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Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 26.2

Aisha knew she wouldn’t leave the moment her eyes traveled to Bonz’s bed. The black and green comforter beckoned her. The intense desire in her body propelled her to see this night through to the end. She had to have this man. At least once.

Just once.

Needing to do something with her hands, Aisha put her garment bag in the closet and got undressed, removing everything but her lingerie. She figured Bonz might want to remove the black lacy babydoll with matching silk panties.

Going over to the bed, Aisha positioned her body so that she faced the doorway. She wanted to see the expression on Bonz’s face when he saw her lounging on his bed. Would he get as hot as she felt right now? Even the coolness of the comforter wasn’t enough to reduce Aisha’s current temperature.

Allowing her eyes to travel around Bonz’s bedroom as she lay in wait, Aisha noticed how neatly he kept everything. There wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere on the mahogany dressers, entertainment set, or even the bed posts.

The fact that Bonz hadn’t known Aisha would be in his bedroom tonight confirmed that cleanliness was a priority for him. That he hadn’t been trying to impress her or anyone else by keeping his room in order. Aisha liked cleanliness and organization in her men.

Looking upwards, her eyes widened in surprise. There were mirrors on the ceiling. Six of them, three on each side with little space in between.

This brother doesn’t play when it comes to sex, Aisha mused, suddenly feeling her confidence rise. She would have to show Bonz that she didn’t play in this area, either.

Just then, Aisha heard a sharp inhalation coming from the doorway. Turning to the right, she saw Bonz.

“I knew that’s how you would look on my bed,” he said huskily, entering the room more fully with candles, CDs and a long feather in his hands.

“How do I look?” Aisha asked, leisurely and sensually rubbing one of her legs against the other.

“Beautiful. Like you belong there,” Bonz replied, moving to place candles on every available surface. He lit them as he went along, keeping his gaze on everything but Aisha.

Why is he suddenly avoiding eye contact? Aisha mused with a frown. She also noticed how much of a chatterbox he’d suddenly become.

“I’ve waited a long time for this night, baby,” Bonz continued, still keeping his eyes off her frame. “In fact, I’ve been practicing celibacy for the first time in my life in anticipation of this moment.”

Aisha’s eyes bucked. “You haven’t had sex in a month?”

Over a month based on my calculations.”

“But what about all those nights at the strip club?”

“I was there for business purposes only. Just trying to get a good feel of the place to help E-Blade out. None of the women there interested me. You’re the only woman I want, Aisha,” Bonz replied, chancing the briefest of looks at her before turning away again to place the feather on top of the mirrored dresser.

Aisha grew hotter at his words. Her confusion also grew. The man still wouldn’t allow his eyes to tarry upon her no longer than a few seconds. What was he afraid of?

“That’s nice to know,” Aisha finally said, choosing not to address the elephant that had suddenly charged into the room. It wasn’t the time yet. “That was also nice of you to do, Greg, considering the fact that we aren’t officially in a committed relationship.”

“Celibacy wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. As long as I stayed busy and kept my eye on the prize, I was okay,” Bonz said, lighting the last candle before moving to put one of the CDs in the stereo. The others he placed on top of the stereo.

“If I’m the prize, why aren’t you keeping your eyes on me now?” Aisha asked, deeming that the right time to eradicate the proverbial elephant.

Bonz leaned against the sturdy entertainment set. “Because I know that if I look at you too long, I’m going to explode,” he replied, still keeping his gaze averted.

“Oh,” Aisha said, feeling desire pool in her nether regions. When…when would he come swim in her depths?

“Yes, oh.” Bonz chuckled, pressing play on the stereo. Soon an old school tune from the Isley Brothers began to permeate the airwaves.

“I like your choice of music, baby,” Aisha said, moving off the bed. “I grew up listening to the Isley Brothers with my parents. Music was always playing in our house.” She came up behind him and wrapped her arms about his waist.

Bonz moaned at her nearness. “I enjoy constant music around me, too. All kinds.” His voice sounded extremely husky right now and deeper than Aisha had ever heard it before.

“Right now I’m enjoying touching you more than I am listening to that song,” Aisha said, sending her hands underneath his shirt. Oh, the hardness of his torso. “By the way, I haven’t had sex in a while either. Matter of fact, I haven’t had sex this year. I’ve been too busy to get to know anybody.”

Bonz’s eyes bucked now. “What?!” he exclaimed, finally turning around to face her. “Then you probably need this night more than I do, huh?”

Aisha chuckled. “You don’t know the half of it,” she replied, practically ripping his shirt apart as things suddenly got very serious between them.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

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