Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pursuing Mrs. Regrets - Ch. 8.3

Delia turned the shower off, quickly dried herself, and dressed in record time. Grabbing her purse, she went down the hallway to her mother’s bedroom. She couldn’t leave the house without alerting someone of her absence. Especially not at this hour.

“I’m going for a drive, Mama. Hold the fort down while I’m gone, all right?” Delia said, after gently shaking her light sleeping mother awake.

Valena lifted her head from her pillow and nodded her consent. “Drive safe,” she replied, used to her daughter’s late night drives. She sometimes encouraged them since it helped Delia to cope with E-Blade’s death and with life as a single mother.

Leaving the house, Delia headed straight downtown. Was she going to a bar to pick up a man?


Delia was headed to a store. An adult store, the kind that sold videos and books in the front, adult toys in the rear. Since Delia wasn’t the type to sleep with a man she didn’t know, she would settle for a man-like contraption instead. The biggest one she could find since her need was so great, growing larger with each passing second.

If Delia was going to get that contraption at all, she had to hurry. It was already 1:30am, which meant she only had thirty minutes to make it to the adult store before it closed.

With her progress hampered by the onset of an early morning rain shower, Delia didn’t make it to her destination until 1:55am.

“You made it just in time,” the red-haired lady behind the counter said as Delia entered the store in a rush. “Can I help you select anything? Make any suggestions?”

“No, thanks. I know exactly what I came here for,” Delia said over her shoulder as she headed for a specific aisle in the back.

“It appears you do.” The red-haired lady chuckled knowingly and returned to the glossy adult magazine she’d been reading.

By now it was obvious that this wasn’t Delia’s first time in an adult toy store. E-Blade brought her to one once upon a time. Unaware that she had a medical condition back then, he thought toys would bring the spice back to their love life. They didn’t.

Delia and E-Blade had been so disappointed behind that experience. In a way it marked the beginning of a very slow and painful end for them. E-Blade soon began to seek out other women. Delia began to surround herself with shame and anger.

I hope I won’t be disappointed tonight, Delia mused, ready to take her healed body for a test drive as she made her way back home. I’m gonna get my money’s worth from this bad boy tonight, she thought, wondering if she brought enough batteries for her new toy.

So engrossed in her thoughts, Delia failed to yield the right of way to the vehicle that approached the intersection before her. She didn’t even see the other car coming until it was almost too late.

Delia immediately slammed on brakes, making the worst mistake possible on such a slippery road. Her black jeep began to spin out of control. The driver in the white Mercedes swerved to avoid her and ended up spinning out of control, too.

With nothing short of a miracle, the two cars never collided as their vehicles came to screeching halts on opposite sides of the highway. Delia’s car stopped just shy of a tree. The other driver wasn’t so fortunate. His car stopped halfway in a ditch with its nose pointed down.

“Nooooo!” Delia screamed, hastening to unbuckle her seatbelt. She could not let another person die due to her bad decisions.

Running over to the ditch, Delia flung the driver’s side door open to the Mercedes. She’d never been more grateful for an unlocked door in her life. Now she had to see if the driver was alive.

“Please don’t be dead, mister,” Delia said, noting how limply his upper body was lying against the inflated airbag.

The muffled reply the man uttered gave her all the encouragement she needed. He was not dead.

Not dead!

Unfortunately, the man was trapped in his seat. On account of the car facing downward, gravity had thrust him closer than the required ten inches for the airbag to safely inflate.

Thinking quickly, Delia pulled one of the long oriental pins out of her hair and stabbed the airbag with blunt force. It immediately began to deflate. To speed up the process, she pressed down on it.

When the man was free enough to turn his head her way, Delia’s eyes widened with shock. “Dr. Seeger?!”

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

To all: By now I think we all know what's going to happen next. What HAS to happen next.

For those who might be offended by a hot love scene in an inspirational novel, you might want to exit the bus now - this is your stop.

Wait. You still have a couple more posts of buildup before you may need to get off (no pun intended. lol). Beyond that, I can't be responsible.

For those you can stand the heat a little better, stay tuned...

Spoiler - there are certain 'benefits' that GYN's bring to the relationship table. lol. Kinda makes me wish my hubby was a GYN.

Nahhhh! Brotha is a chef/landscaper. He know how to work quite well with his hands. lol.

Shutting up now before my mouth (hands) get me in trouble.


Subrina said...

Suprina am I gonna need a cigarette after this hot love scene like Aisha and Bonz???...rofl...I guess I better get my Nicoderm CQ

Suprina said...

Subrina: I have to shrug on that answer. Me don't know what you might need after that scene. I can only tell you what I needed after writing it - hubby. lol. For real.


Got a little more homework to print out, then I'll return to the story.