Monday, October 20, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 44.2

Millsap was in a deep sleep when the sound of the door buzzer penetrated the air around him. He was going to ignore it, but the person on the other side of the apartment door just wouldn’t go away. At one point, whoever it was pressed the buzzer for at least five minutes straight.

Angry now, Millsap finally got out of bed and made his way to the door. Whoever this is, is getting cussed out, he mused, already thinking of a few choice words now.

However, when Millsap peered through the keyhole and saw Daysha, looking like an angel dressed in her white nurse’s uniform, all of his anger suddenly subsided. It was then that he realized how long it had been since he’d been with a woman. And although he couldn’t have the woman he really wanted, Daysha would do just fine tonight.

When that door flung opened, Daysha could care less that Millsap was drunk and was only about to sleep with her because he was lonely and still angry at Cami. She was just so glad to be back with him under any terms. She even showed Millsap some of the new tricks she’d learned, hoping that they would be enough to keep him all to herself this time.

* * *

Across town, Cami suddenly sprung upright in bed. Whereas she’d been sleeping soundly before, she was fully awake now. Her heart was racing. Her palms were sweating. Her first thought was of…


Cami took a deep breath and shook her head to clear it, unwilling to let him occupy space in her mind for a second longer than she had to. He’d already taken up so much space in her heart.

When that didn’t help, Cami got all the way out of bed, retrieved her iPod and started to clean her room like a mad woman to the tune of Daniel Bedingfield’s Gotta Get Thru This. That had become her theme song lately.

After she’d worn herself out cleaning a room that hadn’t been dirty in the first place, Cami took a shower...a cold one. Then she went back to bed with a big bag of chocolate chip cookies and the gold-trimmed Bible Mama Ingram bought her after her salvation.

Starting with the New Testament, Cami read and munched. Sadly, that whole bag of cookies was empty before she ever made it to Matthew 15. If she kept up all this late night snacking, she was going to be big as a house soon.

What was even sadder was the fact that Cami could care less about maintaining a healthy weight for her height now. As far as she was concerned, her sexy days were over. They ended the night she lost Millsap.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

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Joy said...

Man... Millsap slept with Daysha... soo disapointing. It is going to be even harder for him to shake her now.

I love this song... it really blesses me.

God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: Yep, on both things. That song helped me get through my last semester of school. Especially those long reports and exams.


Anonymous said...

dang was that sad. Millsap let the dog off the leash, he WILL regret ever opening the door to Daysh i'm sure.

i was so sorry that Millsap refused to forgive cami and give her another chance but that only led to her FINALLY!!! salvation so i am very happy rite about now though unhappy about some of the stuff going on.
i dread the drug cartel bust that i smell might be coming up although it is clear that Millsap has to change his life around soon.

i read reactions from relatives on the break up but we didn't hear little man's point of view nor opinion on all that happened. how's the little guy taking it?

Millsap is quick to condemn for one error no matter how huge. i understand where he's coming from but he had his part in their break up and his friends should also call him out on it---if they know about it. He also needs some of that good advice that only Mike Mike knows how to dish out. Even if he won't apologize as long as he stops his denial. accepts HIS mistake.

i have a feeling my girl has a bun in the oven?? eating up a whole bag of cookies? hmm!! but despair can send one on that road but i think there's a liitle somethin' somethin' in there. i really hope some of her cousins can come and talk some sense into her about not letting herself turn into a blimp because of a man. despite their break up she has so many worthy stuff to fight for- her child-business-especially her new relationship with the Lord Jesus that she needs to learn how to draw strength from.


Paula said...


Joy said...

If things are ever going to work out with Cami and Millsap he is really going to have to put Daysha in her place! His mother too for that matter. I hope he does it PUBLICALLY, so that there is no questions in anyone's mind where his priorities are and FOREVER will be.

Sharon, I agree with you Millsap's friends to to CORRECT him on some things. The man has tunnel vision and simply can not see himself! Or maybe just does not WANT to see himself. I know men like that....

They would rather think that they can do noooo wrong and blam the woman for everything then rather recognize that they screwed up too!

God Bless

Suprina said...

Paula: I don't blame you.

Sharon: This was a very BAD move by Millsap. And yes, I am so happy that the whole breakup led to Cami's salvation.

The drug cartel bust is yet to come. Much later in the book.

I mentioned Little Man's reaction around the same time that I mentioned Frank's. Did you miss it? I didn't go into too much detail about him, because there will be more on that later in the story.

Millsap barely listened to Mike-Mike about Franco. He ain't trying to listen to anybody about Cami right now...not even his own heart.

Can't comment on Cami's pregnancy question. You'll just have to see on the VOD.