Saturday, October 04, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 15.2

White hot lust slammed into Millsap’s body as Cami danced only inches away from him. His eyes watched her supple bottom jiggle, wiggle, and bounce in those black Capri pants that all their waitresses wore in the summertime. The open back of the white dress shirt she wore revealed a flawless back and a narrow waist that led down to that salubrious rump that she knew was her best physical asset.

Millsap ached to palm that supple bottom with both hands and just…


From the way it jiggled, he could tell that it was soft. Pillowy soft. A man could lay his head upon those cheeks and just…


Move away, man, Millsap told himself. Just move away.

That self advice was sound and wise since he still didn’t know Cami’s full angle yet. Able to detect a gold-digger a mile away, Millsap knew she was looking for a man to support her financially. But how did she intend to accomplish that goal? By just becoming his main squeeze? Or was she trying to get a big one-time payoff by starting some kind of sexual harassment suit?

Millsap couldn’t afford either option, despite his large bank account balance. Cami was too greedy to be in his life on a personal basis. He already had one woman trying to drain him dry. He didn’t need another. Plus, the negative publicity alone from a sexual harassment case would kill his legitimate businesses and draw the wrong kind of attention to his illegal activities.

And yet even knowing all that, Millsap still didn’t move away from the dancing woman in front of him. He couldn’t. His feet were rooted to the floor.

Millsap wanted Cami to accidentally brush up against him. He wanted to feel her softness just once.

Just once.

Cami had no intentions of accidentally doing anything. She deliberately danced backward a few inches, brushing up against Millsap’s pelvic area, dragging a moan from his lips against his will.

“I know we can’t have sex, but we can still dance together, can’t we?” Cami asked, looking back over her left shoulder at him. She wanted to see that passion in his gorgeous brownish-green eyes. She wanted to know how much she affected him.

“Come on, boss man. Do a little two-step with me before I go back downstairs,” Cami purred out, not even waiting for his reply as she began to move in that familiar two-step rhythm.

Millsap obliged her against his better judgment. Yet he wisely kept his hands to himself.

That two-step dance soon turned into a two-step grindfest as their hips moved in perfect unison. Their breathing became shallow. A few more deep moans escaped both of their lips this time.

“Ooo…” Cami moaned, sucking air through her teeth when she felt his lower body blossom even more…to impressive proportions. “You are above average. Too bad I’m going to miss out on all that,” she said, leaning forward on the wide railing near the window for leverage as she arched her bottom even closer to him.

Her sensual new position seemed to say, ‘Come get this, man.’

Growling at that open invitation, Millsap embraced Cami’s narrow waist and pressed himself into her softness. He sucked air through his teeth this time as blissful sensations shot through his body in all directions. Being up against Cami this way felt better than he thought it would. It definitely unraveled even more of his restraint.

Millsap began to grind slower. He forgot about dancing to the upbeat music. Forgot about what happened to his father. Forgot about everything, including where they were.

Sending one of his hands downward, Millsap felt volcanic heat radiating from Cami before his fingers ever landed on her island. This girl was on fire! It was a wonder she hadn’t burned a hole through her pants yet.

Millsap moaned again, not afraid to get burned as he explored those sizzling regions.

Cami moaned again, too, at his intimate touch. She instantly began to call to him with her strong internal muscles, willing him to touch her for real. To feel real flesh.

What?! Millsap mused at the unexpected pulsating that began a few seconds later. She’s calling me, he quickly realized, becoming even more granite.

Would he answer that call?

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Paula said...

I hope they do not burn down the club! LOL

Suprina said...

Paula: I can't do nothing but laugh at that comment. You wild, girl.