Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 33.3

As usual, Millsap and his crew of generals, captains, and street soldiers reserved a whole floor of a local hotel. Doing so afforded them the privacy they needed in order to do whatever with whomever they desired.

Members of their bodyguard crew were on duty in the hotel parking lot. They only used bodyguards when things were not on the up and up at an event or when they needed to keep things on the up and up. Tonight the bodyguards were needed for both reasons.

Millsap took one of the corner rooms all the way at the end of the hallway – away from the suite that housed all the booze and get-high. Away from the stripper room. Even away from the card parties going on in the recreation suite four doors down.

By now it was obvious that Millsap liked his privacy. He only showed up for these events in order to keep a sense of comradeship going among the troops. After making his rounds in every social suite with his lady on his arm, he took Cami to the room they would share for the night.

Incidentally, Cami refrained from even entering the get-high room, opting to socialize with the small group of people gathered in the hallway instead. She was an ex-con for one thing and couldn’t be around any types of illegal substances without risking her freedom again. Secondly, Cami had never been a drug user anyway. Had only associated with people in the drug game for the financial benefits.

Millsap wasn’t a drug user either. From the get-high room, he retrieved a bottle of Cristal, outright refusing the offers of pill-popping ecstasy users.

Millsap and Cami didn’t need a pill to get or keep them in the mood. They got into the mood just from looking at one another. Just from thinking about one another. In fact, as soon as Millsap closed the door to their private suite, they flew into each other’s arms. The kiss they shared lasted a full minute.

“Nobody kisses like you, baby,” Cami confessed breathlessly when the long kiss finally ended.

“I got a whole night full of kisses just waiting for you, my queen.”

“Oh, you do?” Cami asked, withdrawing from him. “Well, I got a whole night of a few things waiting for you, too.” Then she unzipped the tight black dress she’d worn tonight, peeled it off and let it fall to the floor at her stiletto clad feet.

Millsap moaned at the sexy black thong set Cami wore. The top showed off her full melons. The bottom showed off her full onion.

Millsap was so tempted to take her right now, especially when she turned around and gave him a full view of that onion. But he refrained. He wanted to wash the smoke smell off his body first, especially after being among the blunt-smokers in the get-high room.

“Let me go run us a bath, a’ight?” Millsap finally said, including her in on the deal for pleasure’s sake. “We gonna get real clean first and then…” He licked his lips and reached down to grab a large handful of her soft bottom. “Then we gonna get real dirty,” he concluded, giving her a firm squeeze.

Despite the tingles at Millsap’s words and hands, Cami looked back at him in wonder. She could have sworn he was about to take her right then and there. She’d wanted him to.

“You’re the cleanest thug I’ve ever met.” Cami chuckled, turning around to face him again. “Sometimes I wonder if you are borderline OCD or something.”

Millsap laughed. “I may be borderline OCD, but what I won’t be is sick or diseased. Don’t even want a head cold. By the way, you’re pretty clean yourself. In fact, I ain’t never met a cleaner woman. Even the space between your toes is clean.”

Cami’s eyes bucked. “You checked between my toes?”

“Yep.” Millsap grinned, showing no shame in his game. He turned and walked farther into the large bathroom, heading straight for the tub area. He removed his black and blue dress shirt in the process.

“When?” Cami followed him to the bathroom.

“While you was sleeping during our very first night together. I found no toe jam in sight. A brotha was real pleased about that.” Millsap bent down to run a few long fingers along the surface of the tub to see just how clean it was.

Cami chuckled. “Glad I passed your test of cleanliness.”

Millsap looked over his left shoulder at her. “You wouldn’t be my lady if you hadn’t.”

Just then, a knock sounded on the door of their suite.

“I’ll get it,” Cami said, being the closer of them to the outer door.

“Cool.” Instead of immediately turning back to inspect the tub, Millsap took a moment to watch her switch away, enjoying the hearty bounce to the full.

She’s even finer than her cousin now, he said, comparing Cami’s body to Delia’s, which he hadn’t done in a long time.

Though Delia was hippier, Cami had more junk in her trunk. In short, her bottom stuck out farther than her cousin’s.

On top of that, Cami’s waist was smaller, but that was only because she’d had considerably less children than Delia. Last Millsap heard, Delia had given birth to twins, bringing her child count up to five, excluding the two miscarriages she had. Cami had only been pregnant once in her whole life.

I can’t wait to get up in that again, Millsap mused, thinking that maybe a shower was in order instead of a bath. Anything to help speed things along.

If only Cami had practiced a little more discretion before opening that suite door.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Sorry about leaving you on a hook, but I need to take a break now and do some other things. Be back later this afternoon. Maybe around 5pm my time.



Jrboss said...

Please tell me that she put something on before she opened the door. Or maybe she should have asked "Who Is It"....I smell trouble.

Anonymous said...

suprina, ain't rite leaving a sista hanging there...i'm asking myself a thousand who is at the door!!! i really hope it's not Daysha, on the other hand if it is then the show is on. 'bout time not Cami but Millsap tells her off once and fer all - the nerve of the woman showing up at his apartment and sputin' off junl like that. i wish Cami would confide in Millsap even about Daysha. you never know girl...

i'm happy that they also cleared the air between them, nothing like honesty to help a relationship develop more quickly i say...

i burst out laughing at an expression you used, so much so that my coworker was asking me what was so funny!!....toe jam!!!! YUK!!!! what is that?!!! but the term helped me to understand what you were talking about (is that gross or what?) and it was too funny!!!! I love Millsap's excessive cleanliness and thank goodness Cami passed the test...imagine if she hadn't!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwww

what's up with towanna and her new beau?


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Suprina said...

Jrboss and Joy: Wait and see.

Carmel B: I did apologize for leaving you on the hook, remember? You don't have to yell at a sista. lol.

Sharon: Most of your post is a wait-and-see moment. However, I'm glad you got a giggle out of the toe jam comment. lol. And for the record, my hubby don't play that toe jam stuff either. The brotha can't stand to see ashy feet either, which is why I now use Vaseline on my feet after baths. lol. I know, TMI. lol.

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I know Suprina I just got caught up in the moment. thank you for the additional posts.

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Carmel B: You're welcome. *smile*