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Miss Opportunity - Ch. 16.2

Clenching the black overnight bag tighter in her left hand, Cami paused just outside of Millsap’s apartment door and took a deep breath. She was trying to push the rest of her nervousness away. Most of it had been chased away outside when she caught him staring at her through the window blinds. The memory of Millsap’s shocked expression made her smile even now.

Okay, I’m ready now, Cami told herself after yet another deep breath. Then after looking down briefly at herself for a quick once-over, she pressed the lighted button that buzzed into his apartment with her free hand.

Cami thought she was ready before. When Millsap opened that door with nothing on but a pair of black gym shorts, she found herself suddenly beyond ready for this fine man. Ravenous even.

Every muscle group was perfectly defined on Millsap’s torso. His biceps and triceps looked like mountain ranges. His stomach area was rippled and looked hard as steel.

Cami’s mouth instantly watered at the sight of all that hot male flesh. She licked her lips greedily even as her hands tingled to touch all that muscle.

Millsap smiled knowingly. It had been a stroke of genius for him to take off his shirt before opening the door. Now the playing field was even.

“I see you found me,” Millsap told Cami with a welcoming smile. “Come on in,” he said, ushering her into his apartment.

Stepping inside his home, Cami swallowed the excess liquid in her mouth before answering. “Of course I found you,” she finally replied, having regained some of her composure. “My new motto in life is to seize every opportunity available to me. To let nothing stop me from getting what I want.”

“And what is it that you want exactly?” Millsap asked from behind her after he’d closed the door and locked it.

“I want a lot of things,” Cami replied breathlessly, shuddering at his nearness. At the way his warm breath caressed the back of her neck. The tote bag in her left hand dropped to the floor unnoticed.

“Name one of them.” Millsap moved closer, molding his body to hers.

Cami moaned. It was hard to think straight with all that rigidity up against her from top to bottom and with his large hands traveling the length of her arms in a slow, up and down caress. Even so, she managed come up with a good reply. A great reply, in fact, and an honest one.

“My long-term goal is to provide a home for my son,” Cami replied, turning around to face him. “My short-term goal is to finally have you,” she continued with a sensual smile, draping her arms about his strong neck. It was time to get this show on the road.

“And you will have me…for tonight only,” Millsap reminded her, removing her arms from his neck before stepping completely away from her.

“Of course,” Cami replied, feeling a bit rejected by his abrupt withdrawal and by his last comments. She suddenly wasn’t feeling so turned on anymore.

Millsap walked over to the couch on the north wall. “Now before we get it popping up in here, there are a few rules we need to go over.”

“Rules?” Cami frowned. Hadn’t she jumped through enough hoops for this man already?

“Yes, rules.” Millsap sat down on the sofa and got comfortable. “Rule one - no kissing, no sex, not much of anything besides touching before the test results.” He picked a red file from off the glass coffee table in front of him and held it up. “Here’s mine. Where’s yours?”

“In my bag. While I get them, why don’t you tell me what the other rules are,” Cami said, retrieving her bag from the floor.

“Gladly. Rule two – this is just sex. If you’re looking for a serious commitment, you got the wrong brotha,” Millsap said, once again relaxing his speech around her since she didn’t appear to mind his preference for slang.

“You don’t have to keep repeating that, Millsap. I heard you the first five or ten times,” Cami teased, forcing a casual smile upon her face.

“I know, but I think it’s worth repeating. I don’t want you to be like some other women I’ve known who think they can parlay sex into a committed relationship. I’m a confirmed bachelor and intend to stay that way for a very long time. If not forever,” Millsap explained, being just as frank as always with his potential sex partners.

“I appreciate your honesty,” Cami replied. She didn’t like what he said, but she did appreciate knowing what she was up against. She could see now that it was going to be an uphill battle to make this man hers.

“Rule three – you must shower before sex.”

“Fortunately I did that before leaving the club tonight.”

Millsap shook his head. “You misunderstand me. I mean, you must shower here before sex. I like to know firsthand that my partner is clean.”

Cami’s frown returned. “Oh-kay,” she replied, starting to wonder if he was some type of germophobe. There was a lot of white in this room. The walls, furniture, and even the area rugs were white.

“I had a bad experience with a nasty woman once,” Millsap explained. “That trip I had to take to the doctor afterwards was one trip too many for me. Now I don’t take any chances.”

“I see. Why didn’t you just use a condom that night?” Cami asked, finally pulling out her test results.

“I did. The stupid thing broke, which is also why I double bag it these days. That brings me to rule number four. I always use my own protection, in spite of what kind of birth control you may or may not be on. There will be no unplanned pregnancies with me.”

Cami now understood the reasons behind Millsap’s seeming madness. She also understood that she would not be able to use her punctured condom idea with him. With Millsap using his own protection, double protection at that, there was even less chance of her getting pregnant by him.

“In that case, I’ll be glad to take another shower. One can never be too clean,” Cami consented, ready to cooperate with him to the fullest now. She was also ready to rock his world in hopes that that would be enough for him to make her his main squeeze anyway, despite his previous statement about being a confirmed bachelor.

“Will you be joining me?” Cami asked, zipping up her bag before placing it on the floor against the wall this time.

“I can if you want me to,” Millsap replied, looking surprised and impressed that she would even ask that question.

“Oh, I definitely want you to.” Cami walked her test results over to him, using her sexiest strut ever. “I always wondered how that incredible chest of yours would look wet.”

“Count me in then.” Millsap smiled, once again impressed by her easy cooperation.

Daysha, his favorite lover to date, still complained about having to take a pre-sex shower every time she came over. If she wasn’t so good in bed, Millsap might have dumped her a long time ago. Especially since he had to do so much pretending with her.

Millsap had to pretend that he was a regular businessman around Daysha. That he was taking regular business trips out of town and that he spoke perfect English all the time. Even while making love.

Millsap also had to pretend that his closest friends were regular businessmen, too. That Mike-Mike only owned a car dealership, security equipment shop, and partnered with him in a string of nightclubs in the southeast. That Franco only owned a small chain of restaurants.

What Millsap didn’t pretend to be was faithful. All of his lovers knew that he was a confirmed bachelor to the bone. They were all still free to date whomever they liked, as well. For those that did, Millsap required them to be tested again before he had sex with them.

Though reluctant, all of his ladies cooperated with his many odd requests since he was so great in bed. They especially loved his gentleness, which was all he’d ever shown them.

Interestingly enough, Millsap hadn’t had to put on any pretense with Cami so far. She seemed comfortable talking just as much slang as him. She also knew about his street life and didn’t seem to have the slightest problem with it. If anything, his status in the game made her want him even more.

Knowing all that caused Millsap to peruse Cami’s test results quickly in order to get on to the next stage of their night together.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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