Friday, October 17, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 36.3

On Friday, Cami came home from her day job dog-tired. Having just made it through the three-month probationary period at the Solace Hotel, she was given a significant raise and a bonus for her outstanding service.

Cami was also given more responsibility. Now she was part of the team that trained all new custodians how to properly clean the rooms at the Solace Hotel.

Today Cami trained five new people during her eight-hour shift. Make that a ten-hour shift, because she stayed two hours longer just to make sure one particular challenging new employee got the bed changing procedures just right. On top of all that, Cami had been plagued with cramps all day.

Millsap took one look at her face when she walked through the door and instantly knew that she’d had a hard day at work. He also knew he would likely not be getting that lasagna dinner she promised him before she left for work this morning.

“Want me to cook dinner instead, baby?” Millsap volunteered. “I’m more of a breakfast man myself, but I do all right with dinner meals, too. Especially Creole food since my father is originally from Louisiana and taught me every recipe he knows. Either that or I can call in some take-out.”

Cami gave him a loving smile for being so considerate. “Thanks, baby, but a promise is a promise. Just let me shower, take a couple of Midols, and rest for an hour. After that, I should be good to go,” she said, turning to head for her bedroom.

At the mentioning of a favorite female source of pain relief, Millsap knew that he wasn’t going to be getting any sex tonight either. Cami was clearly having one of her women’s days.

Had this been another woman, Millsap would have just gone home after hearing that little tidbit. The mood swings, the complaints about bloating, and the lack of sexual interest would have warranted some type of excuse for him to leave.

Millsap hated to be around women when they were like that. His mother had been extra evil during her women’s days. From beginning to end.

But for some reason Millsap stayed put tonight. For some reason, he just wanted to be around Cami, even if she did behave witchy, which so far she hadn’t. It was at that moment that Millsap realized that his love for Cami went deeper than her ability to satisfy him in the bedroom or make him laugh. That he really did love who she was as a person.

True to her word, Cami was refreshed after an hour of rest and ready to cook that meal she promised him. Millsap spent that hour lounging beside her, watching her sleep more than he did the television set on the other side of the bedroom.

Cami was just so pretty to him. Millsap could see how people deemed her Aaliyah’s look-alike from the neck up. They had the same facial bone structure, features, and flawless complexion.

There were a few exceptions though. Aaliyah’s eyelashes were black and her hair was longer. Cami’s eyelashes contained an odd mixture of sandy and black lashes. Millsap knew that she wanted them to be all black, which is why she wore black mascara and fake black lashes when going out sociably. Her hair was deliberately kept short. Millsap asked why over dinner.

“Have you ever thought about letting your hair grow back out?” he asked, after swallowing another tasty mouthful of cheesy lasagna. They both were in pajamas by now. He was dressed in black. Cami was dressed in red - the color that she only wore during her women’s days.

At his question, one of Cami’s hands self-consciously went up to her short locks. “Yes, but after keeping it short in the joint for convenience sakes, I got used to the length and just kept it that way when I got out. Why? You don’t like my hair short?”

“As long as your hair is fixed, I like it any way you wear it…during non-sex hours,” Millsap explained. “During sex hours, I want it on your shoulders and down your back. I can’t explain it, but there is just something sexy about seeing a woman’s hair swiping across her breasts or back, based on the position, that just turns me on.”

Cami grew thoughtful. Quick images of Daysha’s long tresses flashed in her mind. Leza had worn her hair long at times, too, but her locks had been fake. There was no way Cami was going to let them outdo her in Millsap’s eyes.

“I’ll grow it back, but only if you promise to regularly send me to a salon to keep it up,” Cami negotiated after breaking her silence. “As you know, long hair requires a lot more fuss and maintenance.”

Millsap grinned. “I know,” he said, holding up a handful his long locks. “That’s why I opened up an account for you at Aisha’s shop today. Except you’ll be going every week instead of once a month like me.”

Cami squealed with delight. She rose and leaned across the wooden kitchen nook table to give him a big kiss of gratitude. Had this been any other week, that kiss would have surely led to something else.

I may have to spend the next five to seven nights at my place after all, Millsap mused, unsure if he could trust himself around this sexy woman. Nah, I’m staying put, he quickly decided, unwilling to forgo the opportunity to watch Cami sleep beside him again even if no sex was involved.

Oh, yes, this dude was definitely in love.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Okay, going to bed now. More later.


Joy said...

I really like these posts. I how sincere Millsap is towards Cami.

"It was at that moment that Millsap realized that his love for Cami went deeper than her ability to satisfy him in the bedroom or make him laugh. That he really did love who she was as a person."

That is WONDERFULL I hope Cami gains an understanding of how much Millsap loves her. To know that you are loved on you good days or your bad one. To be sure that you are loved DESPITE all your short commings. It is is the best... truly the best...

God bless

Jrboss said...

Way to go Millsap..being considerate an all LOL. Some men are too selfish to try and understand women. That's some love tha.

Suprina said...

Joy: I'm glad you liked this post so much. I did, too. And I agree with everything you said about having somebody love you that way.

Jrboss: I'm so feeling Millsap right now that it ain't funny. The brotha still ain't perfect by far, but he is 'good people' like they say in GA.

To all: Remember this post for therein lies hints to things that will play a big part of the story later on.

Also this scene is a bit of a snapshot out of my own life. My hubby watches me while I sleep. *getting a little emotional now thinking about it*

The first time I realized it, it was kinda overwhelming. Especially with him having that thug side like Bonz and Millsap. Now I'm more used to waking up and finding his eyes on me. Sometimes I'm tempted to fake sleep longer just to watch him watching me. *whispering*...but you ain't heard that from me. LOL!

All in all, stuff like that makes me want to give the brotha another chance when he messes up. It helps me to overlook or at least be more tolerant of his shortcomings.

Just sharing...


PS. Any special little things that your men do that really speaks to your hearts?

Jrboss said...

There's a couple of things.

1. I feel him caress me in my sleep. He says he does that to quiet me down when I'm having bad dreams or just restless. I've awaken to him caressing me and humming real softly to me.

2. My husband is ill. He's only 38 but he has so many health problems. Congestive heart failure, diabetes, partial renal failure and gastro-phersis just to name a few. So he's trying to get on disability and as you know they are sending us the the ringer but through GOD ALL things are possible (tearing up). Anyhoo, with me being the only financial support, my husband (through bouts of nausea, fatigue and sometimes not always shortness of breathe)has dinner waiting for me every night. Weather it's sandwiches and chips to chicken and rice, he makes sure I have something and don't have to do anything but eat and unwind. And I really love him for that.

Suprina said...

Jrboss: Girl, you made a sista's eyes water with your comments. OMG! Your husband is soooooooo sweet! I love that he actually soothes you when you're having bad dreams. And hums, too? Now that's a keeper.

I'm putting your hubby on my prayer list about those health issues.

As for him making you dinner, despite all his health challenges, just warms my heart. I think I love him for that, too.