Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 33.2

“When do you think I tried to play you?” Cami asked after getting over the shock of his words.

“You been trying to play me since you came back to Enfield, Cami,” Millsap replied, turning his eyes back to the road. “I knew you were hunting a brotha for his paper from the moment I heard you were asking about me. That’s why I kept telling everybody to tell you I was out of town. That’s why I deliberately ignored you so much at the club at first, despite the fact that you were trying hard to get a brotha’s attention.”

Cami’s cheeks colored at being exposed from the beginning of her pursuit until now. “If you knew all that, why did you offer me a job in the first place? Why did you ever hook up with me?”

Millsap looked over at her again. “Because I wanted something from you, too.”

“Which was?”

“Your sexy body,” Millsap replied with blunt honesty, returning his gaze to the road. “I just didn’t know I was gonna want it again and again and again.” He chuckled. “I also didn’t know I was gonna start liking you so much as a person. Loving you even,” he continued, looking her way again. “You really are a cool chick to hang out with. Fun, too, in and outside the bedroom.” He grinned.

Cami grinned, too. “I love you, too, even beyond your wallet,” she said, glad that the air was clear between them. That there was no need to play any more games with him. “I especially love your body,” she added, giving him a sensual smile.

“Glad to hear that, because you definitely gonna get some more of this body tonight at the hotel,” Millsap replied, referring to the get-together that he and his crew had once a month at a local hotel.

Cami’s smile widened. She was thrilled to be going to this event with him. The fact that Millsap was taking her at all meant that she was very special to him.

Most ballers used these gatherings to hook up with their side chicks or to find a new chick. If a main squeeze was in the bunch, that meant that she had knocked the rest of her contenders out of the ring. As a result, she would be highly esteemed by the whole crew from that point on since she obviously had the chops to do what so few women could when it came to ballers.

If I could only get rid of Daysha, Cami mused, thinking about the only woman that just wouldn’t stop calling Millsap and texting him.

All his other ex-lovers stopped trying to maintain contact weeks ago, but not Daysha. The determined nurse even showed up at Millsap’s apartment last Sunday while he was at the store getting breakfast foods and Cami was there alone.

That was an interesting visit to say the least. It mainly consisted of a spiteful confession and a loud slam.

The confession was Daysha’s claim that things were by no means over between her and Millsap. That they spoke often and at length.

The slam was Cami closing the door in Daysha’s face instead of slapping her or responding with verbal abuse. She wasn’t about to let her number one rival know how much that confession had gotten under her skin in any way. Especially since Millsap claimed that Cami was still his one and only squeeze and that he loved her and her alone.

Did Cami believe Millsap’s claims?

Yes, but not as much as before. After Daysha’s visit, which was never mentioned to Millsap, by the way, Cami had to come to grips with a few things. Thing one, lies and infidelity often went hand in hand within the drug game. Thing two, she hadn’t done anything to deserve a faithful man. A part of her was surprised Millsap had remained faithful this long, even though they’d only been together for a month.

I guess I need to enjoy what I have while I can, Cami thought, pushing all thoughts of Daysha to the back of her mind. She had better things to think on anyway. Things like what tonight would hold at the hotel and all the freaky things she intended to do to Millsap at that hotel.

© 2008 Suprina Frazier


Joy said...

HUMPH!!! Cami should have TOLD Millsap about Daysha's visit. Honesty is the best policy. Millsap is being so honest with her right now! Why can't she do the same with him.

I wonder if EVERY problem in a relationship can be traced back to the point of DISHONESTY wheather with your partner, with another, or with yourself. I bet it can!


God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: Yes, Cami should have told him about Daysha. But in her defense, Millsap still hasn't told her about Daysha at the banquet either. So in actuality, Cami is actually following his lead on the subject of his ex-girlfriend.

And why is the brotha still accepting Daysha's phone calls, by the way? What's THAT about?


P.S. Thanks for the tip about tracing relationship issues back to some form of dishonesty. I'll have to meditate on that nugget.

Joy said...


Tooo true, tooo true. Millsap is not being completely honest either. BOTH of them need to fess up.

God Bless