Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Enticing Mr. Wrong - Ch. 50.2

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Tonia said...

E-Blade is soo dirty. Trying to set Greg up! You could have let Aisha shoot him! That would solve alot of problems.
I can't believe Aisha is so quick to think Bonz is guilty but if I think about her own guilty secret, it's easy to see why she would believe.

Jessie said...

It was proven that Dominic was not killed by Bonz (Greg). Did Greg want to own the store because a lot of his people do business there? I agree with you tonia, shotting E-Blade would solve a lot of problems. We need him in this story still to cause more problems for Alisha & Bonz.

Carrie said...

Satan (E-Blade) goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. He ain't nothing but the devil. Come on now, let's give Aisha a little bit of credit here. She can't be so stupid as not to think before she acts. The thing that makes me the most curious is...Why two weeks? If she was going to bring this thing to an end because of her new found evidence why wait? And remember, she knew Fredrico was listening outside her door, and he's always been suspect. It's not just about Dominic now, it's much more than that. Yes killing E-Blade was the first thing on my mind too, but he can't go anywhere just yet. He and Bonz MUST have their show down and my money is on Bonz. LaQuetta's prayers are powerful, the word of God says "The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective". Let's see what happens. I believe it's gonna work out.

Suprina said...

Tonia: Aisha is quick to think Bonz is guilty because of the written evidence she saw and because she never quite believed that her brother would kill himself that way. Remember Dominic didn't like pain.

Jessie: There was some truth to what E-Blade said. Bonz does like to own whatever he's connected to. Over the years he spent a lot of money getting his ladies' makeovers done at Dominic's shop.

Carrie: Aisha is waiting 2 weeks to give herself time to exact the right revenge. She can be impulsive with some things, but when it comes to revenge, she likes to think things through a lot more. Remember how strategic she is.

To all: I'm can't answer certain questions because it would be telling the story. Since we're almost at the end anyway, I'm concentrating on posting faster so that your questions can be answered that way.

Also there are a few unexpected surprises coming up that y'all are going to say, "What?! Naw, Suprina. No, you didn't."

And yet I did. Felt led to. *giggling* It's juicy.

Okay, just got out of class. Going to do some editing so I can post more chapters tonight.