Friday, September 26, 2008

Upcoming story info & more

As y’all know Cami’s story (Miss Opportunity) is starting Monday. Below are a few things that I need to go over before it starts:

1. The V-O-D price has changed to $8: I listened to my faithful readers (and also my hubby) and finally realized that I needed to stop short-changing myself. Although I will not be raising the prices of my other products any time soon, I couldn’t deny that this particular item needed to be higher right now. Especially when you consider what you get in exchange:

· Any time viewing.

· Regular and timely posting.

· Commercial free (no ads or specials).

· Insider features (i.e. spoilers, story behind the story, insights & tidbits).

· Free copy of E-book when story is over.

· Direct feedback from author.

· Audio and visual effects that enhance the story.

· Contest Prizes and giveaways.

And that’s just to name a few things. The link to signup for the V-O-D is found below.

I wanted to give previous subscribers to the V-O-D half off, but when I realized that I wouldn’t have any control over who logged in to which Paypal button (the $8 one or the $4 one), I decided to give you a free E-book of your choice instead. This will cut down on confusion, I think. Just tell me which freebie you want in an email after you signup, okay? For people like Subrina who have every book in my released catalog, I may have to dip into the unreleased file for y’all.

2. New posting schedule: Instead of everyday posting, I will now stick to a Monday – Saturday routine. I’m taking Sundays off to rest and be with my family.

FYI - I’m trying to avoid burnout and relationship issues, both of which I endured over the summer. That might be too much info for some, but my regular reader friends know how transparent I am. lol. Plus, I wanted to set the stage to thank you all for your prayers as the crooked places in my own life and relationships were made straight over the summer.

3. Book giveaways: Lots of questions with attached freebies will be given out during the first part of the story as a way to increase our fun and spark memories of the prequels to Miss Opportunity. You can only win once though. This way others will have a chance to get a freebie.

4. Flashback alert: The beginning of Cami’s story will revisit scenes from the prequels, but from her and Millsap’s (hero’s) POV. Starting the story out this way will serve as a potent reminder of why we don’t like Cami. Maybe even hate her. Which means I’m going to really have to work hard to make us all love her before the story is over. I think I’m up to the task…I hope. lol.

Well, that’s all for now. See y’all on Monday!


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