Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 34.1

“Ooo…wee,” Franco said when the door opened and his eyes lit upon Cami in that sexy black lingerie.

Cami chuckled at his reaction. There wasn’t an ounce of embarrassment in her body at answering the door in her underwear. Prison had knocked all modesty out of her. Man or woman, Cami could walk around naked in front of them all without feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable.

“What can I do for you, Franco?” Cami asked, unable to get out of her serving mode even though she no longer worked at the club.

One of Franco’s brows rose at the question. “Nothing while you’re with my boy. But if things don’t work out between you two…” He let that low-spoken sentence hang and at the same time, sending her a clear message about his continued interest in her.

Cami nodded in understanding. Though Millsap was the only man she wanted, it was good to know she had other options if things turned sour. Especially if Daysha turned out to be a bigger problem than she already was.

Who could blame Cami for wanting to have a backup plan?

“I came down here to bring y’all some more drink,” Franco said, speaking in his normal voice now. He held up two bottles of Patron and Hennessey. “That way, y’all can get your drink on right.”

“Ain’t nobody trying get drunk tonight,” Cami said, reaching for the bottles anyway. She wasn’t one to turn down freebies. Besides, she just thought of a little fun she could have with her man’s favorite drink.

“I see you kept that Goose for yourself,” Millsap suddenly said from behind them.

After hearing Franco’s loud ‘ooo-wee’, he’d come to investigate. Besides seeing Cami’s clear lack of self-respect by answering the door in next to nothing, he’d seen the subtle flirting that transpired between her and his partner. Jealousy had flamed hotly in Millsap’s veins because of it. It was still flowing through them now, though he refused to show it.

“You know Grey Goose is my thing. I can’t share that with nobody,” Franco replied, still openly admiring Cami’s voluptuous frame.

In Franco’s mind, Cami was still just a trick. In his mind, she was just passing through Millsap’s life, especially with him still so tied to a respectable woman like Daysha. The fact that Millsap brought Daysha’s son to Farrell’s recent birthday party gave even more validity to Franco’s assumptions.

“I don’t like the Goose anyway,” Millsap said, subtly easing in front of Cami in the doorway. He would make sure she at least put on a robe before answering any door next time. “Cami, baby, go put our drinks on chill while I talk to Franco,” Millsap continued, smoothly finding a reason for her to leave the doorway altogether.

“All right, but I may need a little incentive to obey,” Cami flirted, putting her arms about his waist as she rubbed her body sensually up against his bare back.

Smiling, Millsap turned around in her arms and gave her a deep kiss that was both possessive and tender. It left them both breathless. “Need any more incentive?” he asked when they finally broke apart.

“Yeah. Just a little bit more.” Cami made a sensual half-turn, sticking out her thong-laden bottom at the end. “Jumpstart that thang for me, baby.”

With full understanding of what she meant, Millsap’s right palm connected with Cami’s lower left cheek.


That playful little tap provoked a moan from Cami’s mouth and a hefty jiggle from her bottom. It also jumpstarted her stride towards the fridge.

Millsap’s eyes followed that jiggle for a few seconds as she walked away. His body hardened all over again, despite his secret ire.

Behind him, Franco grinned in the doorway, loving every bit of that playful display. He couldn’t wait until it was his turn to play with Cami. He planned to do a little bit more than smack her bottom when he got his chance with her.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

I know y'all seeing all this trouble brewing up ahead, right?

Be mindful of all the little hints I'm throwing out now that elude to some of the bigger issues to come. Some y'all are catching. Others NOBODY seems to be picking up. Or at least aren't saying anything about.

Remember no writer worth his/her salt is writing stuff in scenes just to be writing it. It all means something, all affects the plot in some way, shape, form, or fashion.

By the way, I think God operates like that, too. That everything He allows to happens in our lives, every person He sends our way is there for a reason, big or small. What do y'all think on the matter?


Joy said...

Calm down Joy...... just calm down!

I knewwww she should have NOT answered the door in her underwear! That is why Franco see's Cami as a 'trick' is because only a 'trick' would answer the DOOR IN HER UNDERWEAR!!

Why.. in.. the.. heck is Millsap taking Daysha's son anywhere... at the very least he should have DISCUSSED it with Cami first. DISHONESTY!!!

I know it is wrong, but if I were Millsap I would punch Franco RIGHT IN THE FACE... why??? So that I wold be SURE to KNOCK THOSE THOUGHTS RIGHT OUT OF HIS HEAD!

Cami does not need to have a 'back up' - and CERTAINLY NOT FRANCO! When you have a back up then you are not giving your all to your current relationship.

To answer your question Prina....


God Bless

Mable said...

What in world is going on?? Millsap
need to check yo boy and yo gurl. Use that streets smart bro.

I am loving it sis I love to see how God fix drama.

Suprina said...

Mable: Yes, Millsap should have checked both of them. But will he?

I look forward to seeing how this all is gonna work out, too, sista. Especially since I'm following God's leading on this story, which means what I thought was going to happen next, might not.

Stay tuned...