Friday, October 17, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 38.1

If Cami wasn’t already in love with Millsap, she definitely would be in love with him now. First of all, the man literally made all of today’s legal problems go away. Away as in gone, disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Not only did Millsap promptly get Cami out of jail, the lawyer he had on retainer made sure that no charges were filed against her. It helped that there were several eyewitnesses who saw Leza throw the first blow. Which meant the college student might spend a little bit more time in jail tonight, especially since Cami decided to press charges.

The second lovable thing Millsap did was take care of Cami’s car. He made sure the red Lexus sedan was released from impound and that it still had all of its original contents inside, including the shopping bags in the trunk. Millsap also made sure someone other than Cami drove her vehicle home since he wanted her in the car with him.

That designated driver was Mike-Mike, who was all grins about Cami’s victory over Leza. He even took off his gold buckled belt and presented it to her as a prize before they left the police station.

And Mike-Mike kept calling Cami ‘Laila Ali Jr’. Kept saying, ‘Down goes Frazier. Down goes Frazier’, in the voice of Howard Cosell when George Foreman knocked Joe Frazier to the boxing mat nearly two minutes into the first round.

That funny impression brought a smile to Cami’s face. Produced a chuckle from her throat.

The third lovable thing Millsap did was hold Cami close in the car. He talked soothingly to her the whole way home. He went from assuring her that this incident would not work against her in the upcoming custody hearing to telling her that he was not angry about the fact that she hadn’t gotten along with his mother today.

Millsap knew what kind of mother he had. He knew that Bonnie would try anything to get more funding for her unnecessary spending, even more so now that her weekly allowance had been reduced. Millsap even went so far as to tell Cami that he was proud of her for sticking up for herself with his mother and with Leza.

Yet it was Millsap’s fourth lovable thing that really ministered to Cami’s soul. It occurred when they finally got home.

While Mike-Mike was in the kitchen fixing himself a snack and recapping today’s fight to Tonja on the phone, Millsap escorted Cami to the master suite.

In the bedroom, Cami immediately plopped down on the bed, tired after her extremely long day.

“Uh-uh. Stand up, baby,” Millsap said, pulling her back up on her feet.

“I’m tired, Millsap,” Cami replied, reluctantly standing upright again.

“I know, baby, but you’ll only stand for a few minutes. Just long enough for me to get a good look at you and make sure every part of you is all right.” As Millsap spoke, his hands were already moving to undress her.

Hearing the concern in his voice, Cami became extremely compliant. The tingles began soon thereafter as Millsap slowly removed one piece of clothing after the other from her body. He closely examined her skin, looking for scratches and scrapes, checking for bruises and bite marks.

“You hardly got a bruise or a scratch on you,” Millsap said, kneeling to the floor to take off her shoes.

“I’m glad about that,” Cami said a bit on the husky side. There was something highly stimulating about this large man being so humbly at her feet.

“Me, too. Oops. I spoke too soon,” Millsap said, noting a dark bruise on the back of her right leg. He scowled. Rolled a harsh expletive off his tongue. “Now I want to blacken one of Leza’s eyes,” he practically growled out, angrily flinging Cami’s shoes towards the wicker chair in the southwest corner of the bedroom. Her clothes had been courteously placed in that chair when his mood was lighter.

Cami smiled at his protective side. “You wouldn’t hit a woman, Millsap. Besides, the black eye and beat down I gave Leza was enough for her to remember me for a long time to come.”

“You’re right on both accounts. Yes, Leza is gonna remember that beat down for a long time. And no, I wouldn’t hit a woman.” Millsap leaned in to feather kiss the bruise on her leg before turning his attention to her calves. “However, I’m not above hiring another woman to do the job for me.” In fact, before her stroke, Bonnie used to be one of those women a man could call upon for such a task…for a hefty price, of course.

Cami shuddered from Millsap’s tenderness, not from his callus words, though they were in direct contradiction to that tenderness. She knew what kind of man she had. She knew that Millsap didn’t take lightly any wrong done to him or those he cared about.

Instead of being afraid, Cami felt comforted by his protectiveness. She also felt very, very turned on. Especially from the way Millsap kept stroking her calves in a soothing up and down motion.

“I’m not so tired anymore, baby,” Cami said huskily, hinting that she was up for some loving if he was.

Millsap smiled up at her. “That’s good to know. But a brotha got a few more things to take care of first before we get into that.” He stood to his feet.

“What things? I hope you’re not going to sic anybody on Leza. I’m satisfied with my own victory, Millsap. Besides, the girl has final exams in a couple of weeks. She can take them with a black eye. She can’t with broken arms,” Cami said, showing Leza more compassion than she would have shown her. Cami was even thinking about dropping all charges in order to spread seeds of mercy around like those that had been sown in her own life.

Millsap chuckled. “Leza is not on my agenda in any way, baby. Like you said before, you took care of that situation all by yourself. There’s no need for me to add to it. No, I was thinking about things that had nothing to do with revenge.”

“Again, what things?” Cami asked.

“Wait and see,” Millsap replied with a sly smile.

Then he led Cami to the bathroom where he ran her a soothing bath, poured her favorite bath salts into the water, and then lovingly placed her in the tub. Millsap left the bathroom for a few minutes to get her a glass of wine from the kitchen.

“Soak, sip, and relax until I get back from dropping Mike-Mike off,” Millsap told her as he handed over the tall flute of red wine.

“Will, do, baby. Will do,” Cami replied, receiving the glass with a grateful smile on her face and love in her eyes.

At that potent look, Millsap moaned. He paused for a few short moments, wrestling with himself about whether to leave or not right now. Finally he said, “Rest up while you can, baby. ‘Cause when I come back, it’s gonna be on like popcorn.”

“You got that right,” Cami replied, giving him a ravenous look that made him pause with indecision yet again before actually leaving as planned.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


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Either way, the free part of this story will END soon after Cami or Millsap gets saved. So just keep that in mind.


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