Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 40.1

Christmas at Cami’s house was filled with so much joy. Thanks to Millsap, she was able to give Little Man everything he wanted on his Christmas list this year and a little bit more. Because of Millsap, she was also able to give her father a great gift, too.

Frank really loved the luxury fishing boat that Millsap and Cami bought for him and had waiting for him at the marina near his home. Cami’s father was literally moved to tears by the picture of his boat, which had been tentatively named Frank’s Place.

They also bought great gifts for Towanna, Mama Ingram, Millsap’s parents, and Cami’s Florida relatives. Towanna deemed Millsap her new BFF (best friend forever) for the fur coat she got. The generals got new Rolexes for Christmas. The captains and street crew received cash bonuses, as usual.

The only downside to Cami’s Christmas day was Millsap’s 6pm announcement. That was when he told her that he was about to deliver presents to the homes of the kids on his little league team. Alone, too, since Mike-Mike was currently still at the nursing home with his grandmother.

“Is Daysha going to be one of your stops?” Cami asked as they talked about the situation in the kitchen. Little Man was in his room playing video games. Frank was in the next room watching TV.

“Yes, Jeremiah is on my team, remember?” Millsap replied, keeping his voice discreetly low. He could be affectionate in public, but arguing in public was a big no-no. He learned that lesson from his parents' bad example.

“I don’t want you at her house, Millsap,” Cami said, uncaring who heard her protest.

“I’m not going to stay, Cami. I’m just going to drop off a present and keep going. Look, I’ll even take Little Man with me to keep down confusion,” Millsap compromised. “We need to bond more anyway.”

Cami grew quiet. She did want Millsap and her son to grow closer. Finally she said, “All right. But hurry back.”

“I won’t stay a minute longer than I have to.”


“Promise. Now bring your fine self over here and give your man a kiss,” Millsap replied, pulling her close to him.

Cami willingly went into his arms. Her lips parted for that deep kiss she knew he was going to give her.

When the long kiss ended, Millsap grabbed two big handfuls of her bottom and whispered for her ears only, “You have nothing to worry about, my queen. This onion right here keeps me good and faithful. That and the fact that I just love you, girl.”

“I love you, too, Millsap,” Cami whispered back, trying to push past her jealousies and insecurities, even though she still thought they had some merit. “And when you come back, I’m going to give you one of those massages Towanna taught me.”

“I can hardly wait.” Millsap grinned, releasing her, but not before giving her bottom a playful tap. “We won’t be gone long, my queen,” he promised and then went to enlist Little Man’s help with today’s Christmas deliveries.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Jrboss said...

I can understand her being jealous no matter how much you love someone - but with GOD in the mix (with both people) he will curve that spirit of jealously.

Suprina said...

Jrboss: So true. If only Cami and Millsap had God in their mix.