Sunday, September 23, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 31.2

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Anonymous said...

Gurl, am not sure i can wait till 4am. I mean am dyin of suspense here. Help! Save me Suprina. Just kidding.
Cant wait though for d next chapter.

Jessie said...

What happened at 4 am? Hurry!! You are really getting to me with this wait. Don't know if I want to wait tell Monday, but will have to now. You really do have most of us hooked to this story. Hope that you make your goal of October.

Carrie said...

Okay, nowwww I'm getting ticked. That gold digging, sorry excuse for a woman, triflin thing is punching pin holes in condoms now huh? And Delia mmmmhm, she just as triflin' to help her orchestrate that foolishness. If she's doing this to keep her from sleeping with E-Blade, huh, she is wasting her time because it's in the cards. My thing is this. If I have to scheme and conive to get a man to want me, hint, hint: he is not the one.

As for Bonz and Aisha. Handle your business ya'll (lol) anytime a man goes to sleep with a smile on his face... Thats a satisfied man!!!

Suprina said...

Kassie and Jessie: And here I thought I'd like y'all in a good place in the story. lol. Guess not. lol.

Carrie: Cami is trifling, ain't she? Delia's just sad. That's why I had to redeem her in the sequel. Her story had to be told.

As for Bonz and Aisha, they did handle their business just then. Oh, I can't wait for y'all to see how much in love they're going to be. It just warms my heart to write about their experience from this point on...until trouble hits again. But until then, let's enjoy the honeymoon stage of their romance.

Subrina said...

I like what Carrie said about a man going to sleep with a smile on his face is a VERY satisfied man...Are you saying that you written a sequel for Delia or you going to write one?..You know I'm hungry for another one of your novel Suprina so come on a feed a sista...I pray you post the next chapter before I go to bed.

Tonia said...

Please, Please extend the honeymoon a little longer. LOL.
Also,what sup with 4am?
Cami trying to trick a man into getting her preggy. That is sooo low! Although I like to think Bonz is too smart for that. He seems like the kind of brotha that would always use his own protection to prevent mess like Cami trying to cook up.
Bonz is making me see why Destiny's Child sings about needing a Soldier. Can we get the brother to write some more poetry!

Suprina said...

Subrina: Delia's story is written. It just needs some editing (extensive in some parts, minor in others) and the timeline needs tightening.

Tonia: The honeymoon stage is going to last a while. Then as I began to move more godly folk into their lives, they are not going to be able to stay in their sinful state. Aisha's lies have to come out, people have to be exposed, somebody's getting knocked off, etc...

Bonz is the kinda brother that uses his own protection. But Cami didn't know that and now she never will. Ha! I can't stand her.

As for Bonz and his poetry, there will be more of that. Much later though.