Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 9.1

Saturday at the church carnival, Cami thought she’d died and somehow landed in bachelor heaven. There were so many handsome men at Delia’s church. All of them had jobs. Good jobs. Some were even doctors like Royal.

Cami wasted no time making her rounds among the handsome bachelors. She flirted like a champ. Switched and twitched her hips and bottom like this wasn’t a church function.

To her great disappointment, not one man out of the whole bunch gave her his phone number. Not even a cell phone number. Many seemed reluctant to take hers, only taking it to be polite in some cases.

Meanwhile Cami’s family was enjoying the carnival rides, the good food, the land and water sports, and the fellowship of people with some actual sense in their heads. People who knew how to act at a church function.

Cami’s son in particular was having the time of his life among their relatives. And to think, she actually tried to prevent Little Man from ever seeing Delia again.

Though Cami vehemently protested the court’s decision to allow Delia visitation privileges with Little Man by pointing to her cousin’s violent past, her words of dissent had fallen upon deaf ears. The character witnesses from esteemed individuals such as Delia’s pastor, a deacon, and even Cami’s own father helped to sway the court’s decision.

Other beneficial things included the fact that Delia was married to an upstanding member of society now, owned a successful business, and the court’s re-visitation of her positive influence on Little Man before and after the E-Blade incident. But the clincher was Little Man’s own testimony about how much he still loved Delia and wanted her to remain in his life.

When Cami read her son’s testimony, she was first hurt by his continual attachment to her cousin. Then she became resolve about it. It was too late to do anything about Little Man’s affection towards Delia. Cami comforted herself with the fact that it was not too late to show Little Man that she could be a good mother, too.

The best mother ever, Cami mused, taking a break from her flirting to visually locate her son. When she saw Little Man over by the basketball court with his same-age cousin Esteban Jackwood Jr. (aka Junior), she relaxed and proceeded to go check in with the rest of her family.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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