Sunday, February 01, 2009

2 for 1 Special!

It’s that time again, y’all!

Time for you to get 2 e-books for 1 price from my book collection. Well, at least some of you. lol. I understand that several of you already have just about every book I’ve ever written. I’ve even dipped into secret stashes for a few. Won’t be doing that this time though. lol.

This time the 2 for 1 special only covers the books listed on the ordering pages of my Main Website. The special will also only last for three days this time (Mon – Wed), starting February 2nd and ending midnight February 4th (this has changed, see Update 2 below).

What is the same for this special is the process:

  1. Go to the ordering pages of my Main Website (
  2. Select the 2 books you want, but only order one through Paypal.
  3. Email me ( with your second choice for the freebie.
  4. I send both e-books to your email address.

Sounds simple enough, right? At least I hope it does. lol. Email me if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

* * *

Update 1: I'm starting to get feedback from readers that want me to extend the special to payday Friday. Always willing to work with folks, especially in this current economy, I'll readjust my work schedule to accommodate these extra days under ONE condition. Condition: If I get at least 10 more pre-order emails (i.e. emails that detail intent to purchase on Friday), I'll extend the special's deadline as requested.

Update 2: I got the necessary feedback (Thanks y'all), which means THE 2 FOR 1 SPECIAL WILL LAST UNTIL FRIDAY MIDNIGHT. Yay!

Much luv, everybody.


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