Friday, September 21, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 26.4

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Suprina said...

To all: Okay, that's it for the long love scene. Now it's time to deal with the morning after drama. I'll post that sometime tomorrow (hopefully - since I have a full weekend of homework).

Once everybody gets over their stunned silences, don't forget to leave lots of comments, okay? The numbers are going up (breaking records for this blog), but no comments.

Your comments help me get a good feel of how things (i.e. love scenes) are going to carry over to the general public. They help me to know things like:

1. Did I go too far with that scene?
2. Not far enough?
3. Or it's okay the way it is.

Thanks for reading with me and being sounding boards.


Anonymous said...

Hey Suprina. Sorry for not posting as much. Today's Friday and I'm finishing some things up at work. Anyway, I love the way the story is progressing so far. As far as the love scene, I think you did an excellent job. It was very passionate and descriptive, but still tasteful. There was not much dialogue but you could really feel the connection between the two. You didn't go too far at all. This is real life we're dealing with and everyone isn't saved and living the Christian life. I'm sure you'll make up for that later.
Peace and Love,

Suprina said...

Marlene: Thanks for your encouraging words. They gave me just the kind of feedback that I was looking for. It's okay if you don't post everyday. I know you have a life, too. Just post when you can.

As for the next half of the book, it's going to get deeper and closer to the point of salvation. I didn't want to rush anything in the first half, so I'm not going to rush anything in the next half of the book.

Thanks again.

Tonia said...

They really have an explosive connection. Still tastefully done. I wondered in the earlier Chapters how Bonz would be able to forgive her once he found out the truth. This intensity they feel for each other will certainly help.
As for the general public, the fact they are not saved makes the passionate love scenes more acceptable. As for myself, it's unrealistic to believe that Christians aren't tempted by passion. And as long as its tastefully done, passion should be included in romantic fiction. So I give you 4 stars for using it appropriately in all of your books I have read so far.****

You are leaving me hanging. What's next?

Suprina said...

Tonia: Bingo! You got the point I was trying to make with their passion - it's their glue (or so they think). It is going to be the tool that causes them to stick back together and stay together.

When love (eros and agape - for all you Christian scholars) is allowed to get in on the scene, that glue get stickier. More adhersive.

Tonia, you also get my other point - it is unrealistic to believe that Christians aren't tempted by passion. I personally think the avoidance of that reality is why the enemy is able to defeat a lot of us in that area. That the reason we have so many secret sexual sins in the church is because no one wants to even broach the subject of sex.

It's interesting that though the subject is avoided like the plague, it doesn't seem to stop the activity. In some ways NOT talking about it seems to make it more tempting.

Anyhoo...I'll get off my soapbox now.

Thanks for the 4 stars. A sista really liked that.

As for what next, you'll just have to wait and see.

Subrina said...

I'm off to smoked a cigarette...Be Back later with a comment...rofl..just kidding Suprina I don't smoke but that scene was smoking...Bravo, Bravo...Do we get an encore?...Very well written sis and please don't change a thing cause it was beautiful...Lord is my Boaz near!!!...*smiling*

Suprina said...

Subrina: *guffawing - very loudly* Girl, you so crazy (in a good way)! Talking 'bout going to smoke a cigarette after that last scene. Thanks for the bravos. And no, there's no least not yet.

I'm glad the general consensus is to leave this love scene intact. I felt the peace of God while writing it, but I guess I wanted that confirmation from my reader friends. Since I now have that confirmation, I'm going to leave the scene as is. Hopefully Kim and Carrie (other frequent commentators) will agree. Either way, the scene stays.

*doing my happy dance*

Spoiler-Wait until y'all read their honeymoon scene. Make sure to stock up on tissues, because that scene had me bawling, y'all. But we still have a ways to go yet.

Oops! I think I just told too much. Now everybody's gonna know who DOESN'T die at the end of the story.

Okay, signing off now before I let even more juice slip out. lol

Kim said...

Hey Suprina...sorry for the late comment.... things have been really hectic with me lately....i never realised how closer to home this story really is....anyways onto this scene.... IT WAS SMOKING!!! i love how you displayed their passion... pls DONT change a single thing... i felt quite sad towards the end with her leaving and all.... but glad that they will get together again....

anyways i'm off... we having a long weekend here in SA.... monday is a public holiday.... *yippie* i could definitely do with a break from work!

God bless...

Suprina said...

Kim: Now you got me wondering how close to home this story is to you. By now everybody knows how close it is to me. You don't have to share here or at all if you don't want to. After all, your business is your business. Either way, I still have mad love for ya, girl.

I'm glad you liked the love scene. I thought you would since you're one of my regulars and pretty much know my writing style by now. Even still, doesn't this book have a different feel than all the others?

Enjoy your long weekend, Kim. You deserve a break.

Suprina said...

By the way, we set a record on Friday. This blog got a total of 438 hits. That's the highest any of my blogs have gotten in a day's time. In second place is my Wordpress blog for a total of 405 in one day.

Since I know my regular commentators aren't blowing up the blog counter that many times in a day, the lurkers must be working it out. Thanks for the encouragement, y'all. Makes a sista feel real good.