Friday, October 17, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 37.3

Millsap was playing pool at Mike-Mike’s house when he got a most disturbing phone call from Cami.

“Baby, can you come pick me up?” she asked, using her required one phone call from the local precinct. “I’m in the 14th street jail.”

“In jail?!” Millsap bellowed, causing Mike-Mike’s eyes to leave the stack of balls he just broke with his cue stick and snap his way instead.

“Yeah, I had to beat down that heifer—”

“You beat down my mama?!” Millsap interrupted, assuming the worst. After all, the two women were last seen together. And knowing Bonnie, she probably got very flippant with her mouth at some point.

Mike-Mike’s mouth dropped open in shock now. His eyes grew wide in their sockets. The colorful balls scattered on the pool table were long forgotten.

“No, I left Bonnie at the restaurant an hour ago. I beat down that other heifer Leza. She put her hands on me first. So I had to let her know what time it was,” Cami explained. “Anyway, can you come get me please? A sista is really starting to have prison flashbacks up in here.” She omitted telling him how frisky the male officer had been with her as he patted her down.

Millsap sighed in relief, so glad that today’s altercation hadn’t been with his mother. “I’m on my way right now, baby.”

“Did I just hear correctly? Is Cami in jail for beating up your mama?” Mike-Mike asked as soon as his friend hung up the phone.

“No, but I think they might have argued or something, because Cami left Mama at some restaurant instead of taking her back home,” Millsap explained, returning his cell phone to his left jean pocket. “Cami’s in jail for fighting Leza. You know, that college chick who quit the club just so she could date me.”

“I remember Leza. Remember how much I didn’t like her, too,” Mike-Mike said. “Anyway, Leza as a contender makes a lot more sense than it being Miss Bonnie. I mean, I know your mama had that stroke and all, but she can still take down the average man. Cami would be completely out of her league with Miss Bonnie.”

“Maybe not.” Millsap grinned, heading for the front door. “Remember my girl did that five-spot behind bars. No doubt some of them chicks in prison were way bigger than my mama. Tougher, too.”

“Which means Cami had no choice but to get tough, too, or get got,” Mike-Mike inserted, following behind him.

“Exactly,” Millsap replied, briefly looking back over his shoulder. “I’m kinda proud of my baby for standing up for herself and holding her own today.” His grin returned. “The only thing I hate about all this is that this arrest is not going to look too good in the courts’ eyes,” he added, frowning now. He pulled his cell phone back out of his pocket.

Mike-Mike winced. “I see your point. This is bad timing.”

“Exactly, which is why I’m calling our lawyer right now,” Millsap replied, pausing at the front door to press the number to speed dial the lawyer that all of the generals used. The same lawyer that the generals met with earlier today about personal legal matters.

“Smart move. By the way, mind if I tag along? I want to congratulate Laila Ali Jr. in person for her win today.” Mike-Mike chuckled, finding the whole thing funny now. Extremely funny, now that their competent lawyer was about to get involved and work everything out as usual.

Millsap laughed. “You might as well. You’re already halfway out the house with me now,” he replied, right before their well-paid barrister came on the line.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...


God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: Yep! More to come, too.

Paula said...


Paula said...


Subrina said...

Awww Prina I just knew it was Daysha because you said that we've heard the last of Leeza after the furniture store issue I believe...Anyway you fooled me's all good though...Good night everyone.

Suprina said...

Paula: So violent! lol. And I love Millsap too.

Subrina: I went back and researched what I actually said about Leza in order to make sure I didn't steer you wrong.

What I said was, "As you can probably tell by now, we are pretty much done with Leza. She may do a cameo later, but she is officially no longer a threat to Millsap and Cami (spoiler)." (See Ch. 22.6)

I didn't say that she wouldn't be a threat to CAMI, just not to Cami's relationship with Millsap. Sorry for the confusion.

And for the record, Leza will do one more cameo after this, but again she won't be a threat to their relationship.

Hope that clears things up.