Saturday, February 02, 2013

Collectible E-Books

Collectible E-books

Listed below are e-books that I wrote at the beginning of my literary career. They are all in original form...for now. They are also available for only $2.99 each during the month of February. If you would like to purchase any of them at this sweet price, please email your selections today to Enjoy!

Book Title: Central themes (Genre)
1.    A Closer Look: Letting the past go, virtues of volunteering, single parent issues (Contemporary)

2.    Another Chance: Never giving up on your dreams, facing one’s fears (Contemporary)

3.    Beautiful… Tangled Roots: Racial issues, true love transcends color (Historical)

4.    Broken Fences: Whole life restoration, starting over, submitting your temper over to the Lord (Contemporary)

5.    Defining Moments: Young love, consequences of premarital sex, helping others reach their potentials (Contemporary)

6.    Diesel’s Fuel: Surrendering to love, how to stop being a pushover, parenting issues (Contemporary)

7.    Feathered Friends: Dangers of lying, family secrets, dealing with loneliness (Semi-comedy)

8.    Free To Love: Family loyalty, proper ways to deal with adversity, money, and family (Contemporary)

9.    Full Circle: Control issues, the effects of divorce on kids, letting go (Contemporary)

10. Hidden Jewel: Outcasts, friends into lovers, baby-mama drama, loving and accepting yourself (Contemporary)

11. In Your Arms Only: Patient/caregiver love, physical and emotional rehabilitation, loving someone for who they are and not what they have (Contemporary)

12. Kin to the Saboteur: Dangers of bitterness, coveting, forgiveness, celebrating ourselves (Western)

13. Loving Contrasts: Molestation, overcoming the past, reverse prejudice (Urban tale)

14. No Coincidence: Overcoming abuse, learning to love again, effects of drug abuse on family. (Contemporary)

15. Re-lit: Lies, abusive relationships, college situations, teenage pregnancy, starting over (Contemporary)

16. Spots & Stripes: Emotional healing, restitution, forgiveness (Contemporary)

17. Such a Time as This: Social issues, racial issues, colorblind love (Historical)

18. Sweet Haven: Counseling, emotional healing, overcoming past mistakes (Contemporary)

19. Threefold Cord: Rape, morality, religious snobbery, abortion issues, loving unconditionally (Contemporary)

20. The Predator & the Preacher’s Daughter: Trust issues, betrayal, doctrinal upsets (Contemporary)

21. Turbulent Journey: Surviving tragedy, allowing love to blossom anywhere (Contemporary - adventure)

22. Twin Differences: Dangers of jealousy and lies, misguided anger, deep sibling rivalry (Contemporary)

23. Uncommon Duo: Racial issues, following your dreams, premarital sex (Contemporary)

24. Unconditional Love: Loving unconditionally, forgiving yourself (Contemporary)

25. Unpretty: Racial issues, self-esteem, class issues (Contemporary)

26. Untimely Union: Opposites attract, following one’s dreams, class issues (Contemporary)

27. Up From Sorrow: Grief, finding new love, extreme jealousy (Contemporary)

28. Weary Wanderer: Drug abuse, co-dependency, toxic relationships (Urban tale)

29. What Love Ain’t…: Dangers of revenge, consequences of one’s actions (Contemporary)

30. Yesterday, Today, Forever: Dangers of playing games with peoples’ lives, disappointment, class issues, not judging people by how they appear (Contemporary)