Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Be Mad At Me

I’m sorry to announce that The Professor will not be featured in February as planned. I thought I would be able to start posting it around Valentine’s Day, but that time frame is simply not going to work out.


The answer is simply because of the increasing demands of my dual career. As many of you know, I don’t just write for a living. I am also an accountant. Matter of fact, I run a small tax accounting service.

With it being tax time in the U.S. and with my clientele growing (Praise God for that), my accounting schedule is now at odds with my writing schedule. Combine that with the tutoring I do on the side, church activities I plan to participate in this quarter, marketing efforts on current book releases, and general family stuff, I had no choice but to push The Professor’s debut to April. April 13th, in fact. Especially since my writing career is way more flexible than my accounting career (not so many rigid deadlines and associated penalties).

For those who’ve joined me for a live story before, you know how time consuming it can be, how often I post (6 days a week), how diligent I am about responding to reader comments, and how I like to add even more value to the story by linking to music, photos, and other items of interest. Because I don’t want reduce the quality our online experience by changing any of these things, I have made the hard decision to push The Professor back a few months.

To appease any disgruntled and/or disappointed souls, I have also decided to post monthly short stories between now and April on my Short Stories blog. They don’t take long to write and don’t require a lot of research and plotting.

Does that make you feel better?

I hope so. lol.

Talk to you soon…



Mary said...

Hi suprina
Its really sad that the professor will be posted so late i have my exams at the same time :( I know its quite difficult to manage things but that fine u are still posting short stories and that's imp lol... ;)
hopefully i wiil be able to read them
Thanks Mary :D

Suprina said...

Mary: Yeah, I was bombed about the situation, too. I really wanted to start posting the story next month. Partly because I just miss y'all. lol.

Anyway, hopefully one day I will be able to write full-time and support myself through that income alone. Until then...a sista gots to do what she gots to do. lol.

Much luv.