Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 39.3

Cami awakened around 4am to the sound of someone coming into the house. She knew it wasn’t her father and Little Man since they opted to stay in her old, unoccupied room at the boarding house for the night. Plus, they didn’t have a key.

No, the person entering the house right now was Millsap. A very drunken Millsap. He’d gone past his drinking limit tonight on account of their earlier argument. It was a miracle he’d gotten home safely.

The fact that Millsap rebuffed Stefan, who offered to drive him home tonight, made his safe arrival even more of a miracle. Did he not care anything about risking his life or those of others?


Millsap didn’t care about anything right now in his drunken stupor. He’d numbed out all of his feelings with alcohol at the club.

Cami pretended to still be asleep when Millsap staggered into the room a few minutes later. She didn’t even open her eyes when he clicked on the overhead light. Instead she kept her blinkers closed and just listened very intently to his movements.

As Millsap undressed, he kept glaring at the lounging woman in the bed. Everyone had asked where Cami was tonight. To keep tongues from wagging too much, he told them that she had suddenly taken ill tonight and decided to stay home.

Few on staff believed him, especially since Cami helped put together most of tonight’s entertainment through her consulting company and would not have missed it unless she was on her deathbed. Entertainment that was free of stripper poles this year, though there had still been scanty clad females about.

Mike-Mike had remained silent on the missing girlfriend issue. Yet he’d given Millsap a knowing look, as if he knew there was trouble in paradise.

Right now Millsap was madder at himself than Cami for even caring that she wasn’t by his side tonight. He was also mad because despite their argument, he still wanted her. Badly.

Just the sight of Cami lying under the covers with her hair tousled from sleep turned him on. Had him cinderblock hard again.

On top of that, despite all the alcohol that Millsap had consumed tonight, just one look at Cami caused an abundance of emotions to wash over him. He felt everything now. Oh, how he loved her.

That’s why Millsap had come here tonight instead of going to his apartment. That’s why he hadn’t accepted invitations to be with other women tonight. Other women who’d wanted to take full advantage of Cami’s absence.

Millsap’s heart, his body only wanted to be with this woman - Cami. Didn’t she know that?

From under her eyelids, Cami watched Millsap staring at her ravenously for the longest time. It both angered and excited her.

Would he do what was obviously on his mind?

What was going to be her response if he did?

Fortunately or unfortunately, Millsap did not disturb Cami. Instead he quickly undressed and went to take a shower. He could not get into bed with the stench of alcohol on his breath or cigarette smoke in his hair from all the smokers who’d been at tonight’s event. Plus, Millsap really needed to cool his body down since Cami was probably still too angry with him to have sex tonight.

Cami heaved a quiet sigh of relief when he finally went into the adjoining bathroom. Now she didn’t have to decide whether to reject or accept his sexual advances.

Suddenly it dawned on Cami that she should be glad that Millsap still wanted her at all. That he could have gone somewhere else tonight and gotten his needs met. That he could have gone to…Daysha.

And just as suddenly, Cami abandoned her anger and changed her attitude about a few things. Quietly getting up from the bed, the determined woman prepared to reward her man for his faithfulness whether it spanned over the last three months of dating or just for tonight.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...


God Bless

Paula said...

Not the make up I was looking for but I guess for them it will break the ice.

Suprina said...

Paula: What kind of make up were you looking for? Just curious.


Paula said...

Not really sure. LOL

I guess I was not expecting him to come back. I can honestly say that I have underestimated Millsap's love for Cami. I guess this is the reason why the make up was not what I expected.

I just hope that they talk about everything before DAYSHA THE TRIFLING MAN SEEKER comes into play.

Suprina said...

Paula: Yes, it seems as if you have underestimated Millsap's affection. That man is truly in love. His pride wanted him to stay away, but his heart wouldn't let him.

About that Daysha thing, *sighing*...we'll all just have to see, because things are going to get even uglier before they get better (spoiler).