Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Professor - Revised

Desperate to finish college, take care of her sickly little brother, and help her family out of poverty, Aurelia Bunting returns to the very thing that she hates – exotic dancing. She needs all the money she can get now after her wealthy boyfriend impregnated her best friend, provoking her to dump him.

Fresh from a bad breakup, too, Professor Baron Weaver is not so deep in grief to overlook the beautiful Virgin Island native that danced at his brother’s bachelor’s party. There’s something about this stripper that’s just so…so delectably unforgettable.

Since anonymity was crucial at events like these, Aurelia had no idea that the man she danced for was actually one of her new professors this year. If either of them had known, they would have never considered going beyond a private dance to find comfort in each other’s arms that fateful night.