Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miss Opportunity is now in Paperback!

I just wanted everyone to know that Miss Opportunity has been put in paperback form for a limited time. As I mentioned on the VOD, I intend to shop this book around to literary and film agents in 2009 in hopes of gaining greater distribution and exposure for Miss Opportunity and its pivotal messages. Those who’ve already read the book can agree that it is jam packed with life-changing messages. I personally would love to see it on the silver screen or even as a TV mini-series.

As a result of those 2009 plans, I wanted to offer you all a chance to get Miss Opportunity in paperback before it goes big time or rather Primetime (as our reader friend Paula once said). lol. Once this book is signed, it will likely be removed from the shelves for awhile until all legalities are worked out, an increase in retail price will occur when it is available again, and the opportunity to have the original manuscript as a keepsake will be lost.

To those that are interested in having Miss Opportunity in paperback while it is available, here’s the link to purchase it ($24.95):

Thanks for everything!


P.S. I’ll keep you updated on Miss Opportunity’s 2009 progress.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Miss Opportunity is Finished!

Miss Opportunity is finished and available in E-Book form only with this post. If you want to purchase it today or either of the 2 prequels to this book, click on the Paypal buttons below each book title (they are in chronological order).

Enticing Mr. Wrong ($6.50)

* * *

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets ($6.50)

* * *

Miss Opportunity ($8)

* * *

If you wish to purchase all three E-Books as a set, click on the trilogy title below:

Mr., Mrs., and Miss Trilogy ($18)