Thursday, October 16, 2008

Q & A - 1

Joy, before I answer your questions, let me just say you must be reading the other stories too fast or too many at one time because most of your answers are in the 1st and 2nd books. Slow down, my sista. lol.

Either way, I'll gladly answer your questions. Here goes...

Q: I am having trouble keeping all the parents and extended family sorted out in my mind now. Aisha is cousins with Royal/ Roy? right? Her brother died in the first book? Does she have any more family present in the stories?

A: Yes, Aisha and Royal/Roy are cousins. Yes, her brother Dominic died in the first book. Yes, Aisha has more family - a stepsister and stepbrother-in-law, niece and nephews, stepfather, stepmother, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and a host of other extended relatives.

Q: Royal's real father died but he is real close with his step father. Royal's mother is a redeemed Christian.

A: Yes, on both accounts.

Q: Bones is 1/2 brothers with who again? They finally met up with their father in the last story right? What about his mother?

A: Bonz and Jarrett are brothers. They met their father in Delia's story. Mothers are deceased (I may have to double check about Jarrett though, but I think his mother is dead, too).

Q: Is Millsap an only child? His mother is overbearing and money hungry and his father is supposedly gay, but not really because he is dating Towanna.

A: Millsap has no siblings of any kind at this point. Yes, about both of his parents.

Q: Cami's mom is a gold digger and her dad is an educated man. But what does he do? Retired Military?

A: Yes, about Cami's mother. Her father never went to college, but is very studious. He's retired military.

Q: What about Mike-Mike's family? I remember his grandmother talking to Tonja. But was there anyone else?

A: Mike-Mike is an only child, too. Raised by his mother and then his grandmother when the mother died. Father is still alive, but is a dead-beat dad and so does not participate in his life. Never did.

Q: What about Franco's family? 10 kids all different mothers? What about his parents?

A: Franco doesn't know if he has any family at this point. He was raised in the foster care system from 3-years-old until 18. All ten of his kids are by different women.

Q: Delia's mother is a Christian re-married living in Florida with her. But her father where is he? He was abusive right?

A: Yes, about Delia's mother (Valena is also the sister of Cami's father Frank). Delia's real father is dead. Her stepfather was the abusive one. E-Blade ran him off.

Q: Delia and Royal have 5 children, 3 of which are from E-Blade... aka... Diego... aka...Nuevo who only some people know is still alive.

A: Yes, about the number of children and who they belong to. Yes, about E-Blade/Diego/Nuevo.

Q: E-Blade/Diego/Nuevo's mother is an addict that hates Delia right? What about his father?

A: Yes, about his mother (Greta) and about her hatred of Delia. E-Blade does not know who his father is.

You did great, Joy. Just read a little slower from now on. These books ain't going nowhere. lol. Thanks for all the questions.



Joy said...

Thanks, that helps!
God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: Thank you for asking enough questions for everybody.

Much luv, girl.

Since all others have remained silent, I will finally proceed with Cami's story.


Anonymous said...

hello!! i got to your question and answer session TOO late dang it!! but Joy DEFINITELY asked enuff questions for all of us! she even cleared up my confusion on Delia's clan. thanx Joy! and thanx Suprina!!