Thursday, September 20, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 25.1

Most days it was fairly easy for Aisha to pretend to adore Bonz, considering the blazing attraction between them. Plus, she admired the things he did for the community and the fact that he was a very intelligent self-taught man. Yet those days were rapidly coming to an end.

Aisha’s acting career was starting to take off and she would soon have to spend more time overseas, in the UK and in South America. She planned to tell Bonz the news over dinner tonight. Yet before Aisha did all that she first had a hair appointment to keep with Faith, who was rapidly becoming her only stateside hairstylist.

Afterwards Aisha had to run a few errands around town. One of those errands included reserving a hotel room.

Yes, a hotel room.

Aisha planned to make one last attempt at Bonz’s heart before she left the country. She intended to do it by going through his libido.

After a month of keeping Bonz sexually at bay, Aisha saw his interest weaning instead of growing stronger. At least that’s the way it had been over the last two weeks. Bonz was starting to go out more with his friends; particularly to that new strip club E-Blade was buying. No doubt they all were sleeping with the women there.

That last thing really burned Aisha up. For one, it meant that she hadn’t been as successful as she thought. Two, it exposed her to a huge dose of unexpected jealousy. Just the thought of Bonz with another woman filled her with ire hotter than the sweltering heat they'd had on that August day.

If Aisha was going to leave her own mark on this man, it was now or never. The question was, would she be able to do the unthinkable with her enemy? An enemy who hadn’t felt like an enemy in a long time.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier

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