Friday, February 27, 2009

Calling All Changing Gene Buyers!

I got something special for those who have purchased Changing Gene either directly from me or from an independent site that I use for sales purposes. That special gift is a free e-book copy of Changing Gene’s prequel - Someday.

Someday was my very first paperback. It was published in 2005, the same year I finally decided to make writing a solid career. Although Someday is due to be revised soon for grammatical stuff and sentence structure issues my publisher and/or I didn't catch the first time around, I thought you might want to read the original manuscript of the book that eventually branched off into Changing Gene.

Some of you may have already received a copy of Someday in your emails. For those who haven’t, simply email me ( with a copy of your receipt and I’ll send your freebie right on.




Mary said...

Hi suprina... How are u ?? that's gr888 news that u will be giving someday for changin gene :D but i have the free e-book version for free and so i guess i will miss this book :(
i hopefully u will soon start with the professor i'm a bit desperate to read it lol....

Suprina said...

Mary: Those who read Changing Gene in its ENTIRETY on my Wordpress blog (and commented throughout the story when I featured it there for free) got a free copy of Someday, too. I just didn't advertise it here because I already sent those out from the list I kept.

The Professor will be up and running soon enough. I hope everybody likes it. It'll be my first time running one of my secular books live online.

On one hand, I'm a bit nervous about it. On the other, I'm excited to stretch my literary wings even more in that arena and also show that I can still remain true to my principles no matter what genre I write in. We'll all see how that goes in April. lol.

Jrboss said...

Hi Suprina,

I wish I could get in on offer but I've purchased both - thanks anyhoo - looking forward to anything from ya

Mary said...

i did not get the someday actually :( i dunno y... but let me check once again.
and regarding The professor i think it will be a gr888 novel as u are the best :D the novels i read in your blog are so far the fantastic, too good no words,only praise.. :)

Suprina said...

Jrboss: Bomber. I hadn't thought about those in your category. Because Someday hasn't been selling a lot lately (according to my last royalty statement), I thought I'd give it away to Changing Gene folks as a reward and to boost more interest in both books. Now you're telling me that you already bought Someday, which means I'm going to have to request an audit of my account with that particular publisher. See why I do a lot of self-publishing? Can't trust nobody. :[

Jrboss, if you can find your receipt of Someday and send it to me, I'll allow you to select another ebook of your choice as your freebie.

Mary: If you participated on the Wordpress blog (commented at least once) you are definitely eligible to receive Someday. If I sent you Changing Gene through some other promotional means, please forward me a copy of that email I sent you and I'll send Someday right on.

Thanks for commenting, ladies!

Carmel Beauty said...


Suprina said...

Carmel Beauty: You're welcome, girl.

Mary said...

I received the e-book ... sorry could not come in here lately was busy at work :( Thanks Suprina :D

Suprina said...

Mary: You're welcome!

Subrina said...

Hi Prina, I received and read your free copy of Someday and it was great, magnificent and delicious...Lance situation was so hard but he had to make a choice and I'm glad he made the right one and Lavender waited on him...Now after reading it I now wanna reread Changing Gene again since I read it before reading Someday...Your books are awesome and they each have a deep spiritual, emotional, & mental vibe...Continue to press toward the mark sis and one day soon you will be acknowledge for your excellent writing.

Your sista in Christ,


Suprina said...

Subrina: Thanks, girl. You gone make me cry.

Suprina said...

Subrina: I forgot to ask if you saw the similiarities between Cami/Millsap's story and Lance/Lavender? Here's some that I observed...

1. Both men had the same choice to make, but with different consequences attached.

2. Both men handled the situation differently, but yet still came to the same result - they got their women in the end.

3. Both women had the same choice to make. One waited for the man to change all the way. The other got the green light to marry him before his ultimate change.

I wrote the flip side of Someday in Miss Opportunity to show that there are exceptions in life where things are not always black and white. Where decisions aren't always clear cut. To show people that the best thing to do in life and especially gray situations is to keep your ear to God's mouth.

I hope you and other who read Someday and Miss Opportunity saw those similarities and gleaned those lessons.

Much luv.


P.S. I see Joy got everybody calling me my that nickname. LOL!!!!