Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 39.4

After a twenty-minute shower, Millsap’s body and hair were now clean. Though the shower sobered him up some, it did nothing for his libido. He wanted Cami now more than ever.

When Millsap reentered the bathroom, he found Cami gone.

Oh, so she don’t want to sleep in the same bed with a brotha now? he mused with a frown, getting angry all over again.

Suddenly Millsap heard something that put a smile on his face. A grin even.

It was the sound of Teddy Pendergrass’ voice coming from the front of the house. A huge fan of 70’s and 80’s music, Cami was sending Millsap a message with Teddy P’s Turn Off The Lights.

I’m coming, my queen, Millsap thought, eager to follow the music to his woman. It was clearly time to make up now.

Assuming that Cami’s father and son were still in the house, Millsap put on a robe before beginning his search. He also took a handful of condoms with him, stuffing them into the front pockets of his long black robe.

Millsap’s search ended in the living room. The Christmas tree lights had been turned back on. Red holiday candles had been lit on the long mantle above. On a red blanket in front of the lighted tree was Cami.

Millsap nearly forgot to breathe when he saw her lying on her stomach, completely nude, except for the white silk bow about her neck. One sniff of the air revealed the potent scent of the edible strawberry oil that Cami’s body now glistened with after her brief shower in the guest bathroom. The letters Y-O-U-R-S were written across her sweet cheeks in whipped cream.

Taking in a deep breath, Millsap saturated his lungs with precious air before speaking. “I’m yours, too, baby. All yours,” he whispered as he came closer.

“Now that’s what a sista likes to hear,” Cami replied, smiling up at him. “By the way, Daddy and Little Man decided to sleepover with the other kids at the boarding house. Which means we have the whole house to ourselves tonight.”

“Good,” Millsap said, undoing his robe before kneeling down beside her on the floor. “Because the things I’m ‘bout to do to you tonight are gonna have you hollering loud enough to wake the neighbors.” Then he lowered his lips to the Y on her onion and slowly licked that letter away.

Cami let out a long moan at his heated actions. She arched her body even more to him, urging him to feast.

Millsap did…thoroughly.

Soon he experienced a different kind of intoxication when he watched Cami go over the edge twice in a row, yelling at the top of her lungs, toes curling and everything. So eager to swim within her depths, Millsap forgot to put on his swimming cap. Both of them.

The moment he dove into the deep end of the pool, he remembered what he’d forgotten. But it was too late. Millsap had already gotten a feel of Cami’s raw goodness. A great feel. An exhilarating feel that had him stilling his body just to relish that special moment.

Cami stilled also. She waited in silence, fully expecting him to retreat at any moment now that he realized that he’d entered her without protection.

Millsap retreated all right. He retreated far enough to slam into her again.

Cami gasped and moaned at his aggression. At the fact that he’d stayed inside to frolic.

The man had stayed inside!

Overwhelmed by that unexpected display of trust, Cami went wild with desire. Her hips moved at lightning speed beneath him. Her thrusts were so forceful that they made a loud slapping sound against his.

Millsap responded in kind, hammering against her with that thug passion that she liked so much. That they both liked so much.

Cami went over the edge again with a loud shout and a violent shudder.

Feeling himself about to follow her, Millsap knew that he should disengage at this point, but it just felt too good. All the delectable squeezing, the warm rivers flowing over his most sensitive part, and the fact that Cami’s legs were wrapped tightly around his waist had him wanting to just stay put…forever.

And so he did stay put, taking no further thought of the fact that Cami stopped taking her birth control pills last month. No, all Millsap could think about right now was how good it felt to finally have no barriers between them. At least no physical barriers since the issue of Daysha had simply been pushed aside for the moment. It had not gone away by any means.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

* * *

To hear Teddy Pendergrass’ Turn Off The Lights:


Paula said...


Yes, I am speechless...............

I am in awe of what just took place between them. THAT IS WHAT I CALL LOVE LADIES............


How did you come up with this scene. I mean is Cami that agile that she can write on her onion. LOL

Millsap you have stepped in forbidden territory. LOL

Suprina said...

Paula: I'm glad you liked this scene. I thought I'd give everyone some warm and fuzzy feelings before everything hits the fan (spoiler).

I came up with that scene the same way I do most of the others - active imagination and inspiration.

Cami used the mirror in the guest bathroom to write on herself.

Remember this scene well, Paula. It's going to come back to haunt a lot of folks.


Joy said...

Haunt alot of folks??? How in the world are you going to use this scene to haunt ALOT of folks? You are some writter 'Prina'

Suprina said...

Joy: Yep! It's gonna haunt a whole LOT of folks. You'll have to find out how many on the VOD.

Thanks for compliment.