Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Author Note - Reader Forum is back up and running!

Great news!

I’ve revamped my Reader Forum on my Main Website. I’ve decided to use it as a tool for Christian women to minister to each other on various topics through the Word, life experiences and just plain old common sense.

The running title in the Reader’s Forum is ‘Sistas Trying To Get It Right’. The current topic of interest is about Pre-marital Sex. Questioning why so many Christian women are doing it when the Bible clearly speaks out against it.

Come join in the discussion. Help another sister get it right. Receive help to get it right yourself on this particular topic among others to come.

Here’s the link to get you started:


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Author Note

One reader’s comments about the revised Colors of Love featured on the V-O-D:

“OK, OK, let me gather my thoughts. Considering the fact that I read the original story, this one has truly blown my mind, Autumn is definitely a different character in this version. Racy is hardly the word for this one. I can't wait to see how you're going to work this. I almost don't like her, lol. WOW!!!”

My response:

Yep, I changed a lot of things about this book, including how 'fast' Autumn was. I wanted her to be more of a nympho for a few reasons:

1. To really show what Jarvis was dealing with since an ordinary 'nice' woman wouldn't have caused this crack in his armor. You see how strong he is around Sapphire. How self-assured he is, confident of his ability to handle her presence.

2. To really show Autumn's turnaround. To show how God can save even a woman like her.

3. To show that these unsaved woman ain't playing with our Christian men. They are going after them and pulling out all the stops. Yes, Autumn is one of the nicer ones personality wise and she does have some sense of conscience, but for the most part, she lives by what her flesh wants.

As for how I'm going to get Jarvis out of this situation, it's going to be sticky because new inserts are going in every day and the story is changing before my very eyes. In the end, I think this book is going to be VERY different from the original.”

To potential V-O-D-ers:

I posted the above testimonial of sorts to let everyone (who hasn’t signed up for the V-O-D blog yet) know that Colors of Love is a whole different animal now. The lengthy sample that I featured on this Mochainterlude blog (which has since been taken down) is only the skeleton of the new story.

Autumn and Jarvis have CHANGED! His sister Dena, too. In a way, I’ve made them more alive, filled out their characters more, made them almost like real person. Now me and the V-O-D subscribers are trippin’ hard over all the things these characters get into. The new chapters that just keep adding themselves, keeps me on my toes as to how to get them out of those things. Lol.

All in all, we’re having fun and I don’t want you guys to miss out. So follow the link on the post right below this one and COME JOIN US! It’s not too late.