Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 8.3

After that early dinner, the older kids went upstairs to entertain themselves with video games. Delia went to start on kitchen cleanup while Royal put the smaller kids down for a nap, including the child her aunt Valena had had by her new husband Wally. Cami and the rest of the adult guests were in the den watching television while the large meal they’d consumed digested.

Thinking this would be a perfect time to finally get Royal alone, Cami made up an excuse to leave the room. Then she sought him out in the large home. Unfortunately for her, she got distracted by her curiosity and envy as she entered room after room and saw just how well Delia was doing now.

Though only two-stories high, this house had more width and land attached. It also had more expensive furnishings than the tri-level house Delia used to have with E-Blade in Enfield. This house also had a more relaxed family atmosphere. Though it looked like a trophy case home, it was completely livable.

Cami didn’t think about Royal again until she saw him enter the kitchen from the other end of the long hallway.

Aww…man, Cami mused in frustration, just now remembering her original mission. She couldn’t go after Royal now. Delia was in the kitchen.

Suddenly deeming this a great time to see if her cousin’s marriage was as solid as it seemed, Cami tiptoed her way down the hallway to the kitchen area. She got there just in time to hear…

Delia moan in pleasure?

What in the world is going on in there? Cami wondered, straining her ears to hear the whispered conversation from the hallway. She’d never heard her cousin moan in pleasure in her life. Not even over a favorite dessert.

What Cami heard Delia say next was, “But even so, we got to stop, baby. Somebody might walk in on us.”

“So what,” Royal replied. “All they’ll see is me hugging my beautiful wife from behind. By now everybody knows how affectionate we are as a couple. They’ll just turn around and walk back out the room.”

Cami heard what sounded like a short kiss and then she heard Royal say, “Now stop protesting and enjoy.”

Things got very quiet after that. All Cami heard next was shallow breathing as the couple did who knows what in that kitchen.

Suddenly she heard Royal moaned this time. “You’re so ready for me, precious. So ready. I wish this was another part of me doing this.”

“Me, too, but I’ll settle for any part of you right now,” Delia panted out in a whisper.

Cami’s eyes widened. She knew exactly what was going on now. She just couldn’t believe her cousin was actually enjoying it. When did Delia start liking sex of any kind again?

Oh, I got to see this! Cami mused, caring nothing about invading Delia’s privacy as she rounded the corner to the kitchen.

“Sorry for interrupting, Dee, but can I have another fruit punch?” Cami asked, causing the kissing couple by the sink to abruptly cease their hot smooch.

“Cami, you’re welcome to whatever we have in the fridge. Just open the door and help yourself,” Royal said, answering for Delia, who looked like she couldn’t put two words together right now to save her life.

What kind of skills does the man have to leave a sista speechless and trembling like that? Cami wondered as she entered the kitchen more fully and headed for the refrigerator.

Instead of looking in the fridge, Cami’s eyes strained towards the married couple in the room. She saw her cousin continually taking deep breaths to collect herself again. She also saw Royal planting soft kisses upon Delia’s ear and neck. Cami couldn’t make out what he was doing with his hands since they were positioned in front of his wife. Royal’s large frame barely allowed an onlooker to even see Delia.

“Thanks,” Cami said, after taking her sweet time getting her bottled beverage.

“You’re welcome,” Delia said a bit on the husky side, unaware that she’d just given her cousin even more cause to be curious.

Out in the hallway near the kitchen, Cami paused to eavesdrop again. When she actually heard her cousin purr a few minutes later, she knew that Delia was completely healed from her sexual dysfunction and that her marriage was extremely solid.

What is he? Some kind of miracle worker? Cami mused, ready to find that out, too.

When she heard Delia about to exit the kitchen a few short minutes later, she quickly tiptoed away. Cami waited until her cousin had ascended the stairs before casually walking back into the kitchen where Royal was alone and washing his hands at the sink.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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