Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Delia's Day - Pt. 3

Demavelyn asked: Why didn’t you move on earlier from E-Blade? Why did it take him cheating with your cousin to finally knock some sense into your head?

Delia’s reply: I stayed with E-Blade so long because of all the things he’d done for me, both financial and otherwise. One of the main things he did was run off my abusive stepfather.

I put up with the cheating for the same reasons. Plus, I felt guilty about not being able to satisfy E-Blade in the bedroom. I didn’t know that my condition was physical at the time. Had I known, things might have worked out a lot differently for us. But then again, I wouldn’t have met Royal and had the great life that I have now. I guess everything worked out for the best after all.

Demavelyn asked: Why did you let Cami stay with you in the first place knowing how loose she was?

Delia’s reply: I call myself trying to give her a helping hand, the way I would want somebody to give me if I was in her predicament. Plus, I really thought Cami would at least exercise some boundaries with me because of our kinship and maybe even out of gratitude. As you know, I thought wrong.

Demavelyn asked: How did you feel about having to stop working at the daycare center?

Delia’s reply: Leaving that daycare behind was one of the hardest things I ever had to do in my life. Everybody knows how much I love kids, how much I love just being around them. Although I understood why it was necessary for me to resign my position there (due to my unexpected crime of passion), I still long for that environment at times.

Fortunately, I have my baby store and a house (and large extended family) full of kids to help fill that void.

Author note: It's all right to email your questions in also. In Demavelyn's case, these questions were given via phone. lol. I'm so loving this!

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