Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 14.2

In a stately Macon, Georgia house, Laquetta again felt the urge to pray for Aisha. Her prayer was just as simple as the last time, but not any less potent.

“Heavenly Father, please heal Aisha’s heart and help her to find love. True love, in Jesus name, Amen.”

* * *

Bonz couldn’t believe how fervently Aisha was responding to him. Yes, he’d been determined to get a kiss from her before she left today, but he had no idea that it and she would be this hot. Blazing! And so very, very hungry for him.

Aisha suckled his tongue like a vacuum cleaner, hard and aggressive. Bonz liked his women aggressive since that was a large part of his nature, as well.

When Aisha eased up and began to gently explore the insides of his mouth, Bonz found himself just as endeared by her softer side. Oh, the delightful contrasts of this beautiful woman.

Every flicker Bonz received made him want three more. Every moan Aisha uttered made him want to extract five more.

“Keep it coming, baby,” Bonz muttered against her lips, before pulling her tongue deep into his mouth. Simultaneously he cupped her bottom and squeezed her closer to his hardness. She was even softer than he imagined. Her curves were fuller, too.

Aisha moaned again. It thrilled Bonz that she did not move away at his bold intimacy. Instead she draped her arms tighter about his strong neck and deepened the kiss.

Maintaining that unhurried pace, Bonz changed the intensity of the moment by transforming regular slow dance moves into those more fit for the bedroom. Though fully clothed, he mimicked the act of making love right there against the tree, moving his powerful body against Aisha’s soft frame in the most sensual of ways.

To Bonz’s delight, Aisha matched his rhythm perfectly. He was not surprised to find that they flowed so well together. From the moment he saw her dance at the club, he knew Aisha would be compatible to him. It was all in the hips. And she had perfect control over hers. Even now Aisha was grinding delectably against him, extracting her own fair share of moans from his lips.

Bonz suspected that it wouldn’t take much for Aisha to wrap her legs about his waist and ride him until they both were spent. He wanted her to. Matter of fact, he planned to encourage her to do just that. Right now. The fact that no one in his crew would dare interrupt them or allow anyone else to, made Bonz deem this the perfect opportunity to finally sample Aisha’s goodies.

And suddenly they heard it.

The music.

It had been turned up even louder and they both knew why. Yet only one of them would use that knowledge to do what needed to be done.

Breathing raggedly, Aisha abruptly broke the kiss at the increase in volume. The fog in her head instantly started to clear. What in the world had come over her? There were children about. Though asleep, they were still in the vicinity. And here she was about to have sex not fifty feet away from them!

Although this wouldn’t have been the first time the adventuresome woman had had sex in a park, she had never done such a thing when there were children around. Aisha wasn’t about to start now.

Now she just had to find a way to get Bonz to stop without alienating him and ruining her plans. For despite the music, the man continued to move his hips sensually against her, squeeze her bottom as if he alone owned the rights to it, and lick the side of her neck like an ice cream cone.

Things were starting to get foggy again.

No! Aisha mused, trying hard to hold onto her sanity. I have to do this thing the right way…for Dominic.

Suddenly Aisha forced out the only words she could. “Too fast.” So what if her words came out in a husky pant. At least they came out.

“What’d you say, baby?” Bonz asked, continuing to move against her. He sounded just as breathless as she did.

Aisha took a deep breath and started again. “I said, we are moving too fast. We barely even know each other, Greg. We have to stop.”

Bonz suddenly ceased all movement. One thing he prided himself on was only dealing with willing vessels. If a woman told him to pump his brakes, he did. After all, a man with his looks didn’t have to beg or rape in order to satisfy his active libido.

“We can stop if you want to, Aisha.” Bonz stepped back to give her some breathing room. “But you and I both know that you want this just as much as I do,” he added, being just as direct as always and just as truthful.

Aisha flushed from the heat of his potent words. “Maybe so,” she admitted, “but not tonight.”

“But soon, baby. I will have you soon,” Bonz said confidently, licking his lips as he slowly perused her body with a hot gaze. That sample of her passion had increased his desire for her tenfold.

One of Aisha’s brows rose at his arrogance. Her temper flared up, blazing just as hotly as her passion did only seconds ago. She’d have to find some way to make him pay for that little comment.

“We’ll see,” Aisha finally said, before changing the subject. “Will you walk me to my car? I really need to leave now. I have a busy week ahead of me.” But first Aisha needed to retrieve her rollerblades from where she’d stashed them under the table earlier.

“No problem,” Bonz replied, determined to get three more things from her before she left tonight. Another kiss, her phone number, and her home address.

Unfortunately for Bonz, he only got two out of three. Aisha wasn’t about to let him know where she stayed until she was ready. If ever.

For now the only men that knew where Aisha lived were relatives, employees, her agent and, of course, Jarrett whom she’d been conversing with at least once a week since they met.

* * *

Later that night, Bonz and his friends had a long talk as they sat in his den, watching Scarface on television for the umpteenth time. The women were at home with the children.

The conversation started with E-Blade asking him if he’d had sex with Aisha today behind the oak tree at the park. Like Racker, he looked eager for details.

Bonz shook his head. “No. She stopped it from going down at the last minute. Said we were moving too fast. I can respect that.”

E-Blade and Racker looked at each other in confusion. “That don’t make no sense. I thought all she wanted from you was sex,” E-Blade said. “At least that’s what the women told us while y’all were MIA.”

Bonz frowned, a bit disappointed by that information. Even if his intention had only been for a brief fling, too, a part of him had wanted Aisha to be the marrying kind like Jarrett indicated in the parking lot that night.

“Are you looking for more than that with this chick?” Racker asked, watching Bonz very carefully from his place directly across from him.

Bonz shook his head and smiled, putting on a brave front for his friends. “Nah, I just want to hit it.” Maybe forever, he added silently, wisely keeping that thought to himself since the jury was still out on that.

“Well, since she obviously wants the same thing, why don’t you go head and do that the next time you see her,” E-Blade suggested, ready to extradite Aisha from all of their lives as soon as possible. Something about her just didn’t sit right with him.

“The next time he sees her might still be too soon. Remember what Bonz said about them going too fast?” Racker interjected. “Aisha might be one of those women who don’t mind having casual sex, just as long as she had a chance to get to know the person a little bit first. You know, to make sure she ain’t sleeping with some stalker dude or serial killer.”

Bonz nodded. “That makes sense.” Yet he still couldn’t let go of what Jarrett said.

Why would Aisha tell the ex-bartender she was looking for Mr. Right, then turn around and brag to the ladies at the picnic that she was down for a brief fling with Bonz? Did she do it out of pride? To save face when, no doubt, Delia or Cami, opened their big mouths about his playa reputation.

I’ll find out what’s up the next time I see her, Bonz thought resolutely, becoming very pensive all of a sudden.

At his silence, E-Blade and Racker moved on to another interesting topic – their many sexual escapades with their side chicks.

© 2005 by Suprina Frazier


Kim said...

Hmmm Bonz seems to be really frazzled by Jarret's comment and wot his boys (did i say that right?) are telling him... *GOOD* i'm glad he's starting to think possible long term.... i'm starting to really like him....*smile*

Suprina said...

Kim: Please note my correction on Ch. 14.2. Bonz now thinks, Maybe forever, since the jury is still out on that. Meaning, he doesn't know if he wants to give up his player ways for Aisha just yet.

lol. 'boys' lol. You said it right, Kim. Though I was born in the hood and eventually left the heart of it (like Aisha), most of the lingo is still pretty much the same, though new slang word emerge every year.

Stay tuned, I think we're all going to fall in love with Bonz before this book is over. In a not-cheating-on-our-husbands-way, of course. lol.

Suprina said...

lol. I meant to say new slang WORDS are emerging each year. Now I know I need to slow down a bit.

Even still, I'm posting faster on this blog than the others, don't you think? Especially the Wordpress blog since I have to pause to constantly find the right pictures to go along with each post.

As for my Myspace blog, I really don't know what to do about that. I'm going to try to post another installment this Friday, but it's just not generating a lot of traffic right now.

*sighing and shrugging*

I guess I'll think more on that Myspace situation after I conclude the series I got going over there. Hopefully by the end of the month.

Be blessed, y'all.


Kim said...

Yeah u are posting alot faster....*sigh* maybe not fast enough for me that is... but i know you have a lot of responsibilities... so take your time;)

Subrina said...

Hooray for Aisha for slowing things down...It's amazing how the right woman will make even a playa wanna be serious about a relationship.

Suprina said...

Kim: I appreciate your understanding. Thanks for not seeing me as a robot.

Subrina: I'm doing the happy dance about Aisha's decision to slow down, least for now. And yes, the right woman can make a playa change his mind. But the question is, how do we know we're the right woman? I ask that for all the single ladies out there. Nobody wants to waste time in a relationship that ain't going nowhere.

Thanks for commenting, y'all.

Tonia said...

I really like this chapter. Bonz is showing more emotions. As my brother says, playas want to be loved, too.

Suprina said...

Tonia: You're so right. I keep thinking about that song (don't know who sings it though) where the guys says, "Don't wannna be a playa no more. I have found someone I can live my life for."

That's what comes to mind when I think about Bonz and Aisha.

Kim said...

I'm sure Joe sings that song....

Anonymous said...

Don't Wanna Be A Playa by Joe. That's my jam.

Suprina said...

Thanks Kim & Marlene. Joe did sing that song. He's a bad boy. I love his music.

Okay, going to take a nap now. Just got out of 2 meetings and need to rest my mind before I do more editing and posting.

Spoiler: The next few posts are gonna be hot, Hot, HOT as Aisha and Bonz get to know each other better.
So for those with certain sensibilities, please skip those chapters.

You've been warned.

*grinning mischievously*

Suprina said...

I need to chime back in for just a minute to tell y'all something I recently realized.

That's the fact that I may NEVER found a publisher for this particular book (Enticing Mr. Wrong). In fact, I MIGHT very well end up self-publishing it forever.

Here's why and my responses to the whys:

1. This is NOT the traditional inspirational book by any means.

I wasn't trying to write the traditional inspirational. I was trying to bring a sense of reality (maybe harsh at times) to the inspirational market. I'm tired of people sugar-coating everything just to sell a book. To me 'Enticing Mr. Wrong' can minister to those on every walk of life. From the uttermost levels of society to the guttermost.

2. Publishers do not like for inspirationals to have the hero/heroine drinking or smoking. As you've already noted Aisha drinks on occasion and Bonz drinks and smokes.

Again with the reality issue. Also people don't come out the womb saved. They do lots of bad things before salvation (some even after). I wanted to show real people with real problems leading up to their encounters with a real God. I wanted my readers to see the journey - you know, how these people reached a point of radical salvation.

3. Publishers may not approve of my sex scenes.

I made a decision a long time ago that I would not shy away from sex in my writings, though I would make every effort to keep it tasteful.


a). Because Song of Solomon (among other passages relating to sex) exists in the Bible, which proved to me that God does not shy away from the subject of sex either. Mind you, He doesn't let the subject take over the whole Bible, but He seems to address it often enough for Christians to stop being afraid to discuss it.

b). Because if we (Christians) don't discuss sex in a positive light (as a beautiful thing), the world is quite willing to pick up the slack and pervert the whole subject. That's why I think the porn industry is flourishing the way it is. I often wonder how many Christians visit those sites and why. Just something to think about.

So with all that said, I'm taking this bold step with 'Enticing Mr. Wrong' not just for my family (extended and otherwise), but also for those readers who are looking for a different kind of romance novel, a different kind of inspirational, a different kind of love story.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now. Back to editing...


Kim said...

Hey Suprina....

You know what i am in full agreement with you, i really like the story line of this novel.... its different (not traditional) and really emphasizes the reality of the situation.... people make mistakes all the time...... but with God things always look much brighter, despite our tough situations....

So way to go girl, if you have to self publish this novel then so be it.... God has lead you to write this help people.... by just writing this book, you are counselling, informing and helping people!

I for 1 am appreciative.... and this might become my favourite book yet!!!

anyways.... anxiously waiting the next 'few' chapters....

Suprina said...

Kim: What?! You mean 'Changing Gene' is no longer your favorite? lol. I know what you meant. Thanks for all the encouragement, girl.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Kim. It's time for someone to tell it like it is. And Suprina, you've got enough wisdom and talent to do it. The reason Aisha got my blood boiling in earlier scenes was because I could personally relate to her situation. I've been in a similar situation before and now know better. You know what they say...Hindsight is 20/20. Anyway, keep doing what you're doing Suprina. If you can keep people coming back to read your writing every single day, you know you're doing something right.
Peace and Love,

Suprina said...

Marlene: Girl, y'all gone make me cry.

Thanks for the extra pat on the back.