Friday, September 21, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 25.2

After dinner, Aisha and Bonz walked hand in hand back to her car. She still hadn’t told him she was leaving the country yet. Or about her sensual plans for them tonight.

Aisha was still trying to build up the nerve to do both. She knew that once she took that first step, she would have to proceed with the rest of her plan. Could she? Could Aisha really sleep with Bonz tonight?

“I had a great time tonight, baby. But I really wish you would’ve let me pay for dinner though,” Bonz said. “You drove tonight, paid for the gas and everything in between. No woman has consistently spent money on me like this since I was sixteen and living in my mother’s house. It feels strange for one to do so now. Even so, I’m grateful. Thanks, baby.”

Oh, yes, I can definitely do this, Aisha mused as Bonz brought her hand up to his mouth for a kiss. Tingles assaulted her spine from the moment his lips touched the back of her hand.

Aisha chuckled. “You’re welcome, Greg. Besides, I like treating you. Plus, I really wanted tonight to be my treat…in every way.” She wondered if he’d get her hint.

Bonz abruptly stopped walking and just stared at Aisha. His mouth opened, but no words came out. The shock was too great. Her words were too unexpected.

Aisha stopped walking, too, and met his gaze. She waited patiently for him to get over his shock.

“What exactly are you saying here, baby? Be clear,” Bonz prompted, having found his voice again. Hunger raged in his eyes like a bull.

“I’m saying that I want us to be together tonight, Greg. As one,” Aisha spoke as plainly and as discreetly as she could, considering the fact that there were people coming and going all around them in the restaurant parking lot.

“Do you still want the same?” she added, asking that question just to make sure they were still on the same page. After all, it had been a full month since they broached the subject. And with Bonz so preoccupied with his friends lately, he and Aisha had spent more time on the phone than actually seeing each other. Plus, there was still the issue of Bonz possibly getting all he could stand from those strippers at the club.

“Of course I do, baby,” Bonz whispered huskily. He put his arm about her waist and drew her to him. He looked ready to start the ball rolling right there in the parking lot. Yet he restrained himself in so public a place. He didn’t even try to kiss her, lest that cause him to lose control completely.

“That’s good to know.” Aisha smiled. She knew exactly why he hadn’t kissed her yet. She wouldn’t have been responsible for her actions either, if he had. The passion that had been building between them for months was too great in this moment.

“Let’s go, baby,” Aisha continued, tugging on his hand. The sooner they got to her car, the sooner they could get to her intended destination.

Once they were settled inside the vehicle, Bonz turned to her with a lopsided grin. “I know this sounds cliché, but are we going to your place or mine?”

Aisha chuckled, putting the car key in the ignition. “Neither.” Taking her hands from the steering wheel, she reached back into her purse, retrieved the hotel key, and held it up. “I’ve reserved a room for us at a nice hotel.”

Bonz grinned wider, before suddenly becoming very somber. “Aisha, you do know that I’m still not the marrying kind, don’t you? That tonight might not lead down the aisle.”

“I understand completely. I don’t expect you to change for me at all, Greg,” Aisha replied. “Plus, with this new role I just got, I won’t have time for a serious relationship anyway. Matter of fact, in a couple of days I’m going to be leaving the states indefinitely for filming purposes. I don’t know when I’ll be back stateside,” she continued, finally telling him the other thing she’d been building up courage for all evening.

“Indefinitely?!” Bonz looked shocked and grief-stricken at the same time. “Are you saying this is…the end of us?” he forced out, gripping the dashboard in front of him with both hands.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Aisha replied, suddenly overcome with emotion as his sadness seeped deep into her pores. It was a good thing she hadn’t started the car yet, because there was no way she could drive right now.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before?” Bonz demanded in a strained voice. “If I’d known you were leaving so soon and for an indefinite period of time, I would have spent more time with you these past few weeks instead of helping E-Blade so much with his club.”

“I didn’t tell you before now because I wasn’t sure if I’d even get the part,” Aisha replied. “My agent called just last night with the news. He says they need me over there right away.”

Bonz snatched his gaze away from her. He took several deep breaths in, as if he was trying to get himself under control. His body was stiff, like every nerve in it was at full attention and on edge.

Aisha bit down on her bottom lip at the realization that she’d been more successful than she thought. Bonz truly was sad right now. And yet she could get no pleasure out of that victory.

Finally Bonz turned back around to face her. “If one more night is all I can have with you, then I want it at my house, in my bed. Not in some impersonal hotel room,” he said resolutely.

Aisha’s eyes bucked in surprise. “But I really went all out for us tonight. There’s a penthouse in reserve, red satin sheets, a trail of rose petals, lighted candles, music, fruit, whipped cream, chocolate and a host of other erotic edibles waiting for us at the hotel.”

Bonz gently cupped both sides of her face. “None of that matters to me, baby girl. I want to make love to you in the same bed that I’ve dreamed of you for months. Can you give me that as a parting gift?” he whispered fervently, in an almost pleading voice.

Aisha suppressed a moan at the intensity at which he’d spoken, at the delicious huskiness of his voice. “Yes,” she whispered back as his lips slowly descended upon hers.

That one kiss rocked Aisha on her foundation. Her hands shook terribly, making it impossible for her to drive. Bonz had to take the wheel.

Determined to make the most of every second they had left together, they kissed at every stoplight on the long ride over. By the time they reached Bonz’s house, Aisha was a trembling mess. Yet her mind was sharper than ever. For Aisha now knew that tonight was less about revenge and more about her desire to finally give her body what it wanted, what it needed – Bonz.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

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