Monday, September 24, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 32

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Suprina said...

To all: This is a long chapter and I took great pains to tweak it just right. Why? Because it is so important to the rest of the story. The things they talked about in this scene are going to come back up big time later in the story.


Tonia said...

Amazing. You told so much in one chapter. I found myself reading it twice to make sure I remembered key points.
I am glad to find out why Bonz is in the game. Most people don't go into the drug game for the reasons the "public" might think.
Bonz is too trusting of those closest to him. Look at E-Blade & Aisha.
I am starting to think ol Freddy didn't kill Dominic. Maybe E-Blade had something to do with it or maybe those two did it together. Hmmm?
Well, I am off to class! I can check back for another chapter during class if you want to add another one (Hint)

Suprina said...

Tonia: Go back and read it again, I added another key paragraph (around the part about Bonz servicing discrett clients).

As for Bonz's trust issues, they mirror my cousin's to the tee. Cuz trusted his homeboys too much, especially those who'd come up in the game with him.

Bonz is trusting Aisha with all this info because he's in love and desperate to show her that he really wants their relationship to work. The whole 'I trust you with something, you trust me in return' thing.

Tonia, I'm so glad you didn't fall for my little twist. That you remembered an earlier hint about how Dominic DID NOT commit suicide, though it seems so right now.

You can check back after class, another chapter should be up. I'm working on it now.

Tonia said...

I like the addition about Bonz doing his research not to overdose his clientele. It added an extra Bam (As Emeril says)to the Chapter.

It also emphasizes his very real human side. Bonz felt that the streets led him to this life and it was the only way he could survive yet he is trying to do it "ethically" in the only way he knows how.
Despite his job, I am going to have to move Bonz to second on my list of favorite heroes in your books.(Dallas is still number one!)

Carrie said...

I'm glad this chapter came about it allowed me to see Bonz's heart. I am convinced of three things. 1. Bonz didn't do it. 2. E-Blade had something to do with it. 3. Freddy is not an innocent in this situation either. Go ahead sis, I'm keeping up with you. I'm at work but work can wait. (lol)

Suprina said...

Tonia: Bonz is high on my list, too. For those who don't know who Dallas is, he's the hero of a book entitled Yesterday, Today, Forever. Very alpha male-ish.

Carrie: I'm not saying anything about how did what right now. If I do, I'm going to give the whole thing away. What's the point of reading the book after that? lol. Now go on back to work. Don't get in trouble on my behalf. Believe me, a sista knows about how good jobs are hard to find. *whispering* Come back on your break. lol.