Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Sci-Fi Site Is Gone!

I had to take down my Sci-Fi site today because it was recently hacked by a third party.


After a frustrating day of trying to remove the malicious code that caused Google to limit access to that particular site and label it harmful, I decided to delete the whole thing. My schedule is simply too busy right now to chase down 'haters' that knowingly post comments on my site(s) with malicious code. This is why I always use the comment moderation function on my various sites so that I can look over the contents first before allowing the comment through. Unfortunately, that Sci-Fi site didn't have that option.


The beat goes on. As soon as I find a new online home for my Sci-Fi material, I will let y'all know. In the meantime, I am removing all links that lead to that old site as of today.

Be blessed and stay safe, on and off-line!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Read 2 New Articles by Suprina

As I expand my writing wings, I try to keep you guys updated. As of today, there are 2 new articles on the internet bearing my name.

The first article (entitled Pirated? Who Me? Couldn’t Be…But I was) is at a very popular site by the name of Ecataromance, which is a major source for e-book news, reviews, & more. As you can guess my article there is about e-book piracy. The link is below:


The second article (entitled Which Girl Are You?) is at my new social commentary blog. The link for that is below:


Both articles are upbeat and enlightening. Feel free to stop by either one of those places and show some love. Feedback is always welcome.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

January’s Short Story Has Been Posted

In an effort to keep my promise to you (see previous post), I’ve posted January’s short story entitled A Family Affair at the following link:


Go check it out at your earliest convenience and leave a comment or two.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Be Mad At Me

I’m sorry to announce that The Professor will not be featured in February as planned. I thought I would be able to start posting it around Valentine’s Day, but that time frame is simply not going to work out.


The answer is simply because of the increasing demands of my dual career. As many of you know, I don’t just write for a living. I am also an accountant. Matter of fact, I run a small tax accounting service.

With it being tax time in the U.S. and with my clientele growing (Praise God for that), my accounting schedule is now at odds with my writing schedule. Combine that with the tutoring I do on the side, church activities I plan to participate in this quarter, marketing efforts on current book releases, and general family stuff, I had no choice but to push The Professor’s debut to April. April 13th, in fact. Especially since my writing career is way more flexible than my accounting career (not so many rigid deadlines and associated penalties).

For those who’ve joined me for a live story before, you know how time consuming it can be, how often I post (6 days a week), how diligent I am about responding to reader comments, and how I like to add even more value to the story by linking to music, photos, and other items of interest. Because I don’t want reduce the quality our online experience by changing any of these things, I have made the hard decision to push The Professor back a few months.

To appease any disgruntled and/or disappointed souls, I have also decided to post monthly short stories between now and April on my Short Stories blog. They don’t take long to write and don’t require a lot of research and plotting.

Does that make you feel better?

I hope so. lol.

Talk to you soon…


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More Updates

I just wanted everyone to know that My Lover, My Friend (the freebie featured on my Tripod site) has recently been revised and is now available for download. The blurb and link for it are below:

My Lover, My Friend Blurb:

Although Andre and Cindy grew up together as next door neighbors, they treated each other more like brother and sister. Years later when Cindy comes home fresh from a painful divorce, Andre suddenly discovers that his feelings for her have changed. Unfortunately, he has to hide his new feelings in order to help facilitate emotional healing in her life.

Just when Cindy begins to see Andre in a different light, a woman from his past returns and tries to sabotage their happiness. Will this ideal couple’s union ever materialize now?

My Lover, My Friend link: http://www.lulu.com/content/5622957

* * *

I also wanted to address something that recently happened to me as the result of a well-meaning reader. This particular reader liked one of my freebies so much that she posted it on her site – the WHOLE thing!

First of all, I was flattered by the sentiment, despite the fact that she didn’t get my permission beforehand. I mean, praise God somebody likes my work enough to want to share it with others. The fact that she posted a freebie was also appreciated. She could have posted one of my ‘for sale’ copies and cost me royalties. Or worse claimed my work as her own and sold it for profit. All of which would have opened her up for copyright infringement issues, which are punishable by law.

To keep from ever having copyright disputes with any of my readers, I’ve decided to issue the following statement:

As of today (1/7/09), my reader friends have my official permission to post Bound By Love and My Lover, My Friend (the only two e-books that I’ve given free to the world) on their websites as long as the following are adhered to:

  1. The title of the story, my name, and my copyright info are posted in their entirety along with the story.
  2. You link to the website you copied the story from and not try to sell the book(s).

If those courteous two requirements are met, we should all continue to get along rather nicely. Much luv, y’all, and enjoy the revised copy of My Lover, My Friend.