Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miss Opportunity - Ch. 32.1

Unable to wait until they returned to Georgia to be intimate, especially after Cami practically attacked him in the car at the first stoplight away from her father’s house, Millsap arranged for them to take a later flight. This gave them at least three hours to spend at a nearby hotel.

Every light in the room stayed on, despite the fact that the sun hadn’t quite set yet. The lovers wanted to see it all while they felt it all.

The pace was frenzied. The mood freaky. The results fantastic.

Lying in Millsap’s arms as their breathing patterns regulated, Cami decided to break from her usual mode of operation which involved keeping most secrets, especially those about her mother, buried deep. She particularly wanted to share the one she recently learned about Cat, unaware that it would open up the floodgates in more ways than one.

As usual, Millsap gave Cami his undivided attention while she talked. He watched anger cross her face as she shared how her mother had been recently attacked by an ex-boyfriend for cheating. He saw relief fill her eyes when she went on to disclose that Cat survived that attack and was still very much alive.

“But her face was severely damaged,” Cami continued. “She’s going to need extensive plastic surgery.” Her countenance grew angry again. “Daddy told me that she called him asking for money to get the first surgery.”

“I take it he refused.”

“Yep. They’ve been divorced for over twenty years now. I don’t know why she would even think he’d pay for any of her medical bills, especially those involving plastic surgery. Daddy gave me the heads up in case Mama tries to hit me up for the money next.” Cami scoffed. “Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t give it to her.”

“You wouldn’t?” Millsap asked, looking very interested in her answer. He’d had to take a similar stand against his own mother recently when Bonnie wanted money for something that he didn’t approve of.

“Nope,” Cami said without hesitation. “My mother is vain enough. Maybe it’s time for her to find another way to come up in life. She has used her looks to get what she wanted for years. She taught me to do the same thing. She’s the reason I’m so messed up today,” she concluded with glossy eyes.

“You’re not as messed up as you think, Cami,” Millsap said soothingly, giving her a loving squeeze of comfort. “Considering what you told me about your past, you could have turned out a lot worse.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Cami replied, about to spill even more secrets now.

Millsap listened just as attentively as before as Cami shared even more of her past with him. He learned how ashamed she’d been as a child to have a stripper as a mother. How she’d stayed away from anything that had to do with exotic dancing for years. How she’d thrown up after dancing with that stripper pole at the club the first night she’d been trying to get his attention from Leza. And how she vowed to never stoop that low for any man ever again.

“I honestly don’t know how to feel about what you just told me,” Millsap admitted after Cami paused long enough to get her second wind. “On one hand, I’m glad you were so willing to go to such lengths to get me. On the other hand, I hate how doing so made you feel.” He kissed her lovingly on the forehead. “And although I definitely liked what I saw that night, I’ll never ask you to get anywhere near a stripper pole again.”

“Thanks, baby. That means a lot to me.” Cami sighed in relief. Then the glossy-eyed woman did something she vowed never to do – she told Millsap her deepest, darkest secret.

“She did what?!” Millsap shouted, releasing her before springing up from the bed. He literally couldn’t stay still.

Loud expletives singed the air from the heat of his anger as Millsap paced the green carpeted floor, clenching and unclenching his fists at his sides. He hadn’t felt this murderous since the night Mike-Mike’s grandmother suffered that heart attack because of some jealous fools.

All he wanted to know right now was the child rapist’s name and where this so-called man had been last seen. Yet when Millsap saw Cami trembling like a leaf on the bed with tears streaming down her cheeks in droves now, he took a deep breath to calm down and then made himself focus on her instead.

“Baby, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. You should have never lost your virginity that way. No woman should,” Millsap said, returning to the high-post bed and quickly gathering her in his arms.

“I agree.” Cami sniffed back tears as he held her lovingly and began to rock in a soothing manner. “But that ain’t the only thing Mama made me lose against my will. I also lost Little Man’s father to her a few years later,” she added, about to share even more painful secrets.

© 2008 Suprina Frazier


Suprina said...

Major drama alert starting now...


Paula said...



I like how Millsap rained in his temper and focused on Cami. I love that she is finally getting some of this stuff of her chest. I feel a big break through coming for Cami any minute even on the horizon of trouble.



Women we must learn to break the cycle of our lives. Not because you had a child at a young age mean you should allow your daughter/son to do the same. BREAK THEY CYCLE by wanting more for your child that what you had in a good way.

PLEASE show your kids that they have a different avenue in life than the one you chose.


Mable said...

Hello sis it's me finally catching up. We spin most of our adult life trying to get over our childhood. Thank God! that he send Jesus to set the captive free.

Aren't mother are suppose protect there off-spring? God will restore Cami....

Suprina said...

Paula: I knew those CAPS were coming soon. Wow! I brought joyful tears to folks' eyes and made their tempers hot as fire all in the same day. Is that good or bad?

I can't tell you Cat's story right now, but know that she didn't start the negative cycle. There's a reason she is the way she is. Not a good enough reason in my opinion to treat her daughter that way, but still an understandable one nevertheless.

Okay, let me calm down now. My own temper is flaring up.

Anyway, Paula, thanks for the great advice, which I have practiced in my own life for years about breaking the negative cycles/generational curses in our lives.


Suprina said...

Mable: Heyyyyy, sista! For all who don't know, this is my sister in the Lord and my biological sister as well.

Between Mable (real name: Demavelyn) and Joy, I truly don't know if I would even be writing today. They encouraged me to keep writing, despite how raw and unrefined my manuscripts were back then. They didn't despise my day of small beginnings. They consoled me when major book publishers shy away from my kind of stories.

And now, although they've already heard little snippets about Cami's story way back when I was plotting it, they are now joining in to see it come to life online.


PS. Mable, mothers ARE supposed to protect their off-spring. Some don't though. Yes, God will restore!

Suprina said...

I just wanted to say a special THANKS to all the people who have yoked up with my stories, those who've been there from the beginning as well as those just starting out with me now.

I love y'all...truly!

Be blessed forever.


Joy said...

Hay Mable,
Welcome aboard Lady! Hope you enjoy the ride... is is a dooooosey. I am trying to stay calm about things being the ANTI - drama queen that I am these stories are stressing me out.

Paula... giggle!!! I'm am glad that you CAPS have started. Now I don't feel like the only person a little bit nutty by all this stuff.

RE CAMI... I am HOT with her mother too! The thought that someone would even thing to do that to her daughter makes be want to do even more damage to her face. However I have learned a very important lesson that I will share...

'HURTING PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE' If someone is hurting you it means that they are already hurting too.

Millsap... BRAVO! I am glad to see how much he want to protect Cami... I really really really like that! Smile.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

SUPRINA1.....her mother did what???

that is soo sad what Cami had to go through being raped as a child and on top of that she loses her excuse of a man to that trifling mother too. ouch! that hurt and got me reallll mad. i can't believe Cat has that much ugly in her and despite the reasons ain't never gone be good nuff for me. a mother doesn't o things like that to her daughter. it's just wrong. Praise Gopd for Jesus-Christ! although i am very happy that Millsap is there for her and she unburdened herself to him, there is the ALmighty who will do the job of cleansing and healing completely... can't wait to see that happen!
shoot! what an emotional rollercoaster and i love it!! we're the one to thank you suprina for these terrific free reads! for allowing us to partake in the development and refinement of this great talent the Lord has bestowed on you!

her momma is a heifer...jus' sayin'


Joy said...


Hummph.... you like this emotional rollercoaster???? Not meeeee. I am trying my best to hold on... not get stressed... and loose my cool.

Any way....

God Bless