Thursday, September 20, 2007

Author Note

I know I said I was going to take a rest, but I had to come back and share with the group what one of our fellow readers (Carrie) recently emailed me.

At first I thought Carrie was trying to act all shy and not post on the blog like everybody else. But after I noticed the lengths of her emails, I realized that she had so much to say that it probably wouldn’t fit on the comment board anyway.

I asked Carrie for permission to post the contents of her email here, because she made some really valid points about Aisha. Points that I think we all need to consider as we proceed with the story.

Here’s what she wrote below (feel free to comment on it):

Carrie Jacobs wrote:

A few things that I noticed was that the seed of Godlessness, unforgiveness and vengefulness has taken root in her heart, which is not a good thing. Simply because no matter how rich, intelligent, beautiful, fine or whatever other attribute that we have, those sins will send us on a jet streaming to the pit of hell. Especially if we don't check ourselves. There is never a time past or in the future that we should feel that God has done such a terrible thing to us that we should hate him or say we don't need him or we're mad at him because life has dealt us a bad hand, or loved ones are taken away.

That which does not kill us only makes us stronger, consider them as ministry tools because as surely as you are created by God to worship him you will come upon someone who is going through the same thing and you will have what it takes to help them make it through. She is upset with her source of life which he can take any given time. The game she is playing now is dangerous and the grace and mercy of God is the only thing that can save her from God knows what.

On the other hand, she exudes confidence, she has a fearless determination, much sex appeal and is very strategic when it comes to what she wants and how to go about getting it. I like that. She would make a great best friend, one who would always have your back and keep your confidence. I sense that as a strong attribute. There is no helpless mousiness in her at all. She has mad love for family values almost motherly in a sense (LaQuetta & Dominic) she is so nurturing to her sister and I can see why she would want to get to the bottom of her brothers death and deal with the one responsible.

I feel that she is going about it all wrong and God is going to have his way and get the glory because this thing is quickly becoming a matter of the heart which is deceitful from the get go and messing with a mans mind like Bonz, she is going to need God in a major way. Either to help her get out of a deep mess or keep Bonz from killing her.

As far as pointers are concerned although I love her character she has more or less shown me what not to do.

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