Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 40.2

Daysha and Jeremiah were the very first stop. Millsap wanted to get that one over and done with since it had caused him the most problems today. Although Daysha was on her best behavior in front of Cami’s son, Millsap could still see the open interest in her eyes. Her parting words confirmed that interest.

“Come back anytime, Millsap,” Daysha said, subtly letting him know that she was still available for him to date…among other things.

“Have a Merry Christmas, Daysha,” Millsap replied, keeping things on a platonic level between them as always. Cami was too deep in his veins to cheat on her. She was the only woman he wanted right now. Probably forever if things continued on the right path.

When they got back in the car, Little Man asked Millsap a most unexpected question. “Do you really love my mama?”

“Yeah, I do,” Millsap replied without hesitation. “Why do you ask?”

“Because you look at her the same way Uncle Royal looks at Mama Dee, Uncle Bonz does Aunt Aisha, and Uncle Racker does Aunt Alexis,” Little Man said, adding unique titles to his relatives and friends the way all the kids in their family did.

Though Royal and Delia were his cousins, Little Man saw them as uncle material and mother material. Though Bonz and Aisha were cousins by marriage and though Racker and Alexis were just friends of the family, Little Man and all the other kids placed them in the uncle and aunt roles, too.

Millsap smiled at the lad’s astute words. “I see you’ve been watching a lot of grown folks.”

Little Man smiled. “Yeah. Granddaddy says my mama used to be real watchful as a child, too.”

“Your mother is still watchful like that, especially in new surroundings,” Millsap said, recalling how watchful Cami was just the other day at a new restaurant he took her to. She’d noticed everything from the chandeliers above to the Persian rug below. Could even estimate the price of them down to the cents.

“Are you going to marry my mama?” Little Man asked, catching Millsap off guard again. “You know, if she doesn’t mess things up or nothing,” he added, revealing wisdom beyond his years. Like Millsap, Little Man knew exactly what kind of mother he had and still loved her anyway.

“To be honest, Lil’ homie, I had no intentions of marrying anybody before I hooked up with your mother,” Millsap shared truthfully, slipping in a little slang since it was just them. “But now…now I think marriage might not be such a bad thing after all. That it could actually be something I try one day.”

“Would you be willing to try it with my mama?” Little Man asked, looking tense in his seat.

“Yeah.” Millsap nodded. “Like I said before, I really love Cami. Which means if I ever do marry anybody, it’s got to be her.”

Little Man blew out a loud breath of relief. “Good. For a minute there, I thought you were going to say Jeremiah’s mama. I saw the way she was looking at you back there. She wants to be your Missus real bad.”

“Don’t worry, Lil’ homie. Daysha will never be my wife,” Millsap reassured him. A man had to be able to let himself go in every way to his wife. Millsap couldn’t even talk slang around Daysha; much less get as rowdy as he wanted to be in the bedroom. With Cami, he could do it all.

From there the conversation turned to things surrounding cars, NASCAR racing cars in particular.

* * *

Back at home, Frank went into the kitchen where Cami was. He wanted to talk about the brief argument he overheard between her and Millsap. He didn’t say much, but the little he did say was powerful.

“I know Millsap might not be perfect. And yes, he might be too attached to an ex-girlfriend’s son, but I think the man genuinely loves you, Cami. Don’t be like your mother and blow a good thing,” Frank advised.

“I’ll try not to, Daddy,” Cami replied, unaware that the New Year would come with new challenges to her relationship with Millsap. Challenges that had the ability to drive them apart forever. Challenges that would cause her to behave exactly like her mother in some ways.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Jrboss said...

Oooo, I really don't like when trouble comes. I know it's necessary but I don't have to like it LOL.

Suprina said...

Jrboss: I don't like trouble either, girl.