. A wave of desire shot through him at the very thought of Delia’s cousin. The same cousin that was still living with them because Aisha snag Bonz first.

E-Blade usually didn’t covet his friends’ leftovers. However, since Bonz and Cami never officially got around to dating, much less sleeping together, she couldn’t really be considered as leftovers.

It was interesting that E-Blade was more concerned with crossing friendship boundaries than he was about betraying Delia, the woman he claimed to love. The same woman that was walking up to him at this very moment.

She’s the reason Cami couldn’t come today,” Delia said, sprouting her usual negativism.

E-Blade nodded, knowing exactly who ‘she’ was. Aisha’s name was mud in his household these days. “Alexis was just tryna keep down confusion by not inviting yo’ cousin, so stop trippin’.”

Truth be known, E-Blade didn’t really want Cami here today, either. Whenever Bonz was around, she seemed to forget that other men existed. That secretly drove E-Blade up the wall.

Unfortunately, Cami wasn’t the first woman to be star struck over Bonz. There had been many women like that over the years. Some of them even included women E-Blade had dated.

E-Blade hated how whenever he met a woman and introduced her to Bonz, that woman would suddenly lose interest in him and start favoring his friend. Though Bonz had never crossed friendship boundaries and dated any of those women, E-Blade still waited to introduce Delia to him when the time came. In fact, Bonz only got to meet Delia after she was already in love with E-Blade and pregnant with his namesake - Esteban Jr.

“Well, there wouldn’t have been any confusion if Bonz had just stayed with my cousin,” Delia continued, sitting in the chair next to where E-Blade stood monitoring the gas grill. “If he had, Cami would probably be in her own place right now.”

“It ain’t like we don’t have enough room, Dee.” E-Blade was already tired of this conversation. He could feel a nag coming on.

Delia had become the queen of all naggers over the years. It was hard to believe that there was a time when her sweet voice was capable of softening E-Blade’s hard outer shell, her smile capable of making him feel worthy of love. Now those traits only served to irritate him, to remind him of what he’d lost.

“Well, it feels like the house has become a matchbox,” Delia continued, oblivious to the things going through her man’s head as usual. “Cami won’t stay on the top level of the house and Little Man comes to me for everything, like he ain’t got no mama.” She frowned her displeasure at her cousin’s obvious flaw. “I know some women ain’t good with children, but not even their own?”

Needing to change the subject to something less irritating, E-Blade said, “How long do you think that’s gonna last?” He nodded towards the poolside lounge chair where Aisha was currently being rubbed down with sunscreen by Bonz.

Delia looked where he indicated. Her frown instantly deepened. “Probably forever. Look how wide she got his nose open. I don’t think Bonz even remembers that the rest of us are here. Plus, this is the first time he has ever dropped all his other women for just one,” Delia replied, her words becoming laced with jealousy at the end. After all, she wished her man would drop all of his other women for her.

E-Blade hadn’t been faithful to Delia since she stopped liking sex after their first child. Though she’d gotten her figure back after each pregnancy and made a habit of dressing sexy for him, he still only paid marginal attention to her.

While Delia soaked in her jealousy, E-Blade meditated on how he could extract Aisha from their little circle. Directly coming against her would only cause trouble between him and Bonz. Since that wasn’t good for business, E-Blade knew that he would have to find an indirect route to get rid of Aisha.

I know. I’ll get him tied up with that new strip joint I got my eyes on, E-Blade mused, ready to pretend that he needed Bonz’s business advice more than he actually did.

For the longest time Bonz had been after E-Blade to start investing in legitimate business ventures. They weren’t going to be young forever. And with the game constantly changing, there would come a time when they wouldn’t be able to make their living from the streets.

Though a gentlemen’s club wasn’t as straight laced as some of his friends’ businesses, it was a move in the right direction for E-Blade. It was also the perfect way to remind Bonz of who he was – the biggest playa on this side of the Atlantic. An added benefit is the fact that being surrounded by so many sexy, half-naked women on a steady basis might just dilute Bonz’s interest in the one he was with today.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 21.2

Upon their arrival at the ranch-styled dwelling, Bonz went to talk with his friends out back while Aisha received a grand tour of the place from Alexis. Unlike E-Blade and Delia’s three-story house, which looked more like a trophy case than a home with its large screen televisions and wall size stereos, Racker and Alexis had a relaxed family atmosphere about their home. The TVs and stereos were all reasonable sizes. There were plants in every room.

Everything seemed in balance here. This was a place that Aisha could visit often, a place where she felt truly welcome. Not like E-Blade’s house, which she’d only visited once and felt uncomfortable the whole time she was there.

After the tour, Aisha found an empty bathroom to change into her swimwear. Out of consideration for the children in attendance today, she brought along her most conservative bathing suit – a black, halter-style maillot.

Ready to present herself, Aisha made her way outside to the backyard. Settling into a royal blue lounge chair by the oval-shaped pool, she unpacked sunscreen from her beach bag and began to put it on. She silently observed the people in her surroundings as she rubbed the lotion into her skin.

There was Racker playing in the pool with his son and those of his friends. Alexis, who was the perfect hostess, was over on the other side of the fence, setting up the picnic table. Delia helped her. The two women chatted away like the old friends that they were.

E-Blade stood on the upper level of the raised patio area alone. He was in charge of the grill. He seemed to like being above everyone else and in charge of something.

As for Bonz, he suddenly emerged from the house, looking finer than ever in a pair of black swim trunks. Aisha inhaled sharply at the sight of his muscular torso, strong hairy legs, and chiseled abdomen.

That ain’t no six-pack right there. That’s a twelve-pack, she mused, licking her lips as Bonz turned and headed her way. Aisha tingled all over when their eyes met and revealed matching desire. At this moment, revenge was the last thing on her mind.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier