Saturday, January 17, 2009

January’s Short Story Has Been Posted

In an effort to keep my promise to you (see previous post), I’ve posted January’s short story entitled A Family Affair at the following link:

Go check it out at your earliest convenience and leave a comment or two.




cinquetta said...

It was good. It was too short but good. The kid took it well. It took Kenny and Reeka 22yrs a child and accident for them to end up together. They are better than me no way no one is keeping me from my man. Only way is death or he don't want me. But the story end with happy ending.

Suprina said...

Cinquetta: I have to tell you that I thought of you when I posted that short story. I know how much you like those interracial stories. I'm surprised you didn't say nothing about that. :D

Anyhoo, yes, that story was very short. I may turn it into a full novella one day, but not now. I got too much else on my plate. Even so, I would have loved to show you guys all the times Kenny and Reeka came close to breaking their promise to keep thing platonic and the few times they did break it before doing what they thought was 'best' for the family as a whole.

Either way, y'all got to see how that story ended, even though you missed most of the journey.

As for me, I probably would have told the truth earlier, eloped with my man, and took him and our daughter to another country where we could live in peace. But that's just me, girl.

Thanks for the feedback.