Wednesday, January 07, 2009

More Updates

I just wanted everyone to know that My Lover, My Friend (the freebie featured on my Tripod site) has recently been revised and is now available for download. The blurb and link for it are below:

My Lover, My Friend Blurb:

Although Andre and Cindy grew up together as next door neighbors, they treated each other more like brother and sister. Years later when Cindy comes home fresh from a painful divorce, Andre suddenly discovers that his feelings for her have changed. Unfortunately, he has to hide his new feelings in order to help facilitate emotional healing in her life.

Just when Cindy begins to see Andre in a different light, a woman from his past returns and tries to sabotage their happiness. Will this ideal couple’s union ever materialize now?

My Lover, My Friend link:

* * *

I also wanted to address something that recently happened to me as the result of a well-meaning reader. This particular reader liked one of my freebies so much that she posted it on her site – the WHOLE thing!

First of all, I was flattered by the sentiment, despite the fact that she didn’t get my permission beforehand. I mean, praise God somebody likes my work enough to want to share it with others. The fact that she posted a freebie was also appreciated. She could have posted one of my ‘for sale’ copies and cost me royalties. Or worse claimed my work as her own and sold it for profit. All of which would have opened her up for copyright infringement issues, which are punishable by law.

To keep from ever having copyright disputes with any of my readers, I’ve decided to issue the following statement:

As of today (1/7/09), my reader friends have my official permission to post Bound By Love and My Lover, My Friend (the only two e-books that I’ve given free to the world) on their websites as long as the following are adhered to:

  1. The title of the story, my name, and my copyright info are posted in their entirety along with the story.
  2. You link to the website you copied the story from and not try to sell the book(s).

If those courteous two requirements are met, we should all continue to get along rather nicely. Much luv, y’all, and enjoy the revised copy of My Lover, My Friend.



Mary said...

hi Suprina
Thanks a lot for the pdf file for My Lover, My Friend... its one of the best e-books and i never get tired reading it anytime :) and even bound by love had actually made me cry when i read it for the first time lol...
Thanks once again and i'm waiting for new e-books ;)
Thanks Mary

Suprina said...

Mary: My Lover, My Friend is a great book. But hey, I'm bias so of course I'm going to say that.

I need to read Bound By Love again, because I seem to recall that one making me cry, too.

Thanks for writing in. You know how much I love reader feedback.

Mary said...

that's so true i think the most emotional scene is after the funeral ceremony Sheree goes to her room and the she hears Graham crying like a child and she goes to comfort him that's the most emotional scene... I think i have to read the book again :)

Suprina said...

Mary: Oh, yes, that was/is a touching scene. By all means read the book again...I may too. lol.