Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 31.3

“I would love to stay the weekend,” Millsap told Frank. The smile of approval he got shortly thereafter told him that he’d just passed another test. “Thanks for the privilege of sleeping in your home, sir.”

“You’re welcome,” Frank replied.

“You’re spending the night?” an excited Little Man asked from behind his mother. He’d finished his chores in the kitchen and sought the adults out.

“Yes. I’m actually spending the whole weekend here,” Millsap replied, turning to face Cami’s son. “Will you help me get my suitcases out of the car?”

“You bet,” Little Man replied eagerly, moving from behind his mother. He’d been a fan of Millsap’s ever since they met in Enfield. And especially after he received those NASCAR games.

Yet it was the new sneakers that Millsap brought along on this trip that really put him over the top in Little Man’s book. Now the boy had a new pair of kicks for every day of the week.

On the way outside, Little Man relaxed his speech completely, revealing that he also knew when to use slang and when not to use it…most times since he’d had a slipup just today. “Ooo…wee, I wouldn’t mind getting behind the wheel of that joint. I bet it rides smooth as butter,” he said, pointing at the sleek BMW.

Millsap chuckled. “Yes, it does. But you’re still too young yet, Lil homie,” he replied, also relaxing his speech. “When you get old enough to drive, I’ll teach you how.”

“My granddaddy already beat you to it,” Little Man confided in a quieter tone after looking back over his shoulder at the house to make sure the coast was clear. “I can even parallel park and everything.”

“Does you mother know?” Millsap asked, lowering his own voice just as discreetly.

“No, and please don’t tell her either,” Little Man replied. “I don’t want her and Granddaddy falling out behind this. Plus, I want to keep driving and I know I won’t be able to if Mama knows.”

Millsap smiled. “Don’t worry, Lil homie. Your secret is safe with me,” he promised, feeling even closer to the boy now that they had a secret between them.

Back inside the house, Frank was in the process of sharing a secret of his own with Cami. This one was about her mother. It would be one that would cause Cami to seek Millsap out in the middle of the night for the kind of comfort only he could give her.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Jessie said...

Will they break the rules of the house? Can't wait to see. Bring on the next posting.

Jrboss said...

I know it'll be hard but DON'T DO IT, DON'T DO IT...LOL