Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 39.2

“You’ve been checking my cell phone messages?” Millsap asked Cami, confident that she couldn’t read the contents of those messages since he had an automatic lock feature on his phone. However, she could recognize familiar numbers on the display panel.

“Yes,” Cami admitted with jealousy coursing through her veins like thick green sludge. “I started after Daysha came to your apartment one day while I was there and told me that the two of you still had something going on. I didn’t want to believe her at first, but your phone log seems to indicate that there’s still some kind of connection between the two of you. Now I want to know what it is, Millsap.”

His frown deepened at her demanding tone. “Daysha and I still have two things in common - her son and my mother. You already know that I coach Jeremiah, what you don’t know is that Daysha is the nurse that took care of my mother after her stroke. For those two reasons alone, I’m gonna always be tight with her.”

“Tight enough to have sex with her?”

“No. I only want to have sex with you, Cami.”

Cami rolled her eyes. “Sure you do.”

“Okay, I see we need to go home for the rest of this conversation,” Millsap said, forsaking the second half of Bonz and Racker’s party as he made a U-turn in the street. Unlike his parents, he wasn’t about to have a public argument and put their disagreements on display for everyone to see.

“To which home? The one you set me up in? Or the one in the country that you probably took Daysha to? The same one that I didn’t even know about until today.” Cami folded her arms across her chest and sulked.

“Think what you want to think, Cami,” Millsap said, tired of explaining himself already. “I know I’m not cheating on you. And for the record, Daysha doesn’t even know about my country home. Only my closest family, Mike-Mike, and Franco know about it.”

“Yeah, right.” Cami scoffed in disbelief, missing the hidden message that Millsap only told those he trusted immensely about his home in the country. The fact that she now knew about it meant that he’d placed her among the trusted few. Or rather had trusted her since she’d just proven herself to be untrustworthy again.

As they rode in silence for the rest of the ride, Millsap’s jaw set in anger. He brooded, inwardly fuming about this unexpected reappearance of the old Cami. About her accusing him of cheating when he had gone out of his way these last few months to prove that she was the only woman he wanted.

Had Cami forgotten that Millsap didn’t say, ‘I love you’, to just anybody? Didn’t she recognize his level of commitment to her, even though he hadn’t officially moved in yet or popped the marital question?

Beside Millsap, Cami was silently fuming about his continual attachment to Daysha. About the firmness in which he indicated that he would always be connected to his ex-lover via her son and his mother, regardless of how Cami felt about it.

As a result of her anger concerning those things, she turned to Millsap and said, “I’m not going to the Playas Ball tonight.”

“You’re not what?!” Millsap was livid now. That wily move was definitely like the old Cami. The one he couldn’t stand.

“You heard me. I’m staying home tonight,” Cami replied, despite the fact that she’d worked just as hard as everybody else at the club in planning tonight’s event.

“Fine!” Millsap retorted, determined not to be controlled by her attitude or manipulations.

When they finally arrived at Cami’s house, she undressed and got into bed while Millsap went to shower. She refused to even look at him when he came out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist and changed into the new suit he’d bought for the Playas Ball. Instead she kept her eyes on the television straight ahead. Cami didn’t even say goodbye to the man on his way out.

Millsap didn’t say goodbye either, proving that he could be just as stubborn as she could.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

Okay, Cami lost control of her emotions on this one. You can address an issue without picking a fight... she is just being spitful.

God Bless

Paula said...

Joy, I am going to have to disagree with you on the way Cami is acting.

She is not being spitful at all. This man just told her I LOVE YOU and then defended his ex. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

His explanation for why he still has contact with DAYSHA is unacceptable. Yes, he can coach her son and be thankful for her help in his mothers recovery, but he will not defend her when she is derespecting Cami.

He is condoning her behavior of DISRESPECTING CAMI!

Cami was doing the best thing by not going to the Playa's Ball. It would have ended up just like it did the last time.

She has a RIGHT to be angry and frustrated at him. He is defending this TRIFLING WOMAN.

Millsap is being the ignorant one here. He tells her he is exclusive but is he really?

Joy said...


I am not condoning Millsap's behavior at all. I don't apreciate his relationship with Daysha either. What I am saying is that if Camie wants a healthy relationship with this man then she needs to foster healthy communication. I think that she needs to address the issue but it is only conterproductive to become 'huffy' and 'spiteful'.. that will only push him further away. Sure Millsap needs to change... agree with that. But the man is already stretching himself to even be in a committed relationship. Cami should understand this and approach the issue in a calm, rational, mature way. She needs to recognize that he is trying to overcome fears of being controled and manipulated by her. Cami is being short sighted.

God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy and Paula: Y'all both right. Cami AND Millsap are in the wrong in this situation. Cami, for not addressing this issue sooner. Millsap, for not cutting Daysha off completely (despite their remaining ties) since it is obvious she still wants him.


P.S. I'm so proud of y'all for disagreeing so amicably. You ladies rock!

Paula said...

I am happy that we can disagree amicably too. I think in that aspect I have grown a lot. I love the insight that Joy brings.

Thanks JOY!

Suprina said...

Paula: You go, girl, growing and everything. And yes, Joy does bring a great deal of insight to the picture. All of you do. My life is enriched because of it.