Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 35.2

After a short nap and a joint shower, Millsap and Cami put their hotel suite back in order. Then after sharing a light meal via room service, they dressed in the extra clothes they’d brought with them and went to socialize a little bit more.

Most everyone had coupled off in their various rooms by now. However, there were a few men who’d come just to drink, eat, and fellowship. Those were the ones still in the recreation room where card games, video games, and chess games were being played.

Millsap joined the men in a game of Spades while Cami served as impromptu bartender for them. When she wasn’t preparing her version of their favorite drinks, putting to use what she’d learned from watching Stefan, she was sitting in Millsap’s lap per his request. He didn’t seem to want to be too far from the woman he loved. The only woman he’d ever been in love with.

When Cami and Millsap finally returned to their room hours later, they made love all over again. As they cuddled, Cami shared the results of the text message she received from her father while they’d been away from the room. A message that detailed how Frank recently petitioned the courts on Cami’s behalf. How the authorities decided that she could get full custody of Little Man again after six more months of steady employment, a steady residence, and her participation in an approved evaluation from a court appointed counselor.

“We’re going to throw a big party for your boy when he comes home,” Millsap said after hearing that good news.

Cami chuckled. “You’re already planning a party and I haven’t even done any of the stuff they’re requiring yet.”

“But you will,” Millsap said, showing more faith in her than she had in herself.

“Thanks for the boost of confidence, baby,” Cami replied with glistening eyes. “And that’s just one of the reasons I love you so much.”

“Name a few more.”

Cami leaned in to kiss Millsap’s hard bare chest. “That’s another reason.” Her lips traveled down to his hard abs. “That’s another reason,” she said after tasting his bellybutton. At his loud moan, Cami lifted her eyes to his. “Need me to show you any more reasons?”

“Show me as many as you can think of, my queen,” Millsap whispered huskily, so glad that he finally found a woman to match his considerable stamina.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier

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