Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 32.3

In a Nevada coffee shop with internet access, Cat Edison got off the stationary computer with extreme disappointment upon her face. She just looked up the whereabouts of her daughter and discovered that Cami’s last known address was that of an Enfield boarding house.

A boarding house!

The Forsyth Boarding House to be exact.

I still can’t believe she’s living so beneath her! I know she just got out of the pen last year, but that’s no excuse for not using the skills I taught her, Cat mused hotly, highly disappointed in her daughter.

Cat expected Cami to have used her feminine wiles to attach herself to another wealthy man by now. That’s exactly what she would have done in the same situation. That’s actually what Cat tried to do in her current situation after her body had healed.

Yet her last boyfriend had left her so disfigured in the face that she couldn’t even find work in the lowest strip club. And this was after showing the managers her considerable skills and promising to wear a mask during her routines.

No go’, is what they all told Cat. ‘Men like to attach a face to their fantasies in strip clubs’.

Now Cat was going to have to find another way to get the funding she needed for her surgeries. Maybe I can find some old geezer to seduce. Preferably one on his deathbed, she mused, ready to go man shopping at the upscale nursing home down the street first thing in the morning. Except she would call it ‘volunteering to help the elderly’.

* * *

Somewhere over the starlit Georgia skies, Cami was dozing in the strong arms of Millsap, unaware that in not processing a change of address form yet, she had just avoided another painful run-in with her mother. For if Cat knew her daughter’s current address and then traced that address to Cami’s relationship with Millsap, she would have started to hitchhike across country…tonight.

© 2008 by Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

That's all for night, especially with Blogger going down for maintenance in the next hour. More tomorrow.


Paula said...

Thanks for all the post.

I am actually nervous because I know it is getting ready to go down soon.

I hope you tell us more on WHY Cat is the way she is?

Suprina said...

Paula: You'll know the why behind Cat later...much later.

Joy said...

Cat can come all she wants. She can plan all she wants. I DON'T THINK SHE IS GOING TO GET ANYWHERE WITH IT. Cami is to wise to her game. Millsap is to angry with what she has already done to Cami. Not to mention he has about HAD IT with his OWN mother. Once he gets her in her place, there is NO WAY he is going to allow ANOTHER momma to stick her hands out ready to take.

Bring it on CAT! Even is Cami doesn't....Millsap got this!

God Bless

Suprina said...

Joy: Loving all that energy! And so much confidence in Millsap. Loving that, too.