Saturday, February 04, 2006

Author Note

First of all, let me again thank everyone who read the lengthy sample of SIDE DISHES. It was a great ride, wasn't it?

Secondly, I wanted to add an addendum to the LETTER TO READERS post. Sadly, the lady (Charlene Leonard aka Pam Gitzendanner) that inspired me to write that book died this past Thursday. Though she'd successfully battled breast cancer and won, Charlene/Pam was unable to recover from the cancerous attack on her brain which followed some time later. She will be missed by so many...including me.

As a result of this misfortune and in honor of Charlene/Pam's memorial service being held on Monday, I will not be posting that day at all. Instead I will start featuring February's new book (The Predator & the Preacher's Daughter) on Tuesday. At which time I may post two chapters at once to make up for the missed day.

In the meantime, I invite you all to go to my dear friend's website and check out some of her work. She really was a great storyteller. For your convenience, that website address is:



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