Sunday, October 19, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 42.1

After Cami left Franco’s condo, she drove around for awhile to flush out her feelings. Although she loved Millsap, she had to make sure that she was willing to share him with Daysha.

Cami finally decided that even though she wasn’t willing to share Millsap with anyone, if that’s what it took to have the man she loved and some of the things she wanted out of life, she would have to make that sacrifice. The fact that he’d provided a place for her and her son to dwell, and the fact that she only had a few more months before Little Man would be with her on a permanent basis, also played a part in Cami’s decision to return home.

But return to what though?

When Cami finally made it back home, she found her things in black garbage bags on the front porch and the locks changed to the house. A ‘For Rent’ sign was in the living room window. Millsap’s car was nowhere to be found.

Realizing that she’d blown it big time tonight, Cami quickly got on her cell phone and dialed Millsap’s number. He took the longest time to answer her call.

“What!” Millsap gruffed out when he finally came on the line.

“I didn’t do it, baby,” Cami explained, cutting to the chase.

“Sure you didn’t.” Millsap scoffed. “Franco called me himself while you was over there. The fact that it took you this long to get back to the house confirms that you did something with somebody tonight. If it wasn’t Franco, maybe it was that dude Kobe.”

“I didn’t cheat with anybody, Millsap. You gotta believe me,” Cami said in desperation.

“I ain’t gotta do nothing but stay black and die,” Millsap retorted.

“I’m sorry, Millsap.”

“Like One Republic says, ‘it’s too late to apologize’ now. Bye, Cami. And don’t call me no more either. You’re on your own now,” Millsap concluded, before hanging up in her face.

And just like that, Cami’s relationship with Millsap was over. Though she could try to blame him and even Daysha, Cami knew that she was mostly to blame.

She was the one who’d been jealous of Millsap’s generosity to an ex-flame. She was the one who’d given him an unfair ultimatum. It was Cami that had gone over to his friend’s house and offered that man her body. And for what?

A stupid BMW.

Why didn’t Cami listen to Frank’s advice? Why didn’t she listen to Delia’s? Hadn’t her cousin’s sage garnered an abundance of success thus far? So why did Cami ignore the part about being grateful, not greedy?

I can’t seem to escape it, Cami mused as she sat on the porch stoop in utter defeat. No matter what I do, I’m gonna always end up just like my mama.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

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Suprina said...

I decided to have mercy on y'all and post one more chapter tonight. Just know that the story officially stops at Ch. 44.1 so we should be done on the free blog by Tuesday as planned. Provided there are no unforeseen new chapters or circumstances.


Suprina said...

Unforeseen new chapters are definitely a possibly. lol. I'm glad I put that clause in there because I just discovered some kinks that need to be worked out before the story goes to the VOD. *cheesy grin*


Jrboss said...

Man, I'm hurting for them both - (sad smile)