Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 34.2

Cami had just closed the fridge when she heard the door to their suite slam close. A few seconds later, Millsap appeared before her looking angrier than she’d ever seen him.

“Don’t you ever answer another door like that again!” he raged. “I don’t want everybody seeing what I got.”

Cami’s brows rose. “This lingerie covers up the same amount of flesh as my bikini did at Mike-Mike’s party. I didn’t hear you complaining then,” she countered, quickly becoming angry, too.

“You didn’t belong to me then. I had no say in what you wore,” Millsap said. “Besides, where’s your self-respect? A decent woman would have known to put on a robe before opening any outer door.”

“A decent woman?!” Tears sprung to Cami’s eyes, but none fell. Her nostrils flared with ire. She knew she wasn’t perfect, but one thing she couldn’t stand was someone looking down at her. Especially someone that claimed to love her!

“Earlier I was the cleanest woman you ever met,” Cami went on to remind him. “Now I’m a nasty skank who ain’t got enough sense to cover up before opening a door.”

“I didn’t say—”

“Well, it’s kinda hard to get back into the decency of civilian life after spending five long years in a place where I had no privacy at all,” Cami interrupted, too full of anger to listen to him right now. “A place where cavity searches are an everyday thing for some guards. A place where they strip a new piece of self-respect from you everyday, if you were lucky enough to have any when you walked through the door in the first place. So excuse the heck out of me for not having enough modesty for you!” she concluded, amazed that she hadn’t said one curse word in her heated disclosure. Her father and son would have been so proud of her for that feat.

“I’m sorry, Cami—”

“Keep your sorry, Millsap!” Cami retorted, interrupting him again. “No need to waste your time apologizing to somebody you think is beneath you.” She moved to walk past him. “I’m ready to go home…right now!”

“Come here, girl.” Millsap’s swift hands grabbed her and pulled her to him before she could get away. “Apologizing to you is not a waste of my time. Neither are you,” he said, looking directly down into her eyes as he held her stiff frame against him. “Plus, I’m the last person to look down on anybody considering my own past and most of my present. So again, I say I’m sorry. Can you forgive a brotha for being insensitive and jealous?”

Cami’s body instantly relaxed at those sincere words. Yet she took a few extra moments to speak. “Yeah. I can forgive you,” she said after her elongated silence. Her smile revealed that forgiveness. Then she took a deep breath and did a bit of apologizing on her own. “I’m sorry for giving you cause for jealousy, Millsap. Next time, I’ll make sure I’m fully covered before answering any doors.”

Millsap smiled in relief. “Now that’s what a brotha likes to hear. By the way, do you still want to go home?” His hands lowered to her bottom for a firm squeeze. “All that passion you just displayed got a brotha wanting to get up in you quick.” He bent to plant a loving kiss on her neck. “I don’t think I can wait ‘til we get home to have you again. I can barely wait for a shower now, much less a bath.”

Cami moaned. “I can’t wait either, baby. But if it’s a shower you want, it’s a shower you gonna get,” she said, withdrawing from him.

Millsap thought Cami was about to head to the bathroom. No, she went towards the fridge instead. Retrieving the bottle of Patron, she made fast work of opening it. Soon the front of Millsap’s body was saturated with tequila as she sprayed from his neck down. Before he could say a word, she rushed him and attacked his wet torso with her eager lips and hands.

Pinned between her and the wall, Millsap felt Cami strip away his defenses as her greedy mouth moved over his skin, drinking tequila from his pores in a downward descent. When he went over the edge, he did so with a loud howl that could be heard clear out into the hallway.

Ready to return the favor, Millsap had Cami lie down on a large towel. Using her belly button as a shot glass, he received the ultimate buzz before descending upon her other slopes and valleys in a way that had Cami quivering with ecstasy beneath him. Not once, but twice back to back.

When the moment of union finally arrived, Millsap donned their protection and joined her to the hilt in one smooth motion. Too turned on right now to take her on a slow ascent to ecstasy, he behaved like a racehorse that had just heard the starting pistol.

Millsap covered every inch of Cami’s racetrack…thoroughly. Her avid hips cheered him on, urging him to make them both winners tonight. He did, causing them to go over the edge quickly…together. They won the biggest prize tonight, the Triple Crown, for that race.

Not quite through with Millsap yet, Cami soon took the position of power. Holding two fistfuls of dreadlocks, she rode him until they both were spent, sated…and hoarse.

Did they ever make it to a real shower?

Yes. Later. Much later.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

Okay, I apologize too Cami, I imagine prison can truly change a person.

God Bless

Suprina said...

Going to take another break now (on babysitting detail soon). This will give everyone a chance to calm down, including me. lol. Especially since there is more drama on the horizon…or rather a few surprising revelations.

Stay tuned…

Suprina said...

Joy: I knew you would see things differently once Cami explained herself.


Suprina said...

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