Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 8.2

As soon as Delia saw Cami, she could tell that her cousin hadn’t really changed. First of all, Cami’s carefully worded apology (which could have been written from prison a long time ago) hadn’t included any eye contact. Secondly, the way Cami kept looking around the Seeger house like she wished everything in it was hers revealed that she was still the same jealous-hearted cousin as before.

But the Seeger home wasn’t the only thing Cami seemed particularly interested in today. Delia also caught her trying to steal looks at her husband Royal when she thought no one was looking. It absolutely infuriated her to see her cousin constantly trying to get Royal’s attention by frequently referring to her figure. A figure which had gone from shapely-slender to downright voluptuous during her years in prison.

As a result of Cami’s lack of ethical transformation, Delia reaffirmed her decision to keep her husband as far away from her cousin as possible this weekend. She was not about to have a repeat of that Enfield situation. Though Delia trusted Royal, she did not trust Cami. Probably never would again.

As if he’d made that same internal affirmation, Royal stayed close to Delia’s side all Friday evening during the small dinner party they hosted for their out-of-town relatives. Each time Cami tried to talk to him, he made sure to bring others in on the conversation.

Royal was also more affectionate to Delia while her cousin was there. Sadly, that only served to make Cami lust after him even more.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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