Monday, February 09, 2009

Free Reads At Harlequin!

I thought I’d pass on a bit of good news to my faithful readers. Harlequin is celebrating its 60th anniversary. As a result, they are offering free downloads of 16 of their books. Sixteen, yall!

If that don’t keep you busy until I start The Professor I don’t know what will. lol. Plus it might even get y’all to let me off the hook with this month’s short story over at my other blog in case my tax business continues to increase. Hint. Hint. lol.

Either way, here’s the link to download those free Harlequin e-books in pdf form:




Anonymous said...

Hapi new year dearie,
Thanks so much for this free read, u are a darling. How's work? God bless and take care.

Suprina said...

Kassie: You're welcome about the free read(s). Work is fine. I'm taking a break now to check on my blogs and respond to email.

God bless you, too.


Mary said...

Thanks for the link Suprina u are gr888 and the best :P lol... i am eagerly waitin for the professor though :)

Suprina said...

Mary: Me, too. :D