Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 21.2

Upon their arrival at the ranch-styled dwelling, Bonz went to talk with his friends out back while Aisha received a grand tour of the place from Alexis. Unlike E-Blade and Delia’s three-story house, which looked more like a trophy case than a home with its large screen televisions and wall size stereos, Racker and Alexis had a relaxed family atmosphere about their home. The TVs and stereos were all reasonable sizes. There were plants in every room.

Everything seemed in balance here. This was a place that Aisha could visit often, a place where she felt truly welcome. Not like E-Blade’s house, which she’d only visited once and felt uncomfortable the whole time she was there.

After the tour, Aisha found an empty bathroom to change into her swimwear. Out of consideration for the children in attendance today, she brought along her most conservative bathing suit – a black, halter-style maillot.

Ready to present herself, Aisha made her way outside to the backyard. Settling into a royal blue lounge chair by the oval-shaped pool, she unpacked sunscreen from her beach bag and began to put it on. She silently observed the people in her surroundings as she rubbed the lotion into her skin.

There was Racker playing in the pool with his son and those of his friends. Alexis, who was the perfect hostess, was over on the other side of the fence, setting up the picnic table. Delia helped her. The two women chatted away like the old friends that they were.

E-Blade stood on the upper level of the raised patio area alone. He was in charge of the grill. He seemed to like being above everyone else and in charge of something.

As for Bonz, he suddenly emerged from the house, looking finer than ever in a pair of black swim trunks. Aisha inhaled sharply at the sight of his muscular torso, strong hairy legs, and chiseled abdomen.

That ain’t no six-pack right there. That’s a twelve-pack, she mused, licking her lips as Bonz turned and headed her way. Aisha tingled all over when their eyes met and revealed matching desire. At this moment, revenge was the last thing on her mind.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Subrina said...

I wonder whose heart gonna be broken more when all this deception is revealed.

Suprina said...

Subrina: Too many hearts are going to be broken before this story is over. And if that spoiler wasn't enough, here's another - somebody else is going to die, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I did NOT see that coming. I wonder who's gonna bite the dust? Anyway, I hope Alexis and Racker come to the Lord. That would be great. They seem like genuinely good people, but we all know that good people still need the Lord.


Suprina said...

Marlene: You're right on that 'good people needing the Lord' thing. Sorry I can't tell you who's going to 'bite the dust'. It's a shocker.